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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • Re: Question for Rockwood users

    I have no experience with Fogo so I can't compare but I do use Rockwood and have not had the experience you describe regardless of lump size.  I have had bags with the small pieces throughout but not to the size you mention.  
    Interestingly enough, for quite a while I was getting Rockwood from a relatively (60 miles one way) close supplier.  My easy source of delivery left the area so I have been ordering thru Firecraft.  In general, the pieces are larger in the bags that come from Firecraft.  Better handling I guess.
    No further insights here-
  • Re: Value of controller in 1 picture

    @Ozzie_Isaac - The cow always wins and I guess it was pay-back for running at 210*F.  Of late, I have been seeing around 0.75 hrs/lb (prime or SRF black) with running at 260-270*F on the dome.  Just did one last week (prime) that took about 1 hr/lb at the above temps.  I am now in the 1 hr/lb crowd and can FTC for the duration if the beef decides to run a little quicker.  
    I'm sure there were some great eats.  
  • Re: Educate me, please.

    I have hosed up many a brisket cook and had some successes. A few things:
    Flats are much more of a challenge than a packer as the window of success is quite narrow (more about that later).
    And as above-the quality of meat going in has a major impact on the outcome.  In part it seems that the higher the quality the wider the finish-line window, as well.
    Packers have more natural protective fat.  A good layer of protective fat is a heat-shield. 
    The finish-line is as you describe-when the thickest part of the flat probes like "buttah".  This applies to a packer or flat only cook.  Temperature is only a guide to when to start looking for the brisket to get loose.  And with the flat-you likely won't get it all to probe smooth but when the great majority does, you are there.  And this window on a flat is more narrow (in my experience) than with a packer. 
    And here's some great background material: 
    what follows are some good links for brisket info:  probably more than you will ever need- Aaron Franklin video series-first one is here:  Then some good reading:;       and 
    And it does sound like you pulled your last cook too early.
    I would cook at around 260-280*F on the calibrated dome-around 1hr/lb and seems to yield more consistent results for me.
    That's more than enough for now. 
    Edit:  Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.

  • Whatever happened to independent thinking??

    Okay-early Friday PM (EDT) (And not yet into low earth orbit:) ) but I find the recent number of "How do I ...(insert a common hunk of beef, pork or chicken or lighting process or other basic BGE function) posts to be much more in number than I recall even in the height of BGE initial Spring buying season.  I realize that this forum is quite valuable with the information found here, but I know that using Google and  adding "egghead forum" "or "big green egg"  will get you here and provide a wealth of initial base-line articles from which to assess and then post any questions that you have after venturing out on your own.  Friday night and now off the soap box and fueling the rocket engine to hit the orbit.  FWIW-
  • Re: The heat is on...smoking peppers (a few pics)

    @logchief- thanks for the heads-up as I am in new territory with those.  I was gonna go one level habaneros and one carolina but figured the heat is so overpowering that I will just smoke til dry and then grind the whole mess together.  This quantity of dried heat may exceed the time I have left on the planet.  BTW-after doing the prep work in the kitchen I have been told the grinding process will be performed outdoors.
    I still have a stand-alone supply of dried habaneros so I am good that way.