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GrillDome on Craigslist

HicHic Posts: 350
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"Large Grill Dome brand of the Big Green Egg"
I hope someone doesn't mistake this Craigslist listing for a BGE. I know the HQ is in Norcross, GA but as far as I know Grill Dome is not associated with BGE.

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  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,722
    Yea, some guy has been selling some in the Houston area for quite some time with the caption:

    "BBQ Pits/ All Ceramic, Big Green Egg type - $399"

    The statement alone should tell people that Big Green Egg must be the standard to live up to.

    Spring "Top Shelf Ceramic Smoker / Grill Owner" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA
  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,722
    I forgot this part of his craigslist post.

    "All ceramic construction - holds heat 10 times longer - Lasts a lifetime - NEVER rusts!
    12 lb. turkey in 2 hours
    whole chickens in 1 hour
    ribs in 45 min."

    That "ribs in 45 min" statement makes me think it comes with a built-in microwave LOL

    Spring "Zap Done" Chicken
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    Just another example of the best known name brand being adopted as the generic name for a product.

    Kinda like nobody says, "hand me a bath tissue", they ask for a kleenex regardless of the brand name on the box. Or Q-tips, etc. It's a compliment to the brand, really.
  • TRPIVTRPIV Posts: 278
    That post was flagged for removal.
    Huh... wonder how that happened. :whistle:

    (not really...)

  • NC-CDNNC-CDN Posts: 703
    Fidel wrote:
    Kinda like nobody says, "hand me a bath tissue", they ask for a kleenex regardless of the brand name on the box. Or Q-tips, etc. It's a compliment to the brand, really.

    I would have thought that too as that is what I call it. It's a kleenex. My wife on the other hand always says tissue. I correct her of course. Qtips we are all good. I think I'll have to buy some generics and when she asks for one I will correct her and point out her mistakes with kleenex too. Thanks!!!
  • TRPIVTRPIV Posts: 278
    NC-CDN wrote:
    I will correct her and point out her mistakes with kleenex too. Thanks!!!

    How long have you been married? Maybe I should ask, How long to you plan to stay married? :blink:

    My wife wouldn't stand for that. Not for a second. :huh:
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i agree. it is a compliment. like when my kid does something stupid, i like to say "quit being such a rodney". or when walking in the country(or city), i'll give a warning like "hey look-out, you're going to step in cow-rodney" (or dog-rodney, as the case may be)

    i am a hurtful, spiteful angry little man...
    you all have done it to me.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • SmokinJSmokinJ Posts: 220
    The Grill Dome is a quality ceramic cooker. I have the newer model. That is an older model, seeing it has the scissor hinge and different handle. Better off buying new egg or g.d. at that price.
    I had an egg and a G.d. Holds heat 10 times longer is not true. Ribs in 45 minutes. 25 minutes on the grill and then 20 minutes in a pressure cooker.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    funny story along those lines. The wife and I used to hang out with another couple, the husband's name is Alan. His wife was a bit of a shrew and would regularly berate him with "Don't be stupid, Alan" several times throughout an evening.

    So that has become de rigueur in our house now - anyone doing, saying, or believing something stupid is simply referred to as Alan, or 'pulling an Alan'.

    I can see I left that same impression on your family during my brief intrusion in your little corner of Utopia.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Don't be stupid, Alan. We loved having you.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • beesbees Posts: 335
    I saw a copycat like this at Bass Pro.The lid didn't even close together, and looked cheaply made.Don't fall for it,Randy
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    Sorry Randy, but Grill Dome is actually a very good product. While maybe technically a "copycat" (and while we're at it, the Big Green Egg ain't exactly original), to indicate it is subpar isn't exactly honest.
  • SmokinJSmokinJ Posts: 220
    Well said Fidel. Some ceramics are badly made and others are good. I especially the stainless steel and the machined gasket on the g.d.
  • Sorry guys, I have to chime in a consumer products marketer it is absolutely not a compliment to the brand. Manufacturers spend millions to build brand and consumer loyalty, and to have some generic knock off come along and highjack the brand and position itself as the "same as" or "just as good as"....Differentiation is the key to brand, messaging and marketing success, real, implied or imaginary. Staking a claim in a market and letting the consumer decide. But lumping a brand and a generic together....nope not a compliment at all.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    It's not the manufacturer doing this - it shows that the brand has so permeated the market (especially in Atlanta) that 'people' associate that type of product with a particular brand name. The other brand is not marketing themselves as the big name brand, the consumers are seeing the big name brand as THE product.

