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Who Bought a BGE Because of This Forum?

BBQBluesStringerBBQBluesStringer Posts: 398
edited 5:49AM in EggHead Forum
I was just thinking out loud in another thread and this idea popped into my head. Who among us bought a BGE after learning about them in this forum? I wonder how many sales we forumites are responsible for (and when is Ed going to send us our commission checks?). I, for one, spent some time here learning about the product before making my purchase, so I can be counted in our sales group. Anyone else?


  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    BBQBluesStringer,[p]I didn't buy my first BGE because of this forum, but we did get our next two plus our chiminea based upon what we learned herre. Does that count?[p]We've also convinced others to buy them based upon what we've learned here...
  • BBQBluesStringer,I think everone that comes to the Forum, lurkers and posters, and anyone that cooks on an Egg would have to share that check. I find, as I meet folks that have been Egging, that alot of them don't know about the Forum. I tell them how great it is, how much they can learn, the number of recipies they will get,and all the problem solving help they will have access to from fellow Eggers. In the few years I've been an EGGHEAD I've seen a large number of folks that used it to cook hotdogs snd hamburgers and little else. I tell them if you can cook it in the oven you can cook it in the EGG.
    Bottum line, Ed has about as many salesmen as he has sold Green Eggs.
    Know you had to have a beautiful sunrise this clear,crisp morning.
    Good Eggin to you,

  • BBQBluesStringer,[p]I am here getting information, and have decided to get an egg based on this forum. In fact the dealer should be calling tomorrow saying his shipment is in. Meaning MY egg is in!!!!

  • BBQBluesStringer,[p]It was after my wife bought my large for me that I found this site. I will say that the forum had a lot to do with the subsequent purchase of the small and the mini. And that's not to mention a few accessories! I have managed to resist the purchase of a Guru, mapp torches and the like, which I will be sure to point to when my spouse questions whether all this egg stuff is getting out of hand.[p]RE
  • BBQBluesStringer,[p]I've been on the fence for almost 2 years trying to decide what to buy as they all have their limitations. The biggest of the BGE is lack of room. [p]Anyway, this forum pushed me off the fence towards buying an large egg at the Waldorf Eggfest in May. [p]But I also must give credit to Old Dave as he wrote a couple of e-mails the length of War and Peace providing me with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of smoker. Initially, that helped a great deal as it guided me in the right direction.[p]Howard

  • BBQBluesStringer,[p]I did

  • BBQBluesStringer,I actually found out about "Eggs" on Ebay while looking for something else...which lead me to this forum and then to the (first) Egg purchase.The forum and archives convinced me to try an Egg, never having seen one.I was pretty skeptical that the Egg was as great as described by the forum users and I was shocked at how different the food tasted. Probably, half the Egg owners I have run into just think of it as a steak and hamburger cooker.It never occurs to them to try anything else. If they only knew what the egg can do!!

  • badbrucebadbruce Posts: 353
    Morning BBQBluesStringer,
    I bought mine due to the almost cult-like status of this thread. I thought that many people couldn't be that wrong. I originally found the egg while online looking for a drum style with off-set firebox.

  • JimboBQJimboBQ Posts: 196
    Got my large as a gift for Fathers' day. I bought my small due to the sense of community here on the forum and the fact I've learned so much here about egging. Great entertainment here too. Long Live The BGE Users' Forum![p]Jimbo

    Spartanburg, SC - 1 Large, 1 Small, 1 MiniMax and a Mini. I may have a problem...
  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    I had been looking for a nice SS grill at many places including BBQ galores, that is when I first saw an egg, didn't spend much time looking at it but I always notice something that "looks" different.
    While searching under BB Q's on the internet I came across this great forum, about 2 weeks of reading it I went and got my Mr Large. LOL I had not posted yet on the forum, my first post was telling the forum it was there fault I had a new large in a box that I could not unload until a neighbor would get home to help.
    How stupid I felt when I got answer's telling me to open the box and take the pieces out one at a time. I was thinking it was put together and was to heavy for me to lift. Thank you forum members.
    New Bob[p]Proud owner of Mr. Large, Mrs. Medium and Miss Mini

