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We’re so close to Thanksgiving that we can taste it and we’re ready to help you prepare the most delicious Thanksgiving feast you’ve ever cooked! Check out our Turkey Cheat Sheet for turkey tips, our Thanksgiving page for turkey recipes, and our Holiday Entertaining Publication for all other Thanksgiving needs to help you make this the best Thanksgiving yet! PS. Don’t forget about breakfast Thanksgiving morning either!

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  • Re: BBQ'd Shrimp & Grits on the Mini Max

    well done-

    you just gave me a great idea for my next trip to Mexico and in spring when I go, i'll post MM photos here with some not so shrimpy shrimp!

  • Re: Christmas turkey

    I've used the following method multiple times and it's a metaphysical impossibility to screw it up, even for someone who lacks the intelligence that I lack!  Read on:

    1) Make sure your bird is COMPLETELY thawed AND DRY (if you get a frozen one let it thaw in fridge for about a week prior to cooking it- there should be a thawing guide on the label).

    2) If you brine, that's OK, but be sure it's DRY when you put it on the BGE.   I choose not to brine and the birds I've done have been juicy. I recommend putting some butter mixed with salt, pepper and a little bit of rosemary UNDER the skin and try to spread it as evenly as you can.  On a turkey, this is quite easy to do as the skin usually won't tear and you can get your hands way in there under the skin- or you can use a spoon for that matter.

    3) Heat your BGE to 350F/177C WITH the PLATESETTER (legs up) or Spider/Stone setup from Ceramic Grill Store- be sure you have a drip pan with some water, a chopped onion, a scallion, a celery stalk and a carrot in the drip pan as well.  Put the grate on top of the platesetter (legs up) and if you are using a vertical turkey roaster be sure all this fits in the BGE dome BEFORE you light the fire.

    4) Put the turkey, BREAST SIDE UP (if no vertical roaster is being used) and do not put the bread stuffing in the bird but you can rub the outside with some oil and put some onions or apples in the cavity if you want.  in Arizona, I pick oranges and lemons  off my trees and put a few citrus fruits cut up inside the bird for moisture and a little citrus flavor.

    5) cook for 12-15 minutes per pound and be sure to periodically check (every 60 minutes or so) the temperature in the thigh and in the breast using a meat probe thermometer. Instant read digital is best but if you have a dial one that's OK.  Be sure that it is NOT touching any bone in breast or thigh.  Be sure to wash the probe each time you  use it so that you're not inserting a raw-turkey tainted probe into cooked meat later on.  Cook until the breast temperature reads 160F/71C and the deepest meat in the thigh reads 170F/77C. 

    6) Pull it off the BGE, let it sit for about 10 minutes (it's still cooking BTW) and it'll look golden brown and it will taste as good as it looks.

    Good luck and if you want to do a practice run, you can participate in the US Thanksgiving turkey cooking that will take place all over the US in a couple of weeks.  I am making multiple turkeys on multiple BGEs and I will be posting pictures here.  If you can get a probe thermometer that stays in while the bird cooks, that's even better than the constant checking of the temp.

  • Re: How many racks of ribs?

    that does work really well and is an economical way to get that many racks of ribs on a large.  But, having the adjustable rig setup with the multi grid system costs some money but is so worth it if you can swing it.  the multigrid system opens up an whole other world of uses for your BGE that you'll wonder how you got along without it before.  Like I said, you'll spend some money but the way I justify this to the boss is that I tell her, hey, I don't own a set of golf clubs and I don't go fishing or hunting.  My hobby is centered around the BGE.  She can't argue with that.

  • Re: OT: Earl Campbell / A Football Life

    there aren't any football players like Earl Campbell anymore. Or Walter Payton, or Jim Brown, or Mike Ditka, or Ray Nitchke, or Doug Plank, or Mike Singletary, or Tom Rathman, or Pat Tillman, or Dick Butkus, or Larry Csonka, or Jerry Kramer, or Lawrence Taylor, or , well you all get the idea.  There are many more to add to the list, but I am talking about guys who played their guts out and who actually LOVED the game.

    Pro football today isn't football we are used to seeing. It's boring, clinical, and it's not about the game anymore.  it's all about image, optics. Don't misinterpret what I am saying here, the athletes are incredible but the game somewhere in the last 20 or so years lost its heart and soul.  I blame the owners and the structure of the league.  Pro football is legalized profitable socialism.

    I'll take college football over the NFL any day of the week and five times on Sunday.

  • Re: Can't believe I've never done this before

    the Big Green Egg makes you a ROCKSTAR.  A brisket made on the Big Green Egg makes you an UBER ROCKSTAR

    Enjoy it!