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first brisket is on!

anezanez Posts: 122
edited August 2012 in Beef
working from home, bought a brisket yesterday. decided what the heck, let's do it today. just went on at 9 a.m. PT. about 7.5 pounds. 

Have dome temp locked in at 300. rubbed with mustard/salt lick rub. nothing fancy, just hoping to learn something from it and enjoy some good brisket whenever it's ready.

cooking to 200-205, right? and how long should i let it sit after coming off? 


photo-8.JPG 160.8K


  • boatbumboatbum Posts: 1,273

    Go baby go.....

    I start testing for doneness at meat temp of 195 - 200.

    I always rest it for at least an hour - FTC can hold it longer if need be.


    Cookin in Texas
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,652
    edited August 2012

    @anez -brisket doneness (word??) is a matter of when you probe the thickest part of the flat and get no resistance in or out.  That can occur anywhere from around 185 up to around 205*F.  It is not temperature driven.  And it does not need a rest before slicing if you are ready to eat when finished.  That said, don't slice (against the grain) til ready to eat as it will dry out very quickly. Here's a set of links that will give you all the info you need and more-

    Enjoy the journey.

    Louisville   L & S BGEs 
  • anezanez Posts: 122
    thanks lou, appreciate the info as always. 
  • anezanez Posts: 122
    nice. looking forward to some good brisket later. this mav et-732 i'm using now is so much better than the e-7. it's like cheating. 
  • Dave in FloridaDave in Florida Posts: 872
    edited August 2012
    Keep a close eye on it.  Flats can be tough to do and can dry out before you know it.  I usually start probe testing at 190.  Most I have done in the past are ready in the 195 to 205 range.  I usually wrap in foil and let the meat rest for at least an hour before slicing.  Good luck and Good eats.

    Welcome to the Swamp.....GO GATORS!!!!
  • noid1037noid1037 Posts: 33

    I use several methods to test when the brisket is done... temp of the meat will get it close and then I use a fork and pierce the brisket and twist the meat... if it separates with ease thats one way.  I will do this in several locations on the top of the brisket and if each one looks good then I will remove it.  If the meat has a tough not separating look to it then leave it on the BGE.  May take a couple briskets to get the feel but it has worked for me.


    BGE Large... Go get 'em! "Cant means you haven't tried."

    Tulsa, OK

  • anezanez Posts: 122
    was about to post about being in the stall for close to 90 minutes (maybe longer) at 178 ... when the temp went up to 180.

  • anezanez Posts: 122
    my mav et-732 says grid is 322 degrees but dome says 300 on bge. is that possible?
  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,451
    When is the last time you calibrated the dome temp? Mine tends to drift every few weeks, especially after a hot pizza cook. Calibrated it tonight in prep for a Friday brisket cook and it was off by 30 degrees.
    It's not a science, it's an art. And it's flawed.
    - Camp Hill, PA
  • anezanez Posts: 122
    just pulled and sliced at 195. Thermapen went in and out like butter. Cooked great, nice smoke ring. I think i put on a little too much rub, tho, holy cow the salt lick rub is spicy!

    Deelish tho. not bad for first brisket at last minute.
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    photo(3).JPG 138.8K
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  • boatbumboatbum Posts: 1,273
    anez said:
    just pulled and sliced at 195. Thermapen went in and out like butter. Cooked great, nice smoke ring. I think i put on a little too much rub, tho, holy cow the salt lick rub is spicy!

    Deelish tho. not bad for first brisket at last minute.

    Sounds like you felt what is said about the toothpick test.   My Thermapen is my toothpick for testing.   Once you know what it feels like - you now know.

    Those are great looking pics -- looks like you hit the nail on the headl.

    Cookin in Texas
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,652
    Great cook-glad it turned out.  I'm sure you enjoyed the banquet!
    Louisville   L & S BGEs 
  • FlyingTivoFlyingTivo Posts: 351
    The salt lick guys told me not to use too much, a very slight coating, i guess you learned the hard way! :)

    Men, easier fed than understood!!
  • anezanez Posts: 122
    boy did i. very spicy but the bbq sauce took some of the bite out. thanks for the tips, all. looking forward to my next cook already. 
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