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Brisket Pictorial

TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
edited 10:33PM in EggHead Forum
So I have studied all I can study and watched all the Youtube videos I could, read as many threads as I could and have decided I am ready to go low and slow with my first brisket

Didn't know which one to get, so I just bought the largest one they had...


This is out of the packaging and a quick bath in the sink...

After watching GeorgiaBorn's Youtube video, I figured I needed to trim some fat, so I took out about 3 pounds...


Then I massaged in my secret tonic and favorite rub...

wrapped in clear wrap and stuck in the fridge...

Ok, it is 27 hours later and 11:00pm, I am ligting the BGE...

removed the brisket from the fridge to get up to room temp...


at 12:05am I have my temp at 225 and throw the meat on...

a few photos for reference...



Well I watched the temp for 3 hours trying to get it stable, it woudl drop to 200 and raise to 260 but by 3am it had settled down to 225 so I decide to go to sleep. When I woke up at 9am, I ran out to the BGE and find the temp had jumped to 360 and also discovered my digital thermometer only goes to 199...

so I take a peak and it didn't look so good...

I remove the point and return to the BGE

wrapped the flat in foil and a towel and put in the cooler...

two hours later I remove both and bring to the cutting board...

...doesn't look so good, but it is falling a part and taste pretty good. I don't know if it turned out or not. I have never had brisket and did not have anyone else sampmle it.





Well if anyone made it this far into my pictorial, how come my BGE didn't hold the temp. I thought that is what it is known for? I am still in the learning stage but it was stable for a long time when I left it.


  • ScottborasjrScottborasjr Posts: 3,494
    I can't believe it jumped that much if you had that little amount of space with the bottom vent and daisy wheel, but I suppose anything is possible. Was it exceptionally windy or did you add a lot of smoking wood?
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  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,675
    Did you readjust the vents after putting the meat in? That's the most common cause of temp chasing and spikes.
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    I put 5 soaked chucks of hickory
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    I adjusted a few times to get it down to 225 from 260. It had stablized at 225 when I left it.
  • TBQueTBQue Posts: 101
    Brisket is about the only major BBQ meat I have not cooked on the BGE. I need to get to the business of cooking one. Pictures look great.
  • TBQueTBQue Posts: 101
    Brisket is about the only major BBQ meat I have not cooked on the BGE. I need to get to the business of cooking one. Pictures look great.
  • asianflavaasianflava Posts: 313
    Before I got the DigiQ I probably did twice the width you had pictured on your both top and bottom vents. I also didn't use as much charcoal as you have pictured. Looks like you have an XL, that's what I learned on.

    Briskets are kinda my thing, I've done more briskets on my eggs than anything else. We used to live in Central TX, when we moved to Colorado, we couldn't find a decent brisket so I had to learn how to make my own.

    Just a couple things that I've learned. Some people may dispute them, but this is just what I've found: It's better to put the meat on right out of the fridge, it will have a nicer smoke ring because that develops at a low temp.

    You don't need huge amounts of wood chunks as the meat will only accept the smoke during the early stages of the cook.

    I also used to rub the brisket and then let it set overnight. I tried both ways and there was no difference. Unless you inject it, not much will permeate the meat.

    Some people make it a big production putting a slather and a rub then basting, etc. You can do that if you want, but when you're learning you should keep it simple. A simple rub and cook is all that is really needed to get a good brisket.

    I've been to 2 BBQ schools and both said to find a commercial rub you like, then doctor it up with your own spices.

    Good luck
  • WokOnMediumWokOnMedium Posts: 1,376
    The hardest part is having the faith. Once you light your Egg let it settle in to your target temp. Granted this may take 45 plus minutes to ensure its all heated and stable. Then add your meat and leave everything alone. You know your settings are right, because you tested them out before you put the cold meat in to affect the temp....but have faith, those are your settings and it'll come back up.

    Your temp changed because your vents changed. As long as it tasted good, doesn't matter how you got there.
  • jurisdocjurisdoc Posts: 77
    First, don't cut off all the fat. Leave a nice even 1/8 inch or so layer on the bottom.

    As for temp, I've seen mine spike if I have wood dispersed throughout the coals whenever one of the wood chips flames up. Not to the extent you had though, but I use a small handful of chips, not chunks.

    Invest in a Maverick ET73 or ET732. It will warn you when you if a gust of wind gets the grill going to hot, etc.

    Brisket looks good though. The end result is all that matters.
  • 2Fategghead2Fategghead Posts: 9,623
    I will stabilize my egg before I put the meat in.

    The way I stabilize it light and adjust with the plate setter in. Once I no longer adjust the dampers I wait for 40 to 60 min's. Then for this cook I will put the meat in. Then watch for another hour or so resisting peeking or adjusting. Then If I did not adjust check every 3 hours. :)
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    That is what I did, I had it burning for right at an hour before I put the meat on. Then watched it for 3 hours at 225 before I went to bed.
  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    Sure wished I could get brisket at that price, there $4.99 lb. at my local store. Says whole brisket but the point is removed. :(

    Good luck with the next one but your's does not look all that bad.

