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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • Like the hood, in the process of putting one in my outdoor cover. My growlers are all glass, but then there is only one place to fill them so the choices are limited. 
  • Welcome, kamados all look the same, good thing they colour code them. 
  • I use re-chargeables all the time, even work in the old 732. I have noticed the 733 receiver to be a bit of a power hog, will try the reset you note, Thanks!
  • Fred - notice how your discussions go off the rails very quickly? Man, that is an art!
  • Dinner is when? looks pretty nice - time to FTC until I get there. 
  • @RRP, I think it is folks trying to add the smoke they want rather than taking what the lump gives them. RO does a great job with pizza as far as my family is concerned. SWMBO likes Maple Leaf for chicken, ML is very neutral. Pulled pork seems to be…
  • Short answer, if every piece of lump were the same, like a briquette, there might be some logic to it. When you dump or place lump in the firebox it is never the same. The airflow is different. For each cook it should be consistent, but cook to cook…
  • Did not know eastern north Carolina was on the Korean peninsula. That looks amazing - a must try. 
  • Love the Chili from Cincinnati. Was there a few years ago, stayed across the river in Covington? The chill in the BGE cookbook has a similar taste, one of the family favourites. 
  • Admire the dedication, damn the east has had one hell of a winter. Today is shirtsleeve weather and the flowers are blooming - and I can say I live in the GWN. 
  • We use a 50/50 mix of Sweet Baby Ray's and apple butter sauce for a sweet sauce (sometimes with a touch of root beer), the usual smoke wood for PP at my house is apple, so seemed like a natural.  This tread has a bunch of vinegar tangy sauces which …
  • Fred19Flintstone said: Skiddymarker said: Good tip, SWMBO is the chemical queen when it comes to cleaning, kinda like Tim the Tool Man Taylor when it comes to the bucket and mop set, power is good. She will love this stuff, her birthda…
  • mlamb01 said: @Skiddymarker - Next time you do a reverse sear, try using a drip pan on the cast iron grid to shield the meat, instead of the platesetter.  Use bricks on the CI grid to hold up your cooking grid.  I found this works just the sa…
  • Sounds like you braise the pork when you do it in the oven. The same process at the same temp will work in the egg. The lump will give a touch of smoke on its own.  For tacos, the rub on the pork will add flavour when you pull it and the cook is lik…
  • fishlessman said: definately not boston, those chairs would be out in the streets marking your territory for parking Chicago, winters of '77 and '78 - record years as I recall, that made this Canuck feel right at home. Was the first time …
  • The ability to do a raised direct cook, the grid at the felt line, is a must have. Wings, spatchcock chicken and veggies, IMO, all cook better raised direct. What @mlamb01 says above is a good idea (that's what I did). Buy the CI grid as a second gr…
  • Where are you? If you are in the Boston area things are looking up, if you are in the LA basin, not so much. Is the fence a designated snow route for the local squirrels? 
  • Well you must have got it, 'cause your comments are coming through loud and clear - Welcome!
  • Tjcoley said: For a slightly different taste, try making with Jack Daniels.  I use the smaller 200 ml bottle, with 5 vanilla beans.  The Mrs. likes this better than the vodka one. Tj knows what he is talking about, his extract is excellen…
  • Good tip, SWMBO is the chemical queen when it comes to cleaning, kinda like Tim the Tool Man Taylor when it comes to the bucket and mop set, power is good. She will love this stuff, her birthday is coming up.... Maybe you need those screen things t…
  • As always, great looking cook, Ma'am! I've used a pepper based board sauce - wondered if it had green beans in it, had to go back and read the original post again. 
  • blakeas said: oh and doesn't that High que grate have a problem with small pieces just dropping straight through it?  Why is a high que really a valuable accessory anyway? No, not really. If the chips are small enough to fall through, the…
  • Doesn't matter what you think - if the family was happy, all is good. Congrats on pleasing the toughest critics of all!
  • Eggs are a tough sell here, you have to be dedicated - like you with this thread. Thanks. Saw a Primo 300 for $1060 in North Vancouver that sells for $995 in Washington State - with our current exchange an American could buy the Canadian Primo for …
  • @Eggcelsior noted another good point, well in my neck of the woods it is a good point, most buy electric convection ovens with gas range tops. The range has great heat control, while the oven has very precise temp and moisture control. @tarheelmatt…
  • Canugghead said: Our Costco sells gas cheaper than everyone else, ga$ saving more than offsets annual membership cost. My local Costco in Surrey does not have a gas bar, Costco in Bellingham Washington does. Cross border trip yesterday the…
    in Costco Comment by Skiddymarker March 4
  • My province seems to be stuck at 5, you sure you are doing this right?   
  • 255 - by the way, @DoubleEgger has already qualified if he wins - he just mailed me, at his cost, a wok ring for my MBGE. He would rather see it used than throw it out as he no longer needed it. Amazing folks on this forum!
  • That is a great starting spot. I wish someone had shown me that kind of detail before I rued a couple of briskets trying to carve the like a roast. Good summary. 
  • There are so many out there, with so little time to try them all. Don't know if it was the original, but Dizzy Dust (coarse) is a great rub. I've added my own Cajun or Berbere spice to it and come up with some very good variations. To me, if it has …
    in Dry Rub Comment by Skiddymarker March 4