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  • MiniMax on the beach in Mexico

    Hey guys (and gals).  One of the reasons I was so excited about the MM is that it could be taken with us on trips to Mexico.  Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).  It worked out awesome. It's a little heavy to transport and there were concerns of the ceramic elements (firebox, platesetter, pizza stones, etc. incurring damage from vibrations but this was neutralized by using some cardboard rings and spacers.  The shrimp you get down there for $10 a pound are U 10 and they are awesome.  I didn't take pictures of the other stuff we cooked but suffice it to say that the MiniMax is definitely a must have on a trip like this. 
  • Re: or fraternity?

    I agree that this forum is the absolute BEST for foodies in the SEGGMENT that we enjoy so much for outdoor cooking.  I have learned so much here from all of you guys it makes me shake my head.  hopefully some perspective I've given has helped someone as much as I've been helped here.  That I know Tom of CGS really well is simply icing on the cake, or more appropriately, bbq sauce on the pork shoulder!

    I've purchased stuff from guys on this site based on a guy's word and I've been trusted and have trusted guys on this site without any issues.

    we just all want to enjoy and share our enthusiasm for all things BIG GREEN EGG. 

    EGG ON Gentlemen!

  • Re: I need more govt in my life...

    i leave politics off forums like this but I gotta ask the question:  WHO benefits FINANCIALLY if the recommendations of this report are followed  by every American?

    Guys and gals- this has nothing to do with sustainability and saving the environment and EVERYTHING to do with someone being able to profit off of this report.  Sheeple like us will never know exactly who though.

    If the environment was so precious, and we were doing every single thing to save it, why is oil still transported on inefficient and risky rail cars from NW to the refineries instead of via a much more efficient pipleline?  Answer: WARREN BUFFET owns CSX AND he doesn't want competition.  look at who he gave money to and you'll have your answer. 

  • Re: problems with my extra large lid alignment

    this was sent to me from BGE directly- i did it once, and have never had a problem since with the overbite, uneven lid closing, etc.  Hope this helps

    XL Hinge Adjustment


    If your XL Egg has become difficult to open or close, it is time to perform some preventative maintenance on your grill.  As the XL Egg ages, you need to adjust and lubricate the side and rear hinges on the grill.  Over time these pivot points will lose their lubrication, and once that happens, one side will tighten up each time the dome is opened and closed.  This is why one side of the hinge usually does not function as well as it used to. 

    The XL has (2) side hinge assemblies and (2) rear hinge assemblies.  There is a linkage bar connecting the upper and lower brackets on each hinge.  There are (2) nuts and bolts on each of these linkage arms.  Make sure each nut is completely tight, then back (loosen) it off ¼ turn.  Next you need to apply lubricating oil ( 3 in 1 oil, gun oil) or graphite powder to each of those pivot points and work into the hinge.  This adjustment should let your hinge work normally again.  If you forced the dome open or closed, check the black bands on the grill to be sure they are safely positioned around the Egg.  The bottom band needs to be 1/8” below the bottom gasket.  If the bottom band is too far down, the dome will set back on the base.  You also won’t have any room to adjust the dome (move it back and forward) using the slotted bracket on the side of the grill (upper band).  When the bottom band is positioned right under the bottom basket, you will have the maximum amount of adjustability using that slotted side hinge on the top band.  The location of the top band is fine as long as it’s located above the top gasket and safely on the ceramic surface. 

    Finally, make sure the bands are even all the way around the grill and that both carriage bolts are tightened until the ends of the black bands are about ½” apart.  Loose carriage bolts will let the bands slip when the grill is hot. 

    It is a good idea to adjust and lubricate these hinges every year.  Think of it as spring cleaning for your grill.  At the same time, check all fasteners for tightness and remove the internal ceramic components (fire ring & fire box) so you can sweep out the grill.  The average griller needs to do this a year.  These simple steps will keep your XL Egg is good working order. 


  • Re: Mini max price?

    $704 out the door in Tempe, AZ ($650 retail + sales tax), platesetter was extra and I think I paid $49 for that

    worth every penny and after using it, I would have paid more!