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banned from the new forum



  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    Can't comment on the Satan part...cause I honestly don't know where it comes from..I do stand to disagree with the fact that it would be boring or there would be noone left based on a given fact I met a fine gentleman only a couple of years ago that stated he had never been on a public forum before...and now seems to know better...this forum is today a result of what it was let to become..right, wrong or is what it is..much as a result of those that chose to drag it down, or use it as entertainment...something is going to change...this I I come here to announce it as though I know something more than would certainly appear that there is a theme to prove publicly that someone knows more than someone it..dislike it....get out your catchers mitt.....we are just players in the game and BGE has got the ball...Luv ya Zip...but this entire post just emphasizes my disagreement with playing games....there was nothing positive to come from this..
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    I wasn't sure when you was going to pipe in, but I would have bet a hundred you were going to mention loney!! :laugh: :laugh:
  • PawpawEggPawpawEgg Posts: 26
    What is loney?
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    It's nowhere near as fun watching TV. I can log in and actually interact with these clowns! :lol:
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,600
    B) :) :laugh: Sumbody's gotta do it! :evil:
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,600
    B.O.L.O.G.N.A., a.k.a. baloney,.....'Loney! ;)
  • PawpawEggPawpawEgg Posts: 26
    I prefer vienna sausage but usually eat them right out of the can.
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    Beings how this thread is already hi-jacked, did anyone ever receive their t-shirt? :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • mkcmkc Posts: 540
    Egging in Denton, Texas
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,600
    I like them too.With mustard and Tobasco.Oil sausage are better though. ;) Never tried smokin vi-ee-ners,may give it a try. :evil:
  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,995
    The problem is this forum used to be fun, lively, entertaining, and educational without all of the alleged BS. Folks would come on here and share in their experiences cooking on the EGG and enjoy themselves in the process.

    This was long before the loney BS started and all the inside jokes, and all the sarcasm and long before Tweev, even before Little Stephen used to get in trouble.

    I realize this forum will never get back to it's glory days because it is a different crowd now.

    I'm not saying that all of this is bad or that I don't enjoy it...I do however HATE all of that loney crap, I am just saying that some fo the old fuddy duddies around here, myself included don't always "get" the new fangled stuff. When you point out what people are watching as if it is the new way of the forum I would like you to check out the ratings on the cupcake shows on TV. Same principle, just cause they watch it doesn't make it good.

    Ok, off my soap box. You know brother man that this wasn't directed at you. It's directed at (being sarcastic)
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,600
    :laugh: :ohmy: :( :kiss: It's all in fun Bobby. :)
  • hornhonkhornhonk Posts: 3,841
    You hate baloney? HATE baloney? Gosh, man. :S
  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    Amen, Bobby. If all that mattered was the number of views, we should try posting porn to get those hit counts up.
    The Naked Whiz
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    The easiest way to get the forum back to the way it was is for those who were here when it was the way it is to actually post a cook and show us all how it is done.

    No offense, but all the non-elders are being slammed for 'having fun' here. But we actually cook and post stuff too.

    Again, that's an observation, not a slam

    In my case, and in my defense, i'll say i try to post my fair share of stuff. And if it is not as frequent as i'd like, i try to make up for it by posting in-depth about something i'm trying, with a lot of pics.

    Perhaps that doesnt earn me the right to goof around. But last time i checked, it is possible to skip foolishness by skipping any post that is either written by a goof, or one that obviously filled with foolishness (as this thread is an example).

    To read everysingle post of mine or anyone elses's and then declare that it is all foolish is, well, foolish

    Ignore the goofs and or ignore the obvious goofy threads

    And, most importantly, dont lament the absence of handsome well composed pics of BGE cook without posting any yourself

    I have not seen a post by any so called 'oldtimer' in a loooong time with so much as a chicken wing.

    Personally, i dont think there is a requirement that everyone post food pics. But i DO think those who complain about there not being any ought to post some themselves

    The idea that "well i dont cook anything interesting, just steaks and stuff, that's why i dont pos pics, but YOU should only post fantastic cooks' is a little odd, and one i have heard more than a few times

    I say, elders first. Show us how it is done

    And perhaps the people hqving fun are having fun because they like this group
    of people and have met many of them in 'real life', and just like in real life (at work, or school or some social club), they talk about other things besides work, school, or the club.

