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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

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  • Re: Rockwood Conundrum

    logchief said:
    Can't get it anywhere here in CA, but has it for 19.95 for 20# and free shipping over $99.

    @logchief‌ you're screwed. They don't ship to CA! It must cause cancer there or something.

    Prop 65 = Special labeling for anything that emits carbon monoxide (e.g. anything that you burn.)  We would have to keep an environmental attorney on retainer out there and produce special bags to keep in inventory just for CA.  Sorry, but no thanks.

    We already have the huge CPSC mandated label on both sides warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide.  Not good enough for CA though.....gotta have another one somewhere "conspicuous" on the bag quoting Prop 65. 

    I wish we had the power like Starbucks to thumb our nose at law, but we cannot take the risk.  I don't remember what gas(es) their coffee emits, but they refused to put the label on their cups and are already getting sued.  We'll take the road of S&W and Ruger.......just give up the market to someone else who wants to take on the risk. 

  • Re: Rockwood Conundrum

     At the end of each cook I'd find a rock or two at the bottom of the ash pile.  

    In the defense of all lump charcoal manufacturers, you're going to get rocks in ANY brand of lump.  The only way you're not going to get rocks is to buy briquettes.

    Rocks are lodged into the tree trunks when they get dropped or dragged out of the forest.  You're not going to find them until the charcoal burns around it.  Even if you did, a char dust covered rock looks just like a chunk of charcoal when it comes out of the chute in the bagging process.  Not sure about the other guys, but with us you're usually getting 0.3-0.5# overage in each bag--more than enough to make up for a rock or two. 

  • Re: Survey. How long does your charcoal take to extinguish.

    Even if it takes 2-3 hrs to cool down, that doesn't mean the fire is still going.  That ceramic holds a lot of heat--that's why these things work so damn good.  You could have a leak, but it's probably not anything significant.

    It doesn't take much O2 to keep a fire going in a BGE, especially if it was a 300-400+ fire.  The heat component of the fire triangle is already there as is the fuel.  Even if you remove the O2, the ceramic is still 200-300+ and the coals are much hotter.  Both will start to cool off very slowly by means of radiation, but any O2 that sneaks into the BGE is going to slow the cool down process. 

  • Re: Rocks in my charcoal

    stemc33 said:
    It's not like bagging lump is a federally regulated process. 

    Wanna bet????  On a federal level = EPA, OSHA, etc.  On a state level = DNR, Weights & Measures, and more.  It is very regulated.  Not as bad as some things, but it is regulated and inspected.

    Humor yourself and weigh each bag you buy. They are all likely over the advertised weight anyway. As stated earlier, it's not like administering a dose of medicine, it's coal.


    Every bag of Rockwood has about an extra 0.4 - 0.6 lbs in the bags.  The machines are calibrated for this overage just in case.  You can turn out a million bags 10-20% OVER, but if Weights and Measures gets the ONE bag UNDER, you're screwed.  You can have 2-3 golf ball sized rocks in the bag and still have 20# of charcoal.

  • Re: Pork chops

    jcaspary said:
    The problem I have with it is that I find it very hard to light. This is the second time that half of the XL failed to light. Any tips besides buying some accessory. I use the fiber starters.image

    I've never been a fan of starter sticks, especially in the XL.  Unless they have petroleum, they are a fairly low flame and very concentrated.  That's not a good thing in the XL where you have a lot of charcoal in a shallow and wide bowl.  It takes a while for the fire to migrate laterally and the heat to build up.

    The XL's fox box is only 6" deep, so it's hard to take full advantage of products like that since the flames and heat are up and gone.  The Large's fire box is about a foot deep so you get a lot more bang for your buck out of a cube.  Try some of the other methods and I think you'll have better results.