  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    New Bob,[p]Since I set mine up, I've probably done five or six for other people, and I always do it that way. It's SO much easier on the old back than trying to move that big old box anywhere. [p]Oh yeah...welcome aboard.
  • Steve-BSteve-B Posts: 339
    BBQBluesStringer,[p]I found this board through The Naked Whiz's site. I was looking for lump charcoal for my Weber Kettle and saw all his recipes. Came here and decided I had to have a ceramic cooker for low and slows. I saw all the stuff eggers were doing and all the great ideas they were sharing. I looked at the other boards and this one was the most active and helpful. I was hanging around for about a year before I bought my egg. I am just a week or so away from my 1st egganaversity. I now have a large, small, and mini. Great board, great people, great product!!![p]Steve-B
  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,916
    A little over 5 years ago I went fourth to buy a new (choke gag) Weber. I went over to a store that I was told carried a complete line of them. I walked in and didn't see any so I asked where the Webers were. I was informed that they didn't carry them but had Big Green Eggs. Really? I thought, what the hell is a Big Green Egg? I'm here, tell me all about them and half an hour later I walked out the door $700 lighter and the proud owner of a Big Green Egg a table and a bunch of accessories. Long story shortened considerably, my wife didn't diveorce me but came close. The salesman told me there was a forum and that's how I got here. Loving every minute of it. [p]PS The dealer and I have become friends and I've sold, or helped sell, a dozen or more Eggs. He's always treated me quite well and any problems have been taken care of right at his desk.

  • BBQBluesStringer,
    I did not buy because of information found on the forum. However, my enjoyment of the BGE has certainly benefited from it. I used it to study techniques and tips before starting my first BGE fire. Links to other sites like TNW were a huge help.[p]Thanks,

  • BBQBluesStringer,[p]
    I drooled over one in my local BBQ shop for 3 months but once I found this forum that def. sealed the deal.[p]BB

  • kilokilo Posts: 77
    Mark Backer,
    I bought my first (Large BGE) because during a sales call on an industrial hose & fitting distributor they had these big green things all over the lobby of their warehouse. They were the local BGE dealer. My 2nd egg (small) came from following this web site. I am considering a 3rd purchase (chiminea) for my deck. I live in Iowa and there are plenty of cool spring and fall evenings were it is a little chilly on the deck. What is the approximate cost? Does it put out a lot of heat? Can it sit right on a cedar deck without fear of burning the deck?

  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    kilo,[p]I saw two in the BGE store last friday, and they were around 220, and I assume that was with the base.[p]Does it put out a lot of heat? Oh heck yes. [p]it is different in manufacture from the BGE in that, if you touch the chiminea while it's raging, you will get burned. It is hot. It's a one year vs. lifetime warranty (I believe).[p]It is very light and easy to move. The chimney is removable. [p]You should never run it directly on the deck. I expect it could burn thru in no time flat. The stand also works with the mini, so I let those two share. I have yet to want to run the chiminea AND the mini. [p]HTH[p]
  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    kilo,[p]Oh of them was blue!!
  • Car Wash MikeCar Wash Mike Posts: 11,244
    BBQBluesStringer,[p]I went Lawn Mower shopping and the John Deere dealer had a bunch of ribs on. This was about 9 am, he invited back for lunch around 1. I came home checked out the forum and had 1 delivered the next day.[p]Mike
  • QBabeQBabe Posts: 2,275
    BBQBluesStringer,[p]We bought our first ceramic without knowing a single thing about them. [p]BUT, the following 4 eggs have been bought as a DIRECT result of our discovery of the forum, its members, and the fellowship and sharing of information, recipes, and insight into the wonderful world of egging that's found here...![p]Tonia

  • DaddyoDaddyo Posts: 209
    I did. The patio store in New Jersey whereI bought practically tried to talk me out of it. He could not have been less interested in selling Eggs. Didn't know the first thing about them. Good thing for me I was sold before walking in the door - and I was sold because of this forum.

  • BobinFlaBobinFla Posts: 361
    BBQBluesStringer,[p]That Mini that was delivered to me was a result of this forum. I'd been cooking with ceramics for a few years and Q-Babe's two Florida Fests introduced me to this forum and the Egg. I would never have bought the Mini Egg without the forum.[p]BOB
  • BBQBluesStringer, not me BUT, I bet me and countless others have bought a 2nd or 3rd, etc because of the forum.

  • Without this forum, I would not have an Egg today. I had to convince my wife to let me spend money on something more than the Blue Light Special that she wanted to get. I trolled these boards for over two years. Finally, got her to start breaking down. Got responses back from this forum to answer her question.[p]She has no regrets today and enjoys the Egg almost as much as me.

  • BBQBluesStringer,
    I'm a little late here, but I found this forum while looking at the natural lump reviews on TNW's site. I guess both TNW and the fols here influenced my desicion.

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