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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • Re: Meatless recipes

    stuffed jalapenos (cheese and cream cheese), but it's not vegan.
  • Re: First time St. Louis style ribs and Bad Byron's questions

    I went with a 1-1 ratio of turbinado sugar and Byron's. I am cooking three racks. I thought the grid and an extender would be enough but they were pretty big so I had to use my rib rack. Does everyone keep their ribs in the rack the whole time or do y'all lay them flat after they've smoked a while?
  • Dino Ribs -- my first run

    I was intrigued by the beef back ribs @tydfan made last weekend and decided to use the recipe @nibblemethis outlined on his blog video.

    Long story short, i cooked two racks at 325* for an hour fifteen minutes, foiled for an hour fifteen and finished in fifteen with thinned bbq sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's ColaQ) as a mop.  

    I used a homemade rub with a baste of 1 tbsp "Better than Bouillon" beef base/1 tbsp Worcestershire.  Here are the prepped ribs:

    imageHere is the stack after an hour and fifteen minutes.  I used pecan to smoke.

    imageHere are the ribs foiled with brown sugar, onion, and water.

    imageHere are the finished ribs:

    imageI was really happy with the method: it predictably made tender, flavorful ribs.

    I was expecting more meat considering how baby backs usually have a low bone - meat ratio.  Here, given the size of the bones, I thought I would be getting a lot of meat.  Also, it was a bit greasier than what I was expecting.  Nonetheless, I will be keeping my eye out for the ribs in the future. They're cheap, easy to make and very flavorful.  I don't know that I'd tweak anything.
  • Re: Stuffed Pork Tenderloins: a brief photoessay

    This is exactly what I want to make looks like you did pâté setter feet up, correct? Did you use any smoking chips or chunks? What temp? How long was the chicken on before you added the pork and how long did you cook after pork was added? Thanks in advance for info....
    I have done this recipe again and I love it.  I did do platesetter feet up.  I typically do not use smoke for this type of cook.  If i did, I almost uniformly use pecan chunks.  Cherry chips may give a nice reddish color and not too much smoke.  I believe i put the pork on about fifteen minutes after the chicken was on, perhaps a little less.  basically the time it took to cook the bacon.  

    Although you may rotate the tenderloins, you do not need to flip since you're cooking indirect.

    Let the tenderloins rest for at least ten minutes.  If you don't, the cheese is molten and it flows out.  Really, the longer it rests, the better the presentation.  this is an argument for putting the tenderloins on at at the same time as the chicken and pulling when the pork is 155-160 and the chicken breast is 165 and the thigh 180.  I don't like any pink in my pork unless it's a bit of smoke ring.

    I usually aim for 375-400.

    Make extra.  The tenderloin is better the next day!
  • Re: Forum Improvements?

    Perhaps a "most often viewed" set of links with the ability of the author to re-name the post for easy reference.  i.e. "the way i do it" could become "the Travis Method" since that's how it's most commonly referred to.  Since some posts are referred to often (and likely viewed often), it would be a starting point for those exploring.