    And this is not lumping a brand and a generic together, it is people mistaking the market leader as the name of a particular type of product. The competing brand is not involved here at all.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    ...whereas the fact that it is painted, and needs to be painted, is a potential negative for some. the flip side to even that of course is you can have it in many (any) color.

    pluses and minuses. if'n i were goodly at math, i'd be a rich math-doer guy, though. :laugh:
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • I understand your point that consumer behavior is driving this. But competing brands position themselves against market leaders all the time and this is where consumers get their information. Consumers don't sit around all day and ponder ways to devalue brands. Competing brand managers do, but that is not my point. However, it is not a compliment to the brand. When market position is earned it should be defended while it makes fiscal sense. All I am saying is that lumping all tissues together as Kleenex, soda together as Coke and ceramic cookers together as BGEs is NOT a compliment to the brand, which was the initial point of my post. Not trying to cause trouble, but I work on a brand that is market leading with many, many copy cats and I fight this battle everyday in the OEM, consumer and retail space. Not easy.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    But isn't that market leader position an enviable one, and arguably where every manufacturer wants to be?

    And doesn't that confusion ultimately lead to an increase in sales due to the impression of being better just because everyone thinks you're the best?

    Just hashing theory really, not arguing so much as thinking and hypothesizing publicly. Let's go grab a beer and I'll explain to you the myriad of ways in which I think you're wrong. :P
  • beesbees Posts: 335
    There was no indication who made the one I saw, perhaps it was the way it looked and felt assembled, not a slam on the Grill Dome product line,sorry if it sounded that way.Randy
  • Would love to grab a beer and are correct and market leader is an enviable position. But when your premium position is constantly attacked with "just as good as X brand" and it does not perform to expectations, that can actually have a negative impact on sales and more importantly, brand image. Someone tries an imposter brand that they believe is just as good as market leader, because of false claims, does not meet promises, consumer associates disappointment with market leader and is a lost customer. Let's make this real...Home Depot associate tells a consumer that the Bubba Keg(remember that monstrosity?) is as good as the BGE but a little cheaper. He heard that somehwere, likely from Bubba Keg in some sales pitch, probably not claimed in writing. Consumer buys Bubba Keg (what the heck, got something just as good as the best for less money) for $600. He is going to be sorely disappointed with the performance of that cooker. Now in his mind BGE = Bubba Keg. It is unlikely that he will spend >$600 on a non gas grill again because he thinks all charcoal cookers are like the Bubba Keg. Once bitten, right? As a result of a disappointed and confused consumer, BGE has lost a customer (someone interested in a charcoal cooker and willing to spend >$600 on a grill) they never had a chance to convert. And that is terrible for BGE, and the enitre ceramic cooker category. Again, that is why differentiation at all costs is key for market leaders. Confusion is the market leaders worst enemy. That is why also rans make the most noise. I love theoritical discussion especially as it applies to real business. I stand by my original claim that it is not a compliment to the market leading brand.

    I am serious about that beer.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,169
    But your scenario here is nothing at all like what really occurred.

    A guy was trying to sell a Grill Dome brand big green egg cooker instead of a Grill Dome Brand ceramic kamado cooker. There was no mention of "just as good as the real thing", no salespeople, no corporation, nothing else involved but a guy that used "big green egg" interchangeably with "ceramic kamado". That synonymous relationship is what should be considered complimentary.

    It's not that Grill Dome = Big Green Egg.
  • CrimsongatorCrimsongator Posts: 5,766
    Ahhhh....the good old days. Two people on opposites side of the same argument, not relenting. This is when I wish anonymous posting was still an option.
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