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  • Re: Rutland Gasket?

    Not afraid of it. Just was amazed. In the cup it was nothing more that rubber cement. Once again, just the poster child for Murphy's Law. If its possible to screw something up. I'll find a way. :)
  • Re: OT: Apology for Mr. Charlie Tuna

    OK, I suppose you'd have to have some allegiance the greeneggers to take the comment made as a slap.  I read it, and my first thought was, "how nice for someone to pop in while there is turmoil, conveniently, and tell the members to come on over."  What I read was  "We're better than you anyway."

    Like I said, it's a matter of perspective.  Each crowd has different assets to offer.  To say one is better is skewed by preference.  In the end, I think there's a difference between telling someone they are stirring the pot and telling them to support their remarks AND calling someone an a¤¤hole and a hypocrite.

    I personally don't understand the competitive attitudes.  And as a matter of perspective I didn't agreen with the "dark side" or "Bi" remarks.  I think most of it is directed at corporate and the history.  But it's my contention that the negative stuff doesn't do us any favors in the long run.  In the immediate?  The drama sure does go a long way in generating traffic!  Maybe marketing isn't what Greeneggers needs after all.  Just hire some soap opera writers.  Any applicants?
  • Re: The Baking Steel Chapter

    I found a 14 inch springform pan, going to attempt to replicate the wok/sand setup in the medium.  Still working on it piece by piece.  I want to travel with the medium pizza machine.

    The initial setup PS legs down, feet, Steel worked really well for that first pizza, the second one was harder to get color on the top.  As with LS suggestion, I think you have to raise the whole setup a little higher.  If there's too much space between the PS and the Steel, the heat will just sneak around the edge of the PS and you lose the protection for the bottom of the Steel.

    I've never used the woo either, but if you could get it to hold a wok, the extra height you may get might not hurt
  • Re: High Que Grate

    I love the Hi Que on my Large.  Pulled the trigger once I lost 4 butts due to clog in an overnight cook.  Now I dump lump for overnighters instead of stacking and I haven't used my Guru in ages.

    Slightly larger pieces get through, but I sleep with confidence and save myself a ton of time.  For me the little extra that makes it through is worth it in time alone.
  • Re: "The Baking Steel" Group Buy

    Aviator said:
    So what size are yall ordering for a large?
    Watching what I like to call The Focker Trials, it looks like there were challenges with the 16 in and platesetter set up.  When he moved to the 16 inch with a wok and sand, his results got way better.  16 inch limits how high into the dome you can go and still leave room for the heat to move into the dome and cook the top.  The wok set up (discussed in another thread) encourages the heat to roll up the bottom of the wok and into the dome (because of the shape) while offering some protection to the bottom.  It doesn't have go as high into the dome to cook the top.  I went 15 inch and will be getting a cheapie wok for pizza.  But I think with the wok set up, you'd be great either way.  Thank goodness Focker did all the work so I could coast!