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  • Re: Safe to use enameled cast iron dutch oven in BGE?

    Yes works fine even direct. I use a enameled skillet for searing and have been for years and no issues. I have read the IR at 550 plus on the skillet and it hold up fine.
  • Re: Low salt Egging ??

    If you are a costco member they have an all organic salt free rub that is really good on chicken and pork.™-Organic-No-Salt-Seasoning-4-pack.product.100043610.html
  • Re: Ideal Smoking Technique

    people soak chips because they are afraid they will ignite and burn too quickly.  it's not possible in an egg, just doesn't happen. in a big airy (i.e. not air tight) propane gasser or other smoker, sure, they will burst into flame.  but not in a BGE.  heck, i have added wood to the fire late during a cook in order to add smoke to a steak, and even that won't burst into flame. 

    try this next time you have a steak going at 700+ dome temps:  at some point toward the end, if you want a little smoke, toss an oak twig onto the blazing hot bed of coals.  sure, with the dome open, it will ignite.  but shut the dome and look down in thru the top vent.  that fire will go out, and the twig will smoke. open the dome? poof.  it will find the extra (new!) oxygen, and burst into flame again.  same reason you get flashbacks.  no spare O2, and then suddenly lots of spare O2

    use whatever works for you.

    i have splits, chunks from trees limbs, bark, twigs, grape vine, last summer's herbs still in the garden (dead/dried), etc.

    if it all smells good when it smokes, it'll taste good. 

    -bark is a non-issue, take it or leave it
    -soaking is not required
    -green versus aged is a non issue (half the old-timers tell you their secret is green wood, the other half say you need to dry it a year)

    i add my chips or hickory bark (shagbark) all around IN the lump (not on top), because the fire is small and travels around.   if i have small chunks, i usually add them in afe places nestled into the lump, and after lighting, will put some wood directly into the hot coals.

    if you gave me an equal amount of wood, in chip form and in chunk form, i would get better, longer, more consistent smoke with chips.  too often i find that the fire has left a chunk sitting up high, fire below it, or missed a few of them altogether.  whereas the chips, even sawdust.... you can spread that stuff everywhere

    there was a dude here who thought that this sketch meant i was saying the air flowed downward. no.  the air comes in from the bottom and out the upper vent.  the fire moves downward as it seeks the air.
    Sorry don't agree with this. Wood will burn in the egg. I see chunks on fire all the time with it closed I have even added chunks through the bottom vent that you could clearly see burning. When you are coming to temp and you have wood in the egg when it hits around 350 dome and your smoke goes clear that's cause your wood caught fire. 
  • Re: Deflated and Tired of the Hot Air, I Wheeled On Over to Walmart

    I buy at Costco. If your tires don't make it to the mile rating they give you money back. I hit a pot hole with like 15000 miles on fairly expensive michelins and went back to Costco and they put a new one on for like $40. I have shopped around before on tires and nobody was close to Costco especially when they have the $70 off michelins.
  • Re: Engle dry box

    SGH said:
    Lit said:
    Woot already got me for the little giant ladder today don't want to get in trouble.
    Dude, I have the little giant. It's a handy rascal. It's heavy duty too. 
    Yes sir I have a 26' revolution which is great for cleaning the gutters up top and trimming trees but it's too heavy for daily use. The one they have today on woot is just a 13' that does like 3-6' a frame but is only 30 pounds. Would recommend them for sure.