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The Cen-Tex Smoker
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  • Re: Taking a break from EHF

    This is highly entertaining. I'm also very impressed by @cazzy's self control at the moment.
    It is mindblowing...
  • Re: ¡ɹǝpunuʍop ɯoɹɟ sƃuᴉʇǝǝɹפ ʎɐp,פ

    Welcome! great stories. You might be the most committed egger on here (although several should be committed ASAP)

  • Re: Taking a break from EHF

    The league is riddled with PEDs and wife beaters, it is rather difficult to watch. These men are nothing like my 15-0 1972 Dolphins. The only positive is I get to celebrate our championship every year.
    Agreed. We should celebrate when teams did it the right way! I mean, these thugs today and their PED's are nothing compared to the great mercury Morris of the 1972 Dolphins and his multiple felony convictions for cocaine conspiracy and trafficking!

    I'm sure the rest of the guys were pure as the driven snow too. No wife beaters, anger issues, drug habits. 100% great guys....except for the cocaine trafficker :))

  • Re: Taking a break from EHF

    Zarcon said:
    Good Grief..I am absolutely amazed at most comments I have read here. I didn't think I would have to do this, but this is all I will say (sorry for the long post).

    When I first started here, I was pretty active and posting. I really enjoyed it. Yes, building social websites in one of my favorite pastimes (I've said that before), I thought of how cool it would be to have one for Eggers and share it with others. Everyone here is a member of more than one website and possibly even another 'Egg' related site, I'm sure. That is not a bad thing. Most people enjoy having multiple outlets to get information and/or participate at. Yes, some people joined mine, so what. What if a member made a post and said they were going to start focusing more on their cooking blog and shared it with you? I suppose they are done for too. 

    I have tried to be respectful and appreciative for all of the comments I have received on my postings here. I make a topic called 'I'm taking a break from EHF' and all hell breaks loose. Never once, NOT ONCE did I say 'I'm leaving', 'I quit', 'I'm deleting my account', 'My site is better', or nothing.. I said a BREAK. Have I really become this 'Piece of crap' all because I want to focus on my site for a while to fix some time consuming kinks?

    But now, I have conned everyone, I am the bad guy now, nothing but 'Zarcon Vomit'. All because I made a post saying I was going to work on my site and that I may not be posting much here for a little while.. Really? @DMW was right.. I should have never posted this. I never forced anyone to join nor did I slip anyone the kool-aid. I simply shared a idea with ya'll that I 'thought' would be kinda neat & different. One of those 'multiple outlets' I mentioned earlier.

    Some have now went as far as deleting their account? Why? All because of a post that I made about taking a BREAK for a little while? My post made you so mad, shamed, or 'dirty' that you felt the need to delete your account? It's sad to see that you can pretty much post anything here, but make a post saying you are going to focus on something like your website and you are toast. And just to clear any confusion, my website is NOT a forum. Never meant to be, never will be. It's a social networking site that just so happens to have a forum as one of the many, many other features it has. 

    Damn, I feel like I can never even post here again. Judging by most of the comments here, they're basically telling me I would be better off to just never come back. This was totally not what I expected. Thanks.
    allright, step off the ledge and enough of the "poor me" routine already. I was kidding when I said I felt dirty. If your skin is that thin then you have no business hosting/moderating a forum. have you seen the shit John in Carolina says to moderators/forum owners? He could put you in to therapy if you take all this seriously  :))

    Relax and have fun with your new deal. I'm not a huge fan of the way you went about it but honestly, I really don't care. You shouldn't either.

  • Re: Brine?Yep. Meat Glue?Yep. Sous Vide?Yep. Torch? Yep. Awesome? Oh @#!*% yes.TFJ killed it tonight

    Awesome cook! The real reason for the torch is that is crisps up the skin without cooking the meat. The chicken is perfectly cooked wall to wall and 5 minutes in the egg would cook in to the meat. The torch adds the flavor of a browned crust while maintaining the perfect texture throughout of the SV the torch is badass.