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High temp Horrors!!!

edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
HELP, all you eggsperts, my egg lid is glued shut. While searing some
KC strips yesterday at 750 degrees the top gasket of Humpty peeled
plumb off, while I was flipping those rascals for their back side
sear. Flames were flying high as I removed the gasket with my welders
mits, prior to shutting the top lid. After catching my breath, I
suddenly realized that the hot flames had scorched my new $30.00
haircut! Yikes, it is a good thing Humpty sits elevated on a wood
cart. If he had been sitting on the patio in those cute little
ceramic "booties", I'm afraid those flames would have scorched hair
in strange places. Now that Mr. Egg has cooled down from all the
eggcitement, I've found the "gasketless" top lid has glued itself to
the bottom felt lining. Please, anyone have ideas on how to open
Humpty again so I can resume my hobby! Thanks, in advance!


  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Oscar from Omaha, Take a sharp thin knife and work all around the edges and cut it loose. Before you start, call BGE at 1-800-939-EGGS and order a new set of felt for the top and bottom. The glue backing evidently must need some low temp heat time to set up.
    Good luck...and sorry about the haircut. Gotta be a bit carefull around Humptey when she is roaring...:-([p]C~W

  • Mike OelrichMike Oelrich Posts: 544
    Oscar from Omaha,[p] A few people have had this happen in the past. Most have been able to get a putty knife in between to slowly pry the lid off. If I recall correctly, on eperson said they had to get a hammer out to force the knife (chisel?) in between the lid and the body, but that sounds pretty scary to me. Start out with the putty knife and go from there. Be sure to order a new gasket, and make sure you clean all the old glue off before you put the new gasket on.[p]MikeO[p]PS $30 haircut in Omaha? Can't you find a nice place with animal heads and dead fish on the wall that charges less ;-). One thing I miss about the Navy was the $4 haircuts. I even actually managed to find a good barber at Marine Corps HQ (she was the one that cut the Marine Corps Commandant's hair -- One time I had to jump out the chair mid-haircut so the General could run in to get a quick touchup before he was off to testify on Capitol Hill!).
  • MikeO, Thanks, for the advice! I might as well start
    cutting my own hair with one of those "Flowbees", one of
    those contraptions that cuts your hair with the help of a
    shop-vac. It couldn't look any worse than my scorched
    mop I'll be sporting now for awhile, and will save me some
    change in the long run.

  • Mike OelrichMike Oelrich Posts: 544
    Oscar,[p] Actually, all you have to do is cook some steaks every time you need a haircut. Just finish the "dwell," put your head near the chimney and open up the cap. "Whoosh!" Cheap *and* quick.[p] ~~}:-O[p]MikeO
  • Char-Woody, Thanks, C~W! Do you think that If I start the
    egg from the bottom and warm it up to around 300 degrees,
    that the glue will soften and let me release Mr. Egg from
    it's misery? Also, do you really need a top gasket? Seems
    like a good gasket on the bottom should be enough to provide
    an adequate seal. Your thoughts?

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Oscar, with the felt I would use both top and bottom. There is a new product called Grapho-Glas seal for furnace and iron heating stoves. This one is flat and about 3/8 inch thick and would work on just the top or lower half in a single seal. There are some experimenting with it at the moment. So far, so good.
    You can try heating it and maybe you will get it loose. Worth the effort..Start the coals from the ashpit.

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Oscar, there are some kids from school that walk by here and they would think you might be starting a trend. Theirs looks like something from the comic books.

  • Char-Woody, FYI Humpty's lid was set free at 300 degrees.
    I'll be sure and clean the glue off of the lid rim pronto.
    Thanks again, for the great advice.

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Oscar from Omaha, Great that it worked. I wouldn't bother with the glue if your ordering the new self adhesive felt. Just wait till ya get it on. But if your going differently then clean it. I use a lemon base adhesive remover.

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