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Craigslist Egg $265

LitLit Posts: 2,374
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Looks to be a medium or large. Older but looks to be in good shape. Just posted an hour ago.


  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,731
    Plus tax? Guess I'm naive, but does an individual selling some personal belonging in TX have to collect sales tax?

  • TRPIVTRPIV Posts: 278
    Good price if it's a large. Replace the hinge with a new one ($100.00) and it's still a good buy.

    Someone snatch this up and have some good ole Texas bbq on Saturday! :woohoo:
  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,004
    Wife said no. :(

    And I'm still at work which is halfway between greenville and Dallas. Dang. Oh well, I really want a small or mini. Told my friend about it who has wanted one forever.

    Richardson, Texas

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  • I just tried to buy it,someone is on the way to buy it so I'm next inline if they don't show.
  • WingRiderWingRider Posts: 326
    listing has been pulled. must be sold
  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,731
    I'd still appreciate an answer since the ILL state of Illinois is always looking for new ways to screw us residents! Making people collect sales taxes on selling personal property is just the kind of dirty tricks they like - so I'm trying to find how common is that practice. Thanks!

  • Well I think anytime you sell something you legally are supposed to pay taxes, I had an eBay store for a while and I had to charge sales tax if the buyer was in Texas. I personally never charge tax on craigslist items.
  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,731
    Thanks for your reply. Guess I can understand selling cars and homes but the state government overhead of staff to monitor small sales like this guy's $265 sale makes me wonder. Granted volume could be the explanation for Craig's List.

    30+ years ago while the controller of a local bank here I had to deal with an over zealous Illinois state tax auditor. In his opinion he ruled that the cheap plastic coin banks that cost us less than $.02 each which we had given for years to every grade school student in our city for free as a promotion gimmick was something we should have collected Illinois sales tax on! You would think that would be miniscule, but due to the volume we had to pay $800! Trying to fight the state would have cost far more so we just paid it.

  • It was a resale shop, thats why they had to charge tax. They picked it up at an auction for resale. The draft door has some rust, the previous owner had used briquettes in it but otherwise it's a pretty solid "seam" version large.

    I fired it up and threw on a strip steak after getting it home. Hope to give it a proper workout over the weekend.
    Large BGE and a couple non-greenies
    Roanoke TX
  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,731
    Thank you about the tax explanation. Sounds like you got a deal! Didn't they or the seller have a clue what they had there? No Price Is Right watchers huh? :laugh:

  • It sounded like they didn't know much about it. I got the impression that they had picked it up pretty cheap at an auction and made a pretty decent profit at the sales price, so everyone came away happy.

    I will probably work with the existing bands and draft door for a bit, I'll definitely change it out for the spring version soon though. The porcelain grid is in good shape, none of the internals, including the ceramic grate, are cracked so it should do well for the forseeable future.
    Large BGE and a couple non-greenies
    Roanoke TX
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,168
    Well, maybe this was a business owner selling it? Who knows. In Texas the ruls is "A seller who uses catalogs or the Internet to sell goods is treated the same as any other seller of taxable items." Since this item was listed on the internet it appears the seller believed himself to be responsible for collecting the tax.

    And you do realize, don't you, that anything you buy on the internet where the merchant doesn't collect sales tax that you are supposed to report that purchase and pay the taxes yourself? The merchant isn't required to collect sales tax on a purchase shipped to a state in which they have no physical presence, but the buyer is supposed to remit the tax to the state themselves. (this is the case in most states, exceptions exist, especially in states with no sales tax).

    For Illinois for example:

    Tangible personal property sold at retail over the internet is taxed in the same manner as any other retail sale. Generally, if the item of tangible personal property is purchased from an

    Illinois retailer, the retailer is responsible for collecting and remitting Illinois sales tax.
    out-of-state retailer who does not collect Illinois sales tax, the purchaser owes use tax and is responsible for paying use tax directly to the department using Form ST‑44.

  • LitLit Posts: 2,374
    Nice. Glad someone on the forum got it.
  • Well, I am at an impass, I drove over a hundred miles total and picked this up for a friend, purchased a rain cap and a SS draft door kit, and now they aren't able to use it after all. I already have an XL and a medium. I don't really have room for 3 eggs, so one would need to go. The med and xl are already in nests with mates so I am leaning toward passing along the large since it's in an old style low nest and I am 6'5".

    I know there are lots of multi-egg owners out there, which two would you keep?
    Large BGE and a couple non-greenies
    Roanoke TX
  • TRPIVTRPIV Posts: 278
    Are you happy with your current set up? Would you have purchased the large for yourself? If I were in your shoes, I'd try to re sell it for what you have into it.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Ted, that was my gut feeling so it's nice to hear from someone else too.

    I'll give the folks on here first dibs, and then put it back on CL next weekend if no takers.
    Large BGE and a couple non-greenies
    Roanoke TX
  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,731
    you might just want to start a new thread and I bet you'll get it sold in a jiffy! Good luck!

  • With tax, the egg was about 290, the SS damper door kit was almost 50 (I will include the receipt from BBQ Outfitters in Southlake), and I put a rain cap and thermometer with it so I have about 350 in it without consideration for my time or gas. That said, I think 350 is the price. Let me know via PM if you're interested.
    Large BGE and a couple non-greenies
    Roanoke TX
  • TRPIVTRPIV Posts: 278
    $350.00 for a used large is a good price. I just paid 600.00 for mine!?!?!! (Mine came with a plate setter and a pizza stone, but still... $350 is a great price.)

    Not that you'd necessarily want to, but could you return the rain cap and the door set and recoup the costs on that? :unsure:

    Start a new thread and I bet you sell it in a heart beat.

    Best of luck,

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