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  • AngelaAngela Posts: 543
    Egging on two larges + 36" Blackstone griddle
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    Are you going to Oswego again this year? -RP
  • "Sparky""Sparky" Posts: 6,024
    We do miss ya being around here Capt Kirk.We also know that you're not a coward.I know that this forum would be/was a better place when you were here :) We miss ya mang!!!! B)
  • they tried to deactivate anonymous posting. witness the hilarious "administrator has disabled public write access", which meant (though cryptically written in geek speak) that anonymous posting was no longer enabled. except that, um, you could still post anonymously. that warning was still there today, but now seems to be gone.

    they don't even respond to private or public requests for clarification. they don't have to, of course, but gee it kinda sends a message when they don't, doesn't it?

    my understanding is that a definitive move was made to ban anonymous posting, and an announcement was even made to that effect. unfortunately, they only disabled it for flat view, and you could still post anonymously in "classic view". very weird.

    i think BGE is letting things ride. it's always been cloudy as to whether BGE officially "OKs" the way things are run here. i think they do. kind of playing both sides. the luxury of saying "it's not our official forum, you guys have fun", but then patterns of some BGE corporate deleting posts, etc.

    it really would clarify things i think if BGE said "look, it's our forum, we are funding it (or going to, i dunno if they fully fund it or not). and because it is our official forum, there are rules. it's a private club. you screw up, you'll get tossed.

    i find it hilarious to hear that people have been threatening lawsuits because they were banned.

    and just as pathetic are the false claims of threats. ten minutes talking to a lawyer will straighten you out as to whether you really were threatened in an actionable way.

    but, if i were a corporate entity and this forum were my single largest "face" to the public, i think i would tie up loose ends so that even ludicrous claims of lawsuits would be (slightly more) manageable. set up some firm rules, make up a user agreement, etc.

    i don't know, a whole bunch of folks seem to think they "own" the forum. i think that's really up for the Moderators and BGE to decide. but they better do it quick. the situation is getting out of hand, and the small amount of positive you get from anonymous posting is outweighed by the negative.

    lots of timely discussion about anonymous posts on thei internet. consensus seems to be that if you allow it, it often DEFINES the feeling or mood of your site. so, if BGE wants anonymous ramblings and swearing to be the face of their users, so be it.

    i gotta think this will be the straw that breaks the camels back, though. and banning will becoming a permanent thing, anonymous posts will be disabled, etc.

    for now, though, anyone crying over it is really just way too invested in their grill and the pseudo-familial trappings they project on it.
  • well said. you have been here long enough that if they don't believe you (that it comes and goes and always has) then the heck with 'em.

    remember Lost in Utah?

    loooong gone.
  • egretegret Posts: 4,108
    How could I forget? Funny, I was wondering to myself if this fellow was, perhaps, from Utah!? :laugh:
  • BasscatBasscat Posts: 802
    I just think we all need to understand that we can't feed the trolls, or that stuff happens. There is always someone that thinks they have to be right, and will fight until every one else gives up. If we all agree to recognize that, and let them scream on their own, maybe we can move on from that stuff. And it would be nice to have everyone have to register to post. Until then, I'l just avoid reading the posts that go that route. I still love the forum, and most of the people here. And the Organic pasture raised turkey leg that came off my Medium tonight :-)
  • OY!

    you know, they apparently canned the "Ceramic Grill Forum" where LIU ended up. seems to be a recent thing. Maybe it really IS him coming back because he has no other place to play.
  • ForniaFornia Posts: 451
    Just say NO to anonymous posts. Cowardly, is the one word for it.

    While we're talking wish list, how about an 'ignore' feature? As stated, it's pretty common on forums.

    Lastly, as I'm not sure who owns the forum. I can't actually believe BGE does or would want to show ownership in something that has the open registration/open opinions such as a forum.
  • egretegret Posts: 4,108
    I think they canned that forum due to lack of activity. It was a good idea, but, it didn't pan out.......
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    See ya soon John. Our love to you and Joan.
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • Well said Tim

    When I see a thread taking a left, I take a left

    Not saying I won't get fed up one day and join the melee, and I have felt like it at times, but so far I have restrained myself.

    A few posts over the last few days accomplished what the troll's mission is - attract attention, stir the pot, generate controversy, engage in debate (they will take either side - doesn't matter), get nice folks with a common interest pitted against each other, etc.

    Don't feed them and they will go away

    I for one voted in Fidel's poll to disallow annon posting

    Now geaux fire up an egg, take a pic, post it and tell us about it or help out a newbie.
  • um. gee, because he just signed in and posted with a registered handle despite having been banned?

    he's demonstrating that it isn't possible to ban anyone simply by blocking an IP address, which is the only way they can do it right now.

    active moderators, though, could easily frustrate the person who posts over and over again under a variant of their name.

    meaning... Tweev needs an audience and needs credit, most importantly. He would not get any joy out of posting unless people knew it were him. think about it. he could sign up right now and post as any other name. but he can't do it. he NEEDS the recognition.

    So, blocking his IP is useless, because you can just spoof your IP address, going thru a website that hides it. But if there were mods who continually deleted a post that said it was "tweev" or some variant, eventually he'd get frustrated. they did that for a while, if you remember correctly.

    i don't care, frankly. i just am frustrated by the lack of clarity re: the policy. What is it?? and is it going to be enforced? either way, sh!t or get off the pot.
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,172
    Moderators....what a novel idea! You could easily appoint 3-5 level headed people that hang out here fairly regularly and give them the ability to move posts to a segregated area of the forum (or just flat hide them from public view) that the admins could then delete them or restore the post.

