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  • Re: Very rude, stupid or lazy butcher encounter at Costco

    So then, why do they sell prime strips and filets at Costco if it's all the same??
  • Re: fire grate, is this a bad idea?

    Depending on the gauge, it may eventually start to sag and crack.  Early on when I made my own fire grates out of that cheap 16ga (or 18ga?) expanded stainless steel from Lowes or Home Depot, they would only last about 6 months before they would break.  Once we switched to #9 expanded stainless, no issues.
  • Re: Another solid bag of Rockwood

    C'mon man.....10 seconds on google and you could had it:

  • Re: Another solid bag of Rockwood

    Lecky said:
    I received 5 bags from firecraft and 2 were ripped open with lump all over the box, and there was a lot of dust from it being crushed. 

    Sorry about that, hopefully it wasn't as bad as this bag.  LOL, a little R&D when an idea popped into my head about two hours ago......don't ask.

    In all seriousness, I wish we could better control the quality during shipping, but in the 900 miles those bags travel to Firecraft, plus whatever to you, the mere agitation breaks them down.  Imagine a bag of Lay's Potato Chips or a box of Corn Flakes.  You could put them in a refrigerator box full of Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap and they would still break down every time the truck went over a bump.  Gyro-stabilized pallets is my next endeavor!

  • Re: Ozark Oak

    Wow......just as surprised as everyone else. 

    Nothing is changing with us--business will continue as normal.  But there is only so much wood in the Mark Twain Forest, so it's not like we're going to be able to double production.  We're still not taking any new dealers--been that way for a while and will continue.

    If anyone is dead set on the 10# vs. the 20#, just ask you dealer to order them.  The bad part is that they're more expensive to produce for the same tonnage (twice the paper + twice the labor in each pallet).  We do not sell very many outside of St. Louis. 

    As far as California goes, here's my reply from another thread:

    Prop 65 = Special labeling for anything that emits carbon monoxide (e.g. anything that you burn.)  We would have to keep an environmental attorney on retainer out there and produce special bags to keep in inventory just for CA.  Sorry, but no thanks.

    We already have the huge CPSC mandated label on both sides warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide.  Not good enough for CA though.....gotta have another one somewhere "conspicuous" on the bag quoting Prop 65. 

    I wish we had the power like Starbucks to thumb our nose at law, but we cannot take the risk.  I don't remember what gas(es) their coffee emits, but they refused to put the label on their cups and are already getting sued.  We'll take the road of S&W and Ruger.......just give up the market to someone else who wants to take on the risk.