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How long it should take to get temperature up to 400 degrees?

I have trouble getting the temperature up to the correct temperature and would like some suggestions.  I have checked to make sure the holes are not plugged up.  The other night I was making a center loin pork roast and it took over 40 minutes to get the temp in egg up to 350.   I started it first and left the top open and the bottom vent open, after about 10 minutes when I see some white charcoal I close the lid with the both the damper top and the slide vent open.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks


  • REMtxREMtx Posts: 15
    With what and how are you lighting it with?  On my first cook, it took about 30 or so minutes to get my egg lit and stabilized at 400. Of course I was real conservative the way I reached it.  I used 2 firestarter blocks lit in the egg with dome open and bottom vent open. After about 8 minutes the blocks were done (initially large flames reduced) and I closed the dome and put the daisy wheel on and started closing the bottom vent.  I made sure the needle went up real slow to get the temp I wanted so I did do a little temperature chasing in the beginning.  It was having good smoke about 20 or so minutes in though. I was using Ozark Oak lump.

    I've seen several posts that if you want high temps (400+) fast, you should try and light the coals in 2-3 spots to get it going faster and hotter.
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    Think "air flow"...I seem to get 400 easily within 20/30 minutes with a cleaned out Egg.

    When I add new lump I do hand select enough bigger pieces to cover the bottom vent before I pour on.  Use plenty of charcoal, you may not have enough.



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  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,271
    What brand lump? Normally, I could expect 400F dome temp in about 15 minutes using alcohol to start when using Royal Oak. However, I've had to settle for Publix lump the past few weeks and it's been taking half hour or so.
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    you have too much ash in the bottom of your BGE...probably
  • I use the green egg charcoal and 2 fire starters in different spots.  The charcoal was almost up to the top of fire box so I think I had enough.  I have not made sure the large pieces of lump are on the bottom so I will try that.  I am going to go clean out the box, try putting the large pieces on the bottom and get ready for tomorrow.  Thanks for your help.
    I have tried several times to make steaks and have had to wait so long to get to the high temp I have given up but will try again.  
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,028

    Not long if you light it like this:


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  • I used the Stoker fan (10 CFM) and had Royal Oak. I lit in 1 spot with a MAP torch. 6 minutes I was at 350°


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  • Like Mickey and big guy said using a torch gets there in few minutes. I hit about 4 spots for 30 seconds each. Close lid and open bottom and top. 3-5 minutes I'm at 350-400.
  • DocWonmugDocWonmug Posts: 266
    Had a similar problem. If you have too many fines it can close off the holes in the grate. As they say, it's all in the airflow. With a good grate and multiple lights, maybe 15 minutes. I am a RO convert also, good stuff. I use the made in America stuff. (RO has several types, and some get poor reviews.)
  • DMurfDMurf Posts: 479
    I used RO for the first time today and thought it would take about 30 min to stabilize at 350, I was wrong came out at 25 min and dome was at 500. closed the vents down put on the daisy wheel and dialed in the 350. All was good.

    Air flow, as mentioned before is the driver of temp. Even with clear holes and lower are if there is a lot of ash between your lump the air flow will be reduced, I give my lump a good stir each time I go to light it and clear out the ash from the bottom.
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  • trip150trip150 Posts: 29
    My 2 cents.  
    1) leave the egg open longer when lighting. 
    2) upgrade to the high-que grate.
    I've done both and getting too hot is my biggest issue now.  
  • EggucatedEggucated Posts: 212
    I would have problems getting the lump up to temp with the starter cubes as well. It didn't matter if I had just cleaned out the egg or not. I switched to an electric lighter and haven't had any issues since. Plus it's nice not having to worry about running out of cubes, or wondering how many I need, where to put them, etc.
    Thanks, Mike "Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one will believe it."
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