    I will throw myself on the chopping block, because it is entirely possible that i'm not aware if the obvious. Please tellmme what i am doing wrong :

    -Answer a few thousand newbie questions, and try to explain basic concepts to head off the typical next couple questions
    -post something once in a shirt while that is either new, unusual, or interesting and food related, ideally involving the BGe if possiblr
    -goof on close friends, not newbies

    There are plenty of elder conversations that are non-BGE. You dont see us complaining about those.

    If you or anyone honestly think that i am the type of person that does not contribute here, and is 'destroying the forum' pleasemlet me know. I'm an adult, despite the evidence i guess

    Just saying, why not point out where the actual trouble is, and perhaps if enough people concur, it could be solved (or even eliminated). Should we (or even just specific members?) leave so the elders can have the forum back?
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Loney gets a bum rap. I aint a part of the loney crowd, but a properly made and seasoned balogna is no less noble, and no less complex, as mortadella, salami, or the oddly revered Pearl Hot dog.

    Again, if people dont want to see loney pics, quit opening them, and further drown them out by posting pics of your OWN fantastic far superior food

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,687
    Never said it was ‘all that mattered’, but the ongoing attempt to ignore the obvious is ridiculous. I don’t understand the myopic thinking that prevails among certain members. Why does the forum have to be only one thing? And don’t tell me it’s because that’s where it started. Ford started with the Model T but would it still be in business if it clung to only building them forever? When was it decided that allowing any entertainment value to creep into the blessed recipe exchange board was evil? Why can’t I post a novel cook that nobody has ever seen or heard of before on a Saturday, then on a Monday begin an obvious (to everyone but the really confused new guy) spoof thread that doesn’t rely on porn or profanity to be humorous and interesting? I would love to hear what you think is wrong with that.
    happy in the hut
    West Chester Pennsylvania
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    That paella you posted three years ago was fantastic
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • Boilermaker BenBoilermaker Ben Posts: 1,956
    stike wrote:
    Loney gets a bum rap. I aint a part of the loney crowd, but a properly made and seasoned balogna is no less noble, and no less complex, as mortadella, salami, or the oddly revered Pearl Hot dog.

    'della RULES!

    -da 'della Duke
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,172
    Dammit Gump, quit making sense - you're ruining their side of the argument with all your fancy logic and rationale.
  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    I'll send you an email about something. How's that for being specific, lol!
    The Naked Whiz
  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    I agree, well said.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    though not well-typed :laugh:
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i replied. and thanks.

    i just resent the implication, from anyone, that I (or anyone else) is ruining the forum with chat or goofing.

    just as the pizza kit requires 500 posts, i think we ought to have a rule: "if you haven't posted 5 cooks in five years, you really don't get to **** about your forum being ruined"

    publish or perish. if a person wants the forum to be a certain thing, then make sure your posts steer it that way. want stellar BGE cooks? then post some. want no chat? then don't ever chat yourself. don't like reading goofiness? then quit reading it.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    I agree Jeff, Like my dad says crap in crap out :) but he says it a bit more colorful LOL we all have the choice to click or not and post or not or to even come to this site. some times someone tries to help and miss leads the person they are trying to help. and that does need to be addressed. but can be done in a nice way as has been done thousands of times on here. and not so nice as has happened a few times. but we all control pretty much how people react to us by how we present. and that can be hard to do not being face to face.
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Seriously Bobby... the loony talk, and other similar type talk bothers you?

    Why not ignor or even join in and enjoy the personalities.

    It seems to me that this platform is what holds all these people together and other people want to join in and become a part of.

    Like them or hate them some of these people and their posts are pretty funny/interesting.

    It will be interesting to see what evolves and how well it flourishes should this place go away.

  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 28,817
    See, that is just the sort of flagrant abuse of the unwritten forum rules that got you banned in the first place. I, for one, think the new forum will be a better place without you.


    Caledon, ON


  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,675
    I agree. If I didn't have the option to participate or opt out of the harmless fun and games I would probably opt out of the forum. I lurked for a few years but never signed up or participated just looked for recipes by searching. After making and meeting some folks who became very good friends the forum became an obsession with a mix of food pics, helping others and more important to me, friendly banter with people I became very close to. Without that it would no longer hold my interest as helping a newbie feels good it's not what brings me here and I can find a recipe anywhere.
    To quote you Stike "I don't think they could catch lightning in a bottle twice"
    Just my $.02
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 28,817
    Could I get a link to any of your posts that were humourous or interesting please?


    Caledon, ON


  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,675
    Just do a search "bashing the little canukian" and leave out all those extra letters you keep adding ;)
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