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  • Re: FlameBoss 200 Reveiw

    sctdg said:
    How close does it keep the pit temp to the set temp and someone said there is no damper in the motor? What keeps air from getting sucked in when motor is off .Do you have to shut down the air up top ?? My Auber control has a motor damper and I generally I leave Smokeware cap opened a crack .

    The motor is not just simply On or's variable speed.  It runs anywhere from 10%-100% in increments of 10.

    With any temp controller, the fact that air can be sucked past the stopped fan is an issue to be aware of....but only with a Kamado.  The BGE is so efficient, that it can run on tiny amount of air.  This is more of an issue of users that try to use the ramp down function as an "Off button" for the fire--it may work, it may not.  Either way you need to start the process ahead of time, like 30-60 minutes ahead of the time you are going to get to the meat time--so that the pit temp has lowered to that meat temp at the exact same time. 

    So, set up your egg and stabilize like you were cooking without a temp controllers.  Just crack the cap a bit like you normally would, put your temp controller on once the temp is reached.  Or undershoot your temp, then SLOWLY bring it up.

    Any temp controller is to MAINTAIN temp by not letting the fire go out.  Using the temp controller to start the egg, stoking it up to temp, is a're going to overshoot big time if you're not careful.

    With everyone of these controllers I sell, I always warn people that strapping a piece of new technology to cooker with a simple design thousands of years old, doesn't mean its going to run like an electric convection oven.  A temp controller is ultimately insurance so that the fire doesn't go out on you.  It can help with other things, but it's not always spot no fault of it's own.  Fire is an interesting creature with a mind of it's own, and there's no controlling it 100% no matter how much technology is involved.

  • Re: Got my expanded metal grill grate made! (Partially)

    I used to make the fire grates out of the #9 expanded stainless steel for the S, M, and L.  The larges were 10" in diameter and they would slightly sag after a while--just flip then over.

    You really need to weld a perimeter around that thing or you're going to cut yourself.  I have the scars to prove it when I fabricated the first few dozen myself.  After that, I had them cut on a plasma table.  But since it was down in belly of the Egg, there's no reason to ever remove it again.

    This is going to sag and you might run into issues when using it with a platesetter legs up.  You might fabricate a lifter similar to "the claw" that people use to lift a hot plate setter out.

  • Re: Got a new Flameboss 100

    MaC122 said:
    I use the loof lighter. Its not that slow, Im just comparing it to BGE lump which light faster with it. But trust me, rockwood is way better. cleaner burn and does not have that bad smell

    Light fire with fire.  :)
  • Re: Got a new Flameboss 100

    MaC122 said:

    When looking at the DigiQ DX2 and the Flameboss 100, don't forget about the Pitmaster iQue 120.

    Just ask @RickyBobby about it.

    I may be wrong...but don't you sell rockwood? I searched your site and I did not see that you sold pit controllers.

    Yeah, they're only mentioned in a few places, very deep......kind of like our phone number.  Gotta email us about them.  Our business is 99.9% charcoal, so I don't really want a ton of business selling stuff besides charcoal.  We sell for the companies that helped us early on, and vice versa--those that we enjoy helping in their early stages.

    We had custom fire grate manufactured and sold them for a while.  They were making up less than 1% of our revenue by the time all the credit card processing fees, shipping, insurance......yet were taking up a much higher of percentage of time.  We gave that market segment away to all the copy cats on eBay.

  • Re: Got a new Flameboss 100

    Congrats.  I love my FB100.  I recommend setting your pit temp low then once it stabalizes bump up to final cook temp.

    If anyone wants a FB100 PM me.  I want to upgrade to the 200. :)

    Talked to FB's owner today.  He said those 100 control heads cannot be upgraded to the 200; however; they can be swapped out through them.   We the dealers can only get the whole unit, not the individual parts.  Give him a shout and maybe you can get a better deal upgrading the control head than what I can do on the full 200, less whatever you sell the used 100 for.