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Mapp Gas Accolades

Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
edited 10:04PM in EggHead Forum
After hearing many - many people claim that they used Mapp gas as a starting fuel, I finally decided to try it. I once used rolled newspaper - once - and decided that will NEVER be used again. Then I tried chunks of compressed fireplace logs. They worked OK but made a lot of smoke from the wax filler used. I then went to the Webber starter cubes and had a fine relation with them for a couple of years. Then tonight I tried the Mapp Gas. I must admit that I was skeptical and somewhat leerily, but I was pleasantly surprised!! I held the tourch in 3 places for 2-4 min and then closed the dome - it went to 500+ deg in just a few minutes. I was searing my filet mignons in no time and in 12 min I had 2 wonderful med - Pitsburged steaks! After another 5-10 they were history - gone - done - finished - eaten! Dang, they were good.[p]I do not attribute any of the accolades for the fine meal to the Mapp gas, but it was easy to start the fire with it!! Thanks to all those who have been suggesting its use for the last year. For those wanting Santa to bring them something -- ask for Mapp. Tell them Tim M sent you!![p]Tim


  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    Tim:[p]Next thing you know you will be trying some Duck . . .[p] . . . You want I show you my picture?
  • Tim M,
    I too am a convert, I bought a MAPP gas torch a week or so after I got the egg and would recommend it to anyone. I typically do a 10 or 15 second blast in each of three spots. The only thing you have to watch is the shower of hot sparks that erupt - especially off fresh lump. Wear long gloves and don't wear any fancy clothes.

  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    Tim M,
    The credit for the use of Mapp Gas as an ignitor goes to YB. He was the one to introduce it to the BGE forum.

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    Fairalbion,[p]That is exactly what I did and what happened on my first outing. I held the tourch in a spot for 15-20 seconds and saw the shower of little sparks. Then I moved to another spot and then another and then back to the first ones again. The whole process took less than 2 min. Neat![p]Thanks YB -- you are 2-0 (Mapp and Thermapen)[p]Tim
  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    <p />djm5x9,[p]I don't like duck, but once I got the small egg up to 600 deg (my max, btw, and with a FULL load of lump) I did do 2 filet mignons from Allen Bros Meats of Chicago. I used all my new toys - Mapp gas and Thermapen - to make two perfect Pittsburg steaks. Yummy they were.[p]Tim
    [ul][li]Allen Bros Meats !!!!!!!![/ul]
  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    <p />Tim:[p]What is that burning in the left rear in your uh, uh, my picture?[p]When you say you do not like duck is it a white meat dark meat thing or have you just not had it properly prepared?
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    <p />Tim M,[p]Pittsburgh steaks at 600*? Who are you kidding. I had my small over 1000* for the last batch of Pittsburghs I did. Unfortunately, the gaskets had to be chiseled off and replaced after that cook and the firebox cracked. Imagine that.[p]K~G

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    KennyG,[p]I don't do a true Pittsburg with a raw center. They call what I do a medium Pittsburg and I get the outside as black as possible with a pink center. The steaks are 2+" thick and are still frozen in the center (this is key) and they took about 12min to get done.[p]I can not get my small up to much over 600deg unless I waited 50 min or so and than I am not sure I could. I filled the firebox FULL last night so the fire was only 3-4" below the meat. I wish I had taken a picture of them but I was really hungry and they didn't last long.[p]Tim
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Tim M,[p]Damn good looking steak! Kinda makes me want to abuse my firebox again. It's in 4 big pieces, but still holds itself together and cooks just fine.[p]K~G

  • Tim M,[p]I like sparks.

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    <p />KennyG,[p]That steak picture is not mine. It's dmj5x9's - I just post it because I am tired of the duck picture and it looks like something I would actually eat. My steaks are the thick filet mignons like in the picture here, 2+". Now picture them with black ousides and a little pink in the middle -- yummmmmmmmy[p]Tim
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    <p />Tim M,[p]I checked out the Allen Bros. site. Great looking meat, but I can't believe the prices! It's good to have a friend who is also a chef at one of this city's finer restaurants AND does the ordering. [p]I just call the guy up when I need some good steaks and he orders extras for me. These prime, dry aged NY strips (16 oz.) cost me $11 each.[p]Ken

