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We hope you had a hoppy Easter and are ready to spring into warm weather cooking mode! There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the sweet aroma of fresh cooked Ribs. Baseball season is also underway, so it's the perfect time to try out some chicken wing variations! We have Jamaican Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Fired-Up Wings and even a Whiskey Onion and Chicken Steak if wings aren't your thing. Bon appetit!

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  • Re: Leveling the eggs

    I don't worry about it... I rotate my egg on the driveway depending on wind direction. (usually try to keep the air vent out of direct wind unless I am doing pizza, then it is into the wind :) 
  • Re: Austin severely restricts barbeque restaurant smoke

    st¡ke said:
    i always ask conservatives, did you put 10% into the basket so the Vatican can paint another ceiling? And why do you pray to a god who tells you to love your fellow man while you make decisions about people based on their skin color?
    We don't pray to a god. We pray to God. There are a lot more Christians than the Catholic Church. Our church helps those in need on a regular basis and sponsor a food pantry available to anyone. We also help those in the community at large - not just our church members with financial hardships. Don't see that from too many liberals unless it is taking $$$ from others to redistribute "wealth". One thing liberals forget is that small business owners pay twice the taxes for SS and income tax. This is the number one reason businesses fail because they just can't support that. 

    Hmmm.. and the liberals are so much better at race relations... PUUUULEEEEEZZZZE. The R's want to have policies that help give them jobs. The liberals want to keep them tied to their food stamps and other free handouts.  (Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he eats forever - not in the Bible, but true none-the-less. ) 

    Seems to me that the R's are a LOT more inclusive and tolerant than the D's that want to keep them drugged, divided and poor.  You seriously think that any level of "wealth redistribution" will ever overcome keeping them dependent on the system??? 

    Liberals want to take everyone elses money to give it to those unwilling to take responsibility for their own welfare. 

    I liked this analogy of liberals. 

    Joe and Sam are walking along a path.  Joe says to Sam, I am hungry. Sam says, I have a sandwich, here you can have my sandwich. Both are happy.  Joe, because he is no longer hungry and Sam for helping his fellow man.

    Joe and Sam are walking along a path.  Joe says to Sam, I am hungry. Obama (the current face of Liberals)  rides up on his horse, and says to Sam while sticking a gun in his face, "Hey, you have a sandwich. Give it to Joe".  Both are now quite distressed.  Sam, for being forced to do something he may or may not have chosen to do himself, and Joe for feeling guilty that his friend Sam was robbed so he could eat. 

    Unfortunately, in America, the church has all but abdicated it's mandate to feed the poor because the Gov't steals the individual's hard earned $$$ and they themselves can no longer not only contribute to the church for such things, but struggle day to day because of the taxation.  It is WHOLLY UNAMERICAN to be taxed as much as we are.  Fair share??? Let's see... 49-51% pay ZERO taxes. And in most cases, they get back more than they paid in by thousands of $$$. That means the rest of us pay far more than our share. This type of socialistic philosophy has never worked nor will it ever.  Pretty soon the haves will stop having and demand they too be given  their livelihood and then where will you be... It is a system that can only fail, but the liberals think they know what you should eat, wear, drive.  I for one say to all liberals:  HORSEHOCKEY!!!!  Gruber actually spoke the truth when he said that they (D/liberals) think that everyone is stupid- only thing is... You may be, but, WE are not.

  • Re: Just scored 500 lbs of Ozark Oak

    It means that too many liberals/progressives are using any excuse possible to tell us what to do and have been put into power by sheeple who have no real grey matter in their head - and the sheeple keep voting for them. They want to tell you when to do it - and the sheeple keep voting for them , what we can buy - and the sheeple keep voting for them  and cannot buy - and the sheeple keep voting for them. ... In the NE (PA iirc) there was a story about the idiots wanting to ban wood stoves used for heating a LOT of houses all across the country.  And the sheeple keep voting for them.  The tragedy is that when the taxes are now over-burdensome they can't for the life of themselves figure out why.  And the sheeple keep voting for them. Next is your BGE.  Keeping all of this in mind, next time, THINK before you vote.
  • Re: Rocket science steak

    it may be rocket science, but I can guarantee does not have that smoke-grilled taste. Getting something done does not necessarily translate into a GOOD taste.
  • Re: Pizza stone or not

    be careful with foil at >650 degrees.  I have seen it melt....  I had 2 aluminum bars that I used to hold a grease pan and had left them in when I did a really hot burn (for pizza I think...) and later found a few blobs of aluminum on fire grate. I did not realize it had gotten that hot.