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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • You have quite a temperature band with cooking a butt.  Many espouse the turbo method (around 300-350*F on the dome) til the bone pulls clean.  I think that gets you in the 6-7 hour cook range.  Others go low&slow (around your temp) til about 16…
  • @CPARKTX-Around here those Costco packs are actually two butts/pack so you may have four six pounders.  Doesn't change the above math but will impact cook times and bark quantity if the same holds for you.
  • Most eggcellent cook-Hit right around the 1 foot mark between Weds night and Thurs AM here-no such joy with a "snow-day".  Was a heavy snow-shoveled the requisite tire paths and will let Mother Nature do the rest.  Headed for sub zero*F by Fri AM th…
  • +1 with @grege345 about the need for foil in the "fall off the bone" equation.  At least that's my eggsperience.  Check out the X-X-X cooking process: First X time-frame= on the BGE indirect at around 250-280*F, second X= time in foil with some sauc…
  • @Lecky-I use and have reasonable access to all three.  Regarding the "smoke neutrality" of each, I find no discernible difference between WGWW and Rockwood with OO being a bit more smoke flavored.  None are over-powering.  And for the record, steppi…
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey-the following may have some info you can use:Here’s a link to all things ceramic-chances are if you have a question the answer is within this site somewhere.  Check out the recipe section for some great ideas. …
    in New to BGE Comment by lousubcap March 5
  • Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey. 
  • @Grillmagic-Fore warned is fore armed-WRT Snake River Farms you are entering a whole new universe when it comes to brisket.  I totally endorse their briskets (never ventured beyond the "black') but you must either have self-control to manage the buy…
  • I'm in the "let the BGE do its magic" camp with any beef ribs.  I rub with some Worcestershire sauce add some seasoning (salt pepper and some garlic) or some Montreal steak seasoning then on the BGE indirect at about 250*F til the thickest meat prob…
  • A few observations-as mentioned, make sure your temperature is stable on the calibrated dome thermo before you start.  Stable is a variable but at least 30-45 mins with no vent movement and you should be okay.  And +/-10-15 *F on the cooking temp is…
  • I have a "regular home-made go-to" rub for pork.  I use a few store bought for beef, chix or fish when not going simple like, salt pepper, onion and garlic. But I have tried to limit my purchases since I have several that were a "one-off" that I hav…
    in Dry Rub Comment by lousubcap March 4
  • The easiest with lobsters is to buy the "dead" tails.  Then split and cook as above or one of the other fairly easy methods.
  • +1 with @foghorn.  And a great looking cook-great fork shot in there as well
  • Probably a good time to remind all that the pi day of the century is the day after the Salado Eggfest.
  • I have not had any issues with the Tel Tru analog dome thermos in each of my two BGE's.  I check the calibration before any low&slow cook and only had to adjust one about 10*F over the past few years.  Beyond that, I haven't heard of many on her…
  • All good info above and just to give you more than you will likely need or consume, check out the following links:;  and ht…
  • Thanks @Chubbs  Back in the game til I fail to recall the next time.  keep this thread on the speed -dial  
  • Nice gesture.  Gotta work on my lucky number-wide open it would be 666:)
  • Can't help with why this one is behaving as it is-that's the pig...But since you have done some before just go with eggsperience or wait til you are in the low200's*F to pull.  The end game for butts is the same regardless of how you get there.  FWI…
  • Love beef short ribs-I use a toothpick to determine when truly finished-insert w/o resistance and you are there.  Enjoy the eats!
  • I believe that once you cross the 4 hour mark you should seek medical assistance:)
  • Upon further review, that is about the best formed brisket I have seen-no real taper to the flat so a much better chance of getting it right.  Dang-you may want to buy a lottery ticket!
  • Better to be lucky than good any day!  Most eggcellent right there.  Gonna be tough to top that at Salado, especially with the external influences...but a great challenge to undertake!
  • And there you have it.  Posted today and already 50+ comments.  Doubt religion would generate as much...But I guess lump is a religion for many here...
    in royal oak Comment by lousubcap March 1
  • Most eggcellent post-I have met (outside of fests and at neutral sites) a few forum eggers and they have definitely raised my game.  (That wouldn't take much:)).  With the common denominator that those who are active on the forum possess then it is …
  • Gotta say-"The best marine is a submarine."  But I digress
  • You have got to be forking me!  But it is Friday night now...
  • Best finish-line indicator I have found is the toothpick test.  Insert a toothpick into the thickest rib meat-no resistance and you are there.  Start checking as mentioned above in the 5 hour range with a dome at about 250*F.  FWIW-
  • None of the above-it's meteorite!  Enjoy the eats!
  • Nice cook and I guess I can say  "great training" when you get your to-be 13 year-old daughter to request SRF.  What a way to keep the freezer stocked with those briskets.  Nicely played.  And enjoy that banquet as I know you will.