  • BlueSmokeBlueSmoke Posts: 1,678
    Let me start by saying I love duck, and your picture is one of the finest I've ever seen.
    However, I couldn't help but post the following story.[p]A poor little Irish boy was about to have his birthday, and his widowed mother couldn’t afford a present for him. Calling him to the yard, she handed him a fresh-killed turkey, and told him to sell it in town and buy a present with the money.[p]On his way to town he found a farmhouse with the door open. An enterprising lad, he knocked, and called “Hello” when there was no answer. He entered and went room to room looking for the occupants. Finally in the bedroom he found a man and woman in bed - in the middle of the day, with no clothes on.[p]He went up to the lady, showed her the turkey and asked “Would you like to buy a nice fresh turkey?” “Git that d*mn thing out of here” she screamed. He showed it to the man, with the same question. Before the man could answer, however, the screen door slammed. “Ohmygawd,” whispered the woman, “it’s my husband - get in the closet quick.”[p]The man grabbed his clothes and jumped into the closet - only to meet (again) the boy with the turkey. As they stood in the dark, the boy whispered “pssst. Mister. Want to buy a turkey?” “Ssssssssh!,” the man whispered back “I don’t want any blamed old turkey.”[p]“Mister,” the boy said in a louder voice “maybe you didn’t hear me. Wanna buy...” And the man whispered, “sssssssh! How much do you want for it?” “Five dollars.” The man fumbled around and found his wallet, gave the boy a five-dollar bill, and took the turkey.[p]The boy again whispered “Hey mister, wanna sell that turkey?” “No!” In a slightly louder voice, the boy asked again. “Okay okay, just keep quiet. How much will you give me for the turkey?” “A dollar.”[p]Let’s just say their conversation and commerce continued for some time, in fact till the woman let them out after her husband finished his lunch. The man took “his” turkey and the boy went on his way.[p]That evening the boy returned home. With him he had a shiny red wagon filled with candy and comic books. His pants were new, as were his shoes, and he had a store-bought bouquet for his mother.[p]When she learned the details of how one turkey generated so much money, his mother was appalled. While there was no way to give the money back, the boy would have to atone for his sinful behavior. Birthday or not, he would have to go to church and confess his sins.[p]So it was that the boy trudged back into town, into the chuch and to the confessional. [p]“Why are you here?” the priest began.[p]“Well, I don’t think I did anything wrong. It’s my birthday, and my mother gave me a turkey...”[p]“Would you get off my back with that damn turkey!!!”

  • KennyG,[p]Alright. That does it. KennyG you are now my newest and bestest friend. So, when are WE gonna chow down on some of those prime, dry-aged steaks of yours.[p]CB
  • KennyG,
    $11/lb? You're a thief! It pays, or saves, to know the right people... what do you pay for a Porterhouse?

  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    BlueSmoke:[p]That is a great little story . . . Sex and entrepreneurship, two of my favorite subjects. Thanks for sharing.
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Animal Eater,[p]The prices fluctuate and have been "sneaking up" each time I buy them. I haven't bought Porterhouses's yet, but today's price is $13.95 lb. Filets are unbelievable and the same quality as those served at Morton's and Ruth Chris'. Today's quote is $16 lb. for bakers dozen cases with minimum size of 8 oz. each[p]Remember now that my buddies restaurant buys these by the truckload.[p]K~G

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Hillard,[p]And when I think that I used to go to Philly on business frequently....[p]If I could figure out a way to get some of these to you without having to freeze them, I sure would.[p]Have you considered coming to visit Cleveland for a weekend? You know, Rock-n-Roll hall of fame, science museum, etc? With a couple days lead time, I can get you whatever you want to take back with you.[p]K~G

  • RhumAndJerkRhumAndJerk Posts: 1,506
    I'll split some of those filets with you. Have you tried freezing them?

  • Tim M,
    I am not familiar with the MAPP gas torch. I would like to try and get for a XMAS gift. Please let me the source to purchase the MAPP gas torch. Thanks.

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    The Chuckster,[p]Home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) have them. If you already have a propane torch, you will not be able to use the torch head with MAPP gas as it burns much hotter.[p]The complete kit with higher temp torch head is about $40.[p]K~G

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    RhumAndJerk,[p]I noticed a definite difference, frozen vs. fresh from the purveyor, with the NY strips. I would hate to freeze the filets.[p]K~G

  • The Chuckster, I'm just going to wade in the deep water here and state my piece for sake of peace. If you go the MAPP route get the one that has a 3 foot rubber hose between the tank and the torch. The fine print on the MAPP warns of inverting the tank. The hose allows the tank to stay upright and out of harms way. Am I being an old foggy about this safety point? I don'tknowandIdon'tcare, but there must be a reason for it! ^oo^~

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    one feral kat,

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    one feral kat,[p]Yo kat,[p]Where have you been hiding ya rascal? We've missed ya around these parts.[p]K~G

  • KennyG, I b here! I just get lazy a lot and drop the "one feral" part - afterall a kat is a kat, except for the time I got called Cat and that gender bender had to get straigthened around pronto!

  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    char buddy,
    4th. of July everytime ya fire Mr. Egg up. ÜÜÜ
    New Bob

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    one feral kat,[p]
    I read that warning on the Mapp gas label BUT you have to remember the idea behind it. The manufacturer is trying to protect is butt from law suits where a plumber is doing work on a pipe and the flame gets bigger than expected while inverted and causes a problem. We use ours in a pretty closed ceramic bowl, outside or certainly not indoors, and we WANT something to catch on fire from the flame - and a bigger one might be even better. I tried inverting mine and it made no difference at all. I did switch on the "lock" that holds the trigger in and I held it by the bottom while liting the charcoal to keep the hands back from the sparks. I am keeping the propane unit for my plumbing needs in closed areas where this thing would not be as well suited, but I think the Mapp is fine inverted in/over the ceramic cookers. The model with the tube looks worse because it is shorter (the handle/nozzle) and a heavy glove would certainly be needed since your hand will really be close to the sparks while using it.[p]Tim

  • fiver29fiver29 Posts: 628
    KennyG,[p]Ok, I'll bite. How many do you have to buy? And will I be seeing you in a couple weeks?

    Strongsville, Ohio

    Yes.  I own a blue egg!  Call Atlanta if you don't believe me!
    [I put this here so everyone knows when I put pictures up with a blue egg in it]

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    John,[p]I should know tommorrow at just about this time as far as the next couple of weeks. I might just be recovering from back surgery then and can't commit to that party yet. [p]If you want some great steaks, just let me know.[p]Ken

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