  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    Walmart, first one I have ever bought, I had no idea what the price per pound was suppose to be. But does sound like it was a descent price.
  • Egg JujuEgg Juju Posts: 658
    looks tasty from here! :) I would say you had a chunk catch and that spiked you temp. Thats about how I run my vents for low and slow and never had a spike that I have seen. :) I sleep from time to time. :) I was curious about your rub. Care to share the general ingredients? Also... what was your target temp for the brisket to be done? I know quite a few folks that cook hot and fast on briskets and get good results.
    Large and Small BGE *
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    Target temp was 200 - 205

    This is what I use on most everything.

    quantities can be tablespoons, cups, whatever. Just depends on how much you want to make. I just do it as ratios

    4 - Salt
    4 - Sugar
    4 - Brown Sugar
    4 - Cumin
    4 - Garlic Powder
    4 - Chili Powder
    4 - Black Pepper
    4 - Cajun Season
    2 - Ground Red Pepper
    8 - Paprika

    Mix all ingredients well and store in airtight container.
  • icemncmthicemncmth Posts: 1,160
    Could be a few problems.

    #1 gauge isn't calibrated
    #2 Lids have space between them to allow for air.
    #3 Your lump was burning in one place and as the fire spread your heat went up some.

    I always light my lump in 3 places so that I don't get a burn down and I get a more stable temp.

    Now I did have a temp spike once because my egg was facing south and we started having 50 mph winds. I could watch the temp rise because air was being forced into the lower vent. I turned the egg and the temp settled.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,804
    Love the pictures.. sure looks good 8 - ),,, How did it fare with the taste test?
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    I thought it was really good, but I have never had brisket before so don't know how it compares to everyone elses.

    I guess I am a better photographer then cook...but I like practicing.
  • eenie meenieeenie meenie Posts: 4,393
    LazyC, nice pictorial and the brisket looks delicious. :) I've only cooked several, but your post has given me a hankering to make another.
  • I agree with asianflava on several things:

    #1 get a DigiQ, before I had that, I slept by the egg :) You will use less charcoal and maintain better cooks. You won't regret it.

    #2 It is better to put the meat on right out of the fridge, it will have a nicer smoke ring because that develops at a low temp.

    #3 You don't need huge amounts of wood chunks as the meat will only accept the smoke during the early stages of the cook.

    #4. Leave the fat on... thats the yummy that keeps things moist.

    I like to rub the brisket the night before, wrap it and stick it in the fridge before cooking... tomato, tomaato

    Experiment till what you find works for you. I have never had temp swings like that unless the wind blows hard (I live in the country)however, my DigiQ solved that issue. As far as cooking times,, I have friends that cook at 350 for 3-4 hrs and it is gooood brisket. I prefer low and slow.

    Either way,,, yours looks good!! and whats the hurt in practicing :)
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    Is there a special DigiQ to get? I guess I should go ahead and order if I am going to hang with the big boys.
  • TheLazyC wrote:
    Is there a special DigiQ to get? I guess I should go ahead and order if I am going to hang with the big boys.

    LazyC, What to get depends on your budget and your Egg. I have the XL, so when I purchased my DigiQ, I also purchased the proper components to match my egg. I have the DigiQ, but there is also the NanoQ and CyberQ. From my perspective, teh DigiQ is a great purchase for the price. Check out, that is where I purchased mine. I would also recommend an extra pit probe to be safe as well! Had a bad experience with some extra heat! Hope this info helps.
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    I also have the XL, I have both in my Shopping Cart now trying to decide. It is only $85 more to get the CyberQ II. I don't have but one BGE but not sure if their are extra features built in the CyberQ that is not in the DigiQ
  • the cyberq is sweet if you want to remote control it from work or church!! I didnt spend the extra cash becuase my egg sits out in the open, therefore the internet connections would have been exposed to whatever elements of the day going on. If I had a gazebo or something covering it all (someday!!) I would have went cyberq. $85 buys a lot of brisket!!
  • TheLazyCTheLazyC Posts: 97
    What all does it do? Does it connect to your home pc by cable or wireless? I am a gadget guy but a poor one.
  • BBQRBBQR Posts: 68
    Try Placing your dome thermometer probe in boiling water and turn the nut in the back until the guage reads 212.

    I can't believe you could get up to 360 with the vents set like in the photo...? Could be a side air leak. At low cook temps, I usually run my probe line down through the top vent, vs in the side.

    Otherwise, I agree that you may have had a pocket of fire which eventually spread across all the lump.

    Try and nestle the fire starters a little deeper in the Lump for lighting and try building a pile of lump over the starters as they start burning nicely.

    Great price on the brisket and leave all the fat on.

    For a brisket like that, I'm surprised how little burnt grease is on the foil after the cook..

    Better luck on the next one! Great photo record :woohoo:
  • asianflavaasianflava Posts: 313
    The most important feature that the CyberQ has, is the ability to control 2 pits. Internet connectivity is just a perk (if you ask me).

    I bought the fan adapter for the XL because that's what I had. Later, I got a Lg and ground down the adapter to fit the Lg. Instead of buying another adapter, mine fits both the XL and Lg.

    The controller is nice, but learning how to do a low and slow by manipulating the vents goes a long way. I was cooking for about 8 months before I plunked down the money for a controller. If it broke or if one of the probes were damaged, I could still cook some meat.
  • SmokinbSmokinb Posts: 103
    The new maverick is worth a look. I have the old one and itvworks great. Grill temp and food temp alarms. Place it near your bed and it'll wake you up when temps go out of the bounds you set.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    ...just to clarify; the smoke ring does stop forming early in the cook (when the surface of the meat is around 140), but you can add smoke flavor at any time. the meat never stops 'accepting' smoke. smoke RING stops, but smoke flavor will always be added if there is smoke
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  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 28,817

    Just an opinion here but your vent settings look way too open for 250* as pictured. Lot of folk doing high speed briskets here but if you want to do a low and slow cook, you need to take time. The egg will remain stable without a supervisory control and it is way better to learn how to do it without IMHO. As for the fat, I don't really think it matters.



    Caledon, ON


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