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  • Re: Copper Colored Big Green Egg

    For never being used, it sure does look like it's seen some wear and tear.
  • Re: OT: Twitter comments by athletes about the Ferguson case

    Fouker187 said:
    So being young and stupid is a reason to be shot by the police?  The issue isn't what this young man was involved in, it is the police's use of deadly force on an unarmed citizen.  I don't think they had enough to send this officer to jail but doesn't excuse his behavior. 

    So the officer was supposed to get the snot beat out of him by this thug since he was "unarmed"?  Are they just supposed to duke it out to level the playing field?  Or should he just have let him go after he committed robbery, assault on the store owner, and assault on a police officer?

  • Re: Lump Reducing Ring for XL?

    That is still a device that I do not understand the purpose of.  It's to "reduce lump usage", but you still need to heat the entire XL BGE.  It doesn't matter if it's on one side or the other, just in the middle, or around the outside.  It takes the same amount of lump to heat the XL to 350F no matter where or how it's stacked.

    The only instance when I can see this working is if you're looking for direct grilling for an extended amount of time.  You keep the fire centered and direct.  But if you're just doing a couple of burgers or brats, just light the XL in the center or off to the side.  By the time your up to temp and have grilled for 10 minutes, the other side has probably not even began to catch up.

    In the long run, I just don't see it saving much, so I would go the fire brick or cheapest route.  If you spend $30-40 on one, you could have just burned that extra few bags of charcoal over the next few years than the ring is going to last.

  • Re: Lump Reducing Ring for XL?

    @tjv @PhotoEgg

    I've messed around with fire bricks off to one side or the other and found it useful.  I like what Primo did with the oval, or KJ did with the Big Joe and have the fire box divided.  Then you could grill on one side, bake/smoke on the other side.  I did not witness that much of a reduction in lump usage though.

    I didn't mean to bad mouth the product as far are creating other cooking options......I just never believed it would reduce charcoal consumption enough to pay for itself.  Kind of like buying a medium because your XL uses too much charcoal.  If you want to tell the wife that to justify the purchase, cool.  But if you have other uses for it--different temps around the grid--then by all means get one (especially if it doubles as a wok my spider & wok.)

    The only one I ever saw for sale was cheap 18-gauge "expando" stainless steel.  The one pictured above would definitely last forever.

  • Re: Good BGE dealers in Dallas?

    Once you get your Egg, head up to Denton to visit Tom at the Ceramic Grill Store.  I was there last week and it was nice to see all the products in action.  It's amazing how many combinations you can make out of the racks he sells.  I got a spider and wok for my large, and used it for the first time Sunday great

    They don't sell BGE's, but the have three of the competitors there if you want to see the differences.  They do have temp controllers, pizza stones, etc for all of them.