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Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with delicious food and loved help you devour the food! Our Holiday Entertaining Guide can help if you’re still making a Christmas menu. If you’re looking for fun, last minute holiday activities, check out EGGcellent Sugar Cookies, BGE Cake Pops, Santa Hat Brownies, Pig Candy or Holiday Drinks! See you in the New Year EGGheads!

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here

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Richard Fl
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  • Re: Miami, Florida. Where to eat?

    Joe's Stone Crab.  Take lots $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  • Re: How do you use your leftover pulled pork??

    Pork enchiladas (red or green), tamales, baked beans and the list goes on but I forget the rest.
  • Re: Keeping a few chunks of wood in water all of the time

    I tried that several years back and found that the chunks would make a slimy film on the water and I stopped doing it 'cause the egg does not need soaked wood IMHO.  Have just used chips or chunks dry for the last 10 years or so.  Sometimes when using chips,pellets or tea I will wrap in HDAF and poke a few holes and just toss into fire. 
  • Re: OT weekday booze?

    Kids are gone and the boss retired. IF YOU WANT TO DRINK ALL DAY, YOU HAVE TO START IN THE MORNING!!
  • Mad Max Strikes Again Seafood

    Golden Tile, Richard Fl


    This 4 # fresh golden tilefish came home yesterday. Wasn't sure how I wanted to cook and then remembered that Mad Max had done some fish in a wok/bamboo steamer a few years back and at Eggtoberfest '06 did some salmon. So I pirated the idea from him. Thanks Max.

    What you’ll need
    Wok that fits in egg, Had TJV's Spider and used it in high position.
    Bamboo Steamer Baskets
    1 Bag Baby spinach leaves
    Fresh Ginger, cut into slivers
    Couple Scallions, finely chopped
    One Bottle Dry sherry
    Teriyaki Sauce
    1 4 Lbs Golden Tile, Whole
    2 Pouches Lipton Tea, Large bags wrapped in foil and then poked several holes

    1 BGE large: Build fire in center of egg, dome temp was around 350°F-375°F, but this is not as important as having direct heat under your wok)

    2 Bad Fit!


    3 Much Better Fit:


    4 Place layer of spinach leaves (about ½ bag) in each steamer basket. On top of leaves place half of the tile cut in the middle. Sprinkle ginger and scallions on top of that.


    5 In the cold wok, pour about 2 cups of sherry and about ½ cup of teriyaki sauce. Set the steamer basket stack on the wok. Place the entire wok/steamer basket stack in the egg close to the fire. Close dome. Used TJV's Spider in the high position.Check fish after about 20 minutes and pulled at 30 minutes This whole fish was about 2 1/2-3 inches thick.Filets should cook 15-20 minutes ,Shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to be done. Also, if the liquid is reducing too much in the wok, simply add the rest of the bottle of sherry.


    6 Best served in large bowls, with the spinach, and pour some of the left over liquid from the wok on top of it.

    Recipe Type

    Recipe Source
    Source: BGE Forum, Richard Fl, 2009/02/09

    This recipe also works great with Chilean Sea Bass and Halibut, and probably any other thick fish.

    2006/04/29-Mad Max--

    Sea Bass, Hong Kong, Mad Max Beyond Eggdome A little background . . a couple of weeks ago i was at a restaurant and had something called hong kong sea bass. said: sea bass steamed on bed of lettuce with ginger and scallions and served with broth of sherry and soy sauce. ..frankly it was the best fish i'd eaten in a restaurant in many years ....knew i had to duplicate it in the egg. .. so. .. i bought a traditional oriental bamboo steamer (two level with lid). .. .ran some water all over it so it wouldn't get burned in the egg. .. set up my large egg with my wok ring and center fire, about 350 degrees dome temp. ..laid a big bed of fresh baby spinich and a couple of filets of sea bass on each of the steamer trays along with some slivers of fresh ginger and scallions. . .poured about 1 cup of sherry and about 1/3 cup of soy sauce into the cold wok and then set the steamer basket set in the wok over the liquid. ...set the whole thing in the wok ring and closed the dome for about 15 minutes ... . pulled the entire wok set up out after about 15 minutes, careful not to lose the broth in the wok. .. .plated the fish on top of the wilted spinach (oh, btw, use lots of spinach, it really shrinks down). ..and then spooned some of the broth on top ... my wife LOVED it .. .we agreed it may be the best fish i've ever made and ranks right up with some of the best egg food i've ever made. .. .