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We’re so close to Thanksgiving that we can taste it and we’re ready to help you prepare the most delicious Thanksgiving feast you’ve ever cooked! Check out our Turkey Cheat Sheet for turkey tips, our Thanksgiving page for turkey recipes, and our Holiday Entertaining Publication for all other Thanksgiving needs to help you make this the best Thanksgiving yet! PS. Don’t forget about breakfast Thanksgiving morning either!

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  • Breakfast of champions. Waiting for Costco to open to go get something to cook while I put up the rest of the lights. Going Griswold this year.
  • theyolksonyou said: @lit also the highest per capita incidents of STDs  old people swinging in The Villages! Thats fine with me others can do what they want. It's crazy the amount of things to do there the weekly book of events is like 30 …
  • We went to visit my parents in their new place in the villages Florida for thanksgiving. Wife and I had already agreed that's where we are hoping to retire before I opened the weekly magazine and realized they have a big green egg club in the neighb…
  • Toxarch said: nolaegghead said: HeavyG said: theyolksonyou said: @HeavyG glad you received your package, but I think that's the wrong link... Too many things in the clipboard Here's the correct link: http://www.alib…
  • AaronH said: My Go to- George Dickle #12     I think it beats the pants off jack black.  This is my go to also. A handle is $39.99 at total wine. Larceny is another good one but it's a couple dollars more per bottle. 
  • I have used it. I prefer royal oak over it because they are about the same quality and RO is cheaper. The BB is more dense and slower to light. Useable but not the best.
  • Yeah I really don't care just didn't want to disappoint.
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Lit November 27
  • WeberWho? said: SGH said: Coming December 4th. Am I the only one waiting to hear @lit response to this?  Another cheap knockoff. Exciting.
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Lit November 27
  • Man I have been with the wife's family since Monday and they are non drinkers. Heading to my families in an hour and a half and stopping and filling the yeti with beers. I want a beer so bad.
  • I do smoked mashed potatoes every year. Red potatoes, parsnips. And onions pre boiled then roasted under the bird. Get a great smoked gravy and potatoes. Did them under a rack of pork this year to bring to Florida they are in the oven now.
  • The Cen-Tex Smoker said: MisterCode said: Is that the general rule? The smoke will smell like the bloom? no but i don't recall my oak trees smelling like shrimp . I just wouldn't add any unknown wood to my turkey cook without playin…
  • I think bad. They have an off smell when they bloom.
  • Ivanhoe said: Flashlights have always been an interest of mine and have endured a few laughs by family members until they see the lights in action. From modded Maglites, to Surefires I have owned a few more than I should admit to. You don't n…
  • I am watching for containers that I can fill and freeze on my own that will fit my cooler. The ice packs are fairly expensive for what they are don't really want to drop $60 on 2 of them. Also if I can find ones that leave small gaps around the edge…
  • I love my 50 as well it seemed more practical in the store. Never thought to use it to brine thanks for the tip.
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Lit November 24
  • Searching craigslist just found hover egg
  • The link might not have saved to the right one there were a couple boxes on the link the E17 new was the one I selected. It says 800 lumens which it's probably still only half that but for under $20 with a battery and charger it's hard to beat. My u…
  • You don't need to spend that kind of money that's crazy for those little flashlight. I have an ultra fire kinda like this that I got from merit line like 3 years ago that still works great and is really bright. My older model is bright enough that i…
  • I have my yeti in the back of the 4Runner right now. Mashed potatoes for thanksgiving and some other stuff for the baby. I have it in the rack up above all the ice so I don't have to worry about water getting in any of the food. Wonder why Rtic didn…
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Lit November 23
  • Thanks @Photo Egg . Overshot it by a couple degrees but still good. I cut both ends off and a neighbor and I stood in the garage and ate them with our hands. Sliced another for his wife and these were left for a picture.
  • SkySaw said: There was a similar discussion not too long ago. I learned that lo-and-slow is more for the cooker than the meat. Apparently stick burners are not very good at cooking hot and fast, as the ideal firebox environment for smoke prod…
  • Coming off in 5 minutes
  • Leaving for Florida tomorrow and I am bringing smoked mashed potatoes. Normally cook these under the bird but I'm not doing the bird so threw a rack of pork up there so at least there's some animal drippings in them. Rad potatoes and parsnips pre bo…
  • cazzy said: stompbox said: Either Yeti or some Yeti Homer started a Facebook group called "rtic coolers cannot deliver". People need to realize this is just a cooler: getting really uptight about frivolous things like a cooler.... unr…
    in RTIC 20 Comment by Lit November 21
  • Dave in Florida said: theyolksonyou said: @lit why do you care how I spend my money? Exactly my thoughts. I already answered this cause I care.
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: Lit said: SkinnyV said: @Lit  hard on for @stlcharcoal ...confirmed.  The list I have as a casual observer @stlcharcoal @biggreencraig who am I missing... Nothing at all for @stlcharcoal. I actu…
  • SkinnyV said: @Lit  hard on for @stlcharcoal ...confirmed.  The list I have as a casual observer @stlcharcoal @biggreencraig who am I missing... Nothing at all for @stlcharcoal. I actually chose rockwood to prove my point thin…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: Lit said: stlcharcoal said: 1 - It's not the same thing.  If it was, I wouldn't have much of a business. 2 - That's a copyrighted image and a registered trademark. I was actually using rockwood/RO to point…