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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

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friday nite steak

Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
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Don, all bark no bite

Multitasker until I get the screen

Salted RT for 40 minutes, wiped off excessive salt and seasoned with pepper, garlic powder and lemon powder

Horsey sauce

Tater off coals and stuffed with 4 garlic cloves

On the egg

Peek a boo not sweating yet

Turned and raised in the dome. Got to use my new woo

Hot off the coals

Rested and ready

On the table

What’s left

Nuked high 3min, rolled in EVOO and wrapped. Placed on coals turned at 10 min. Total time on coals 20 min. Stuffed 4 cloves of garlic in the potato (garlic rolled in EVOO wrapped in moist paper towel and nuked hi for 15 seconds). Returned to egg and cooked with steak. Skin nice and crisp. Sprinkled with chives served with sour cream.

Horsey Sauce
3 tablespoons of heavy cream whipped to soft peak stage. 3 teaspoons of Bubbies prepared horseradish folded in.

Meat cooked old school, the way I was taught. Over hot coals, don't touch till it sweats then turn. Second side (new school) woo added and shut down all vents till temp read 325 then cracked vents. Pulled when felt right (temp was 124 to 127)
Thanks for looking

Come on tacodawg it your turn now
Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX


  • NibbleMeThisNibbleMeThis Posts: 2,246
    Daaaaang that looks GREAT Joan!

    I've done sweet potatoes on the coals but not bakers so I'm totally stealing your technique this weekend :)

    MMmmmmmmm steak.
  • Gator Bait Gator Bait Posts: 5,244
    Great looking dinner Joan! That's a nice piece of cow! :)


  • RipnemRipnem Posts: 5,511

    We'd get along nicely. B) Gorgeous steak
  • BeliBeli Posts: 10,751
    OMG Joan nice piece of heaven.... :laugh:
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    Go for it. Those tatters were great. Just be careful they will burn. If you like salt, then after you oil them roll in course Kosher salt.
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    Thanks Beli. I hope Don is not a dud and y'all get the rain
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    It was melt in your mouth good. I thiink you could cook old boot leather on the egg and it would turn out good :laugh:
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    Thanks Adam. I still have one more of those cuts to cook. If you bring cool weather and rain down here I will cook you one.
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Dyal_SCDyal_SC Posts: 2,063
    Holy Crap!!! :blink: My lip just quivered...

    What did adding the strainer on the top do for the cook? I'm a newbie egger, so please forgive my ignorance. :)
    2014 Co-Wing King
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    Not ignorance..legit ?
    We are in a sever drought here in Austin and I am paranoid that an ember will get carried by the wind and start a grass fire.
    I did a post the other day asking for advice and this was one of the suggestions. It worked wonderful. Just wondering if the food I puree though the sieve will have a smokey flavor :laugh:
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Austex_EggerAustex_Egger Posts: 153
    Wow! That steak looks incredible! Now... next time those steaks are on the menu I hope you realize I am in the Austin area as well and would be more than happy to sample a few bites...OK a whole steak... and provide a critique. :)

    Nice cook! Hey... isn't is supposed to "rain" tomorrow. :laugh:
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    You will have to talk to Chief Taste Tester and see if he wants to share his duties. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    Maybe us Austin people should get together and celebrate the egg...when it get cool.
    Are you going to Plano?
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Austex_EggerAustex_Egger Posts: 153
    That would be great! No plan for Plano and I did not know there was an Eggfest up there (bit far at this time as well). The only Egg thing on my calendar at this time is the Salado thing next year. I got my Egg at BBQ Outfitters and I guess they sponsor an Eggfest. Will definitely be there if they do it next year.
  • Looks great! I stole your idea and did similar last night.

    I'd be interested in an Austin get together sometime so pls keep me in the loop.
  • Clay QClay Q Posts: 4,418
    Awesome prime rib roast steak! Beautifully prepared.
    Have fun with your new woo ring. :cheer:

    Wishin you and all Texas cool rain.
  • Now that looks awesome.
  • fasteddiemfasteddiem Posts: 212
    The only problem I see with that 2nd to last picture...there are 2 plates! I would have a hard time sharing something so perfect...MY PRECIOUS! :laugh:
  • transversaltransversal Posts: 719
    Joan, that is a superb looking hunk'a beef there. Well done. Looks like Friday night is turning into Steak Night!!
  • cookn bikercookn biker Posts: 13,272
    Joan, Perfect meal! I could eat that for breakfast.
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