    This would create some policing of the mods and if they knew other mods and the admins were watching their every step perhaps they would toe the line a little more rigidly and not overstep their authority.

    Alas, I've heard through the grapevine it will never happen, but it sure would prevent all the horsesqueeze that's been percolating around here the past couple days and stinkin' up the joint.
  • pattikakepattikake Posts: 1,175
    I love this forum, but if I read something I do not agree with or do not like I ignore it and go on. Please do not feed them let them be.

    Wichita, KS
  • GrumpaGrumpa Posts: 861
    What this forum needs most is a few good moderators. I have been a moderator on other forums and no way would this type of behavior have been tolerated.
  • Rusty RoosterRusty Rooster Posts: 1,239
    Well stated Tim, Thank you.
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    Hi Rod, I will try and call you tomorrow to attempt to take this to another level. Eggheads have to power! You have ben a spokesman for this subject for a long time. It is time to put some teeth into it. Peace bro.
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • RipnemRipnem Posts: 5,511

    I'm with you ;)

    no more anonymous posting. the other stuff too
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    J. send me an email. I want to talk to you about this in more detail. I will send you my cell number. Thx
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • popagar0popagar0 Posts: 136
    E MAIL SENT!!! :angry:
  • man, the last thing i wanna do is sign a petition or solve someone else's problem. let BGE decide what they want. they make enough cash off my back, pimping their grill and answering their users' questions.

    i'm not resentful or angry, just pragmatic.

    i am an active member here, posting pics and answering questions. sure, i goof off, but i don't attack and i don't berate (unless berated).

    so i'm thinking that if there is an issue to be solved, i'm going to let BGE fund it, and WMK and WPB can implement it. i ain't gonna learn code or send in box-tops to solve this. if they want anonymous posting, have the stones to come out and say it. quit playing it both ways, i say.

    for what it's worth, all the lamentations about anonymous postings... last few days it has been registered members that were going toe to toe.

    i thought it was a human-nature thing. all hat and no cattle. just two guys puffing out their chests, like sometimes happens. each one chose his weapon; wess, by using brute force, jeffersonian, by being archly patronizing. in the end, big deal, and thanks for the laughs. it hasn't made me think either one is less a person or more of a man. it was just a phenomenon

    no, i didn't think actual 'threats' were being made. and so i just watched from the sidelines. like everyone else. it's up to wess and jeffersonian to figure out what they are gonna do if they ever meet up. hahaha

    wess and I have grumbled at each other, and then later talk on the phone and it's fine. and i've b!tched at jeffersonian as he's crabbed at me. later on, i still engage in regular old BGE talk with him. i don't keep score. life's too short.
  • Jai-BoJai-Bo Posts: 566
    Every forum I belong too has it's share of drama....since this is basically a forum dedicated to cooking, believe me, you ain't seen DRAMA!

    I've had a few folks on here kinda irk me in some posts but heck I LOVE human nature and my job is to "try" to understand and deal w/ folks so I am very tolerant to stuff! Those that post crap on here that may upset ya'll, ignore it, don't EGG it on, and continue w/ life. I enjoy this forum and appreciate effort put in here by folks that have something useful to post. Those that want to talk their crap...let em get it out, ignore it, and they'll eventually go away due to lack of attention.

    Good Evening to All!!! ;)
    Hunting-Fishing-Cookin' on my EGG! Nothing else compares!
  • troutmantroutman Posts: 498
    I miss Bordello Bob and his adventures with the ladies.

    So there. Nuff said.
  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,956
    I've been knocking around here long enough to have lived thru most of these dust ups just as you!

    More often than not,(except for a little LIU) I just don't see a reason to get invloved! Did anybody involved in Fri/Sat/Sunday's threads (once they went quickly south)
    really believe they were contributing to anything worthwhile...or just pounding away at a nail (that wants to be hit)...just to prove it won't be bent!

    Most things you speak of above I'm probably pretty close to your thinking on...(though way too crappy a typist to pound out each, thought by thought)...
    but one additional point I think needs to be made is that this isn't "Our" Forum as some like to Shout! So while I don't understand, (or necessarily agree)
    with how it's operated all the time...I also understand that neither me...or you..(or anyone else) are the Sherrif's here! (Nothing personal implied...just a statement...don't hate
    Fact is...if we each can't be civil, and control ourselves induvidually, (at least a little bit)...then eventually it will cease to exist as we know it.
    I appreciate having it as an outlet, and wouldn't like to see it changed in most ways...though I could sure do without the anon posting and registration problens!

    Seems like a no brainer to me!

    Although I agree with the Spirit...I'm not much on the idea of the Possee Mentality!

    Must be the John Adams in me!

    As always..I enjoy your posts,and most being here!


    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,958
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace
    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Just west of Austintatious

  • cookn bikercookn biker Posts: 13,407
    Peace and granola!! :)
    Colorado Springs
    "Loney Queen"
    "Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it."
    Bill Bradley; American hall of fame basketball player, Rhodes scholar, former U.S. Senator from New Jersey
    LBGE, MBGE, SBGE , MiniBGE and a Mini Mini BGE
  • poolguypoolguy Posts: 129
    well said and I agree 100%. I look at it as family forum.
    My 10 yr grand daughter will read the posts with me. Why can't we all just get along. we all have at least 3 things in common
    1 Life
    2 Family
    3 Big Green Egg

    it is bad enough with all the crap on tv, the internet, and now the BGE Forum. Guess we will have to Watch what posts we read together.

  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,172
    Didn't that dude end up getting shot?
  • JeffersonianJeffersonian Posts: 4,244
    God, I hate that song.
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