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Lump choices?

EllerEller Posts: 56
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I have gone through my first bag of BGE brand coal. I am looking for recommendations on other brands of coal. Thanks much.


  • KristinnnKristinnn Posts: 133
    i hear wicked good is one of the best. i got two bags of it at ace yesterday $19.99 ea.  looks like a good mix of chunks..better than my bge bag.  i bought some at target- not the best..small chunks.. price wise i hear royal oak at walmart is best bang for your buck..i just hate going to walmart so i havent tried it yet
  • ChubbsChubbs Posts: 3,632
    edited June 2012

    This is the best I have found yet, and I have tried BGE, Royal Oak (same as BGE), Cowboy, and Publix brand. We are limited in Columbia, SC, but Nature's Glo is amazing. As you can see, it is basically the restaurant grade RO, but I find that it has less dust that the RO I can get here. I pay $13 for 20lbs, so a great price too. Highly recommend

    Columbia, SC --- LBGE 2011 -- MINI BGE 2013
  • EZEGGEZEGG Posts: 49
    wicked good is no doubt my favorite after trying about 15 different brands....
    Eric O.
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  • EllerEller Posts: 56
    Thanks Chubbs. Any idea if the Nature glo is available at retailers.
  • Check out They have a whole rating/testing system for lump. also alot of other great reviews for grilling toys on that site.
  • MayberryMayberry Posts: 439
    Nature's Own Basque hardwood lump is the best I've found. It's all sugar maple and is much less smoky for steaks and chicken than anything else I've tried. They also allow the coal to cool naturally, nstead of dousing it Wo water to cool tmdown. So, there is no cracklingnornpopping unit. I've also never found any foreign substances in a bag. It's, by far, my favorite.

    I also bought a bag of Wicked Good Weekend Warrior, but haven't tried it yet. Go to and check out the database. It's accurate and very helpful.
    Athens, GA
  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 2,008
    I bought a pallet of Humphrey a few months back. Huge chunks in every bag. This is now my lump of choice. $16 for 20# bags. That included freight to the shipping hub.
    Mark Annville, PA
  • BrownieBrownie Posts: 1,022
    Kristinnn said "price wise i hear royal oak at walmart is best bang for your buck." 
    I would not hesitate to buy RO. I like the fragrance and taste, I even currently have three small bags of it. With that said, in comparison to other brands I have tried, RO burns faster than others I have tried. So even though it may cost less initially, the cost savings may be less than you would expect. Please folks, this is in no way a bash at RO. I will and do use it. I think the biggest reason they keep me coming back is the initial cost for a good, but not great charcoal.

    @Eller My top three are favorites are (so far)  Ozark Oak,  Natures Own hardwood, and WG Weekend
               Warrior.     I have used in the past in no order.  Cowboy, Royal Oak, Freds Resturant, and BGE.

               See whats available to you and try them all, everyone has different tastes and budgets.

  • JoeAJoeA Posts: 16
    Just tried Natures Own, had very strong smokey smell out of the bag.  Lit quickly with no smokey smell.  Good stuff!!!!
  • brentseebrentsee Posts: 99

    I've being using Royal Oak.  Lowes had a sale here:  Buy 1 get 1 free paid $15 ea for 6 - 17lb bags and got 6 free.  Pretty good deal for me.


  • BGE charcoal is made by Royal Oak.  I use alot of Royal Oak because it is about the best lump out of a just few choices that I can find near me.  I recently purchased ten bags of Wicked Good from my local ACE Hardware and I like it alot.  So far, it has very big pieces from what I have seen in the one bag I have opened.  Also, it seems to be much denser than other lumps I have tried and produces very little ash.  I can't speak to burn time as I have not done a long, low and slow with it yet.  It does seem like it is much harder to light than others I have tried and takes longer to get going.  I plan on mixing it with Royal Oak to make it go a little further as it is more expensive.
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