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  • Re: So I'm a baker now?

    My congrats, w. a large tinge of envy. Took me 12 - 15 tries to make a decent sour dough. W. a good crust, even if other aspects aren't so good, it'll be better than most store bought.
  • Re: Death by blendtec

    Won't show that to my wife. She griped about me buying a pressure cooker 'cause she had seen the old ones blow up. Now I've got a Blendtec. At least she already leaves the room to avoid the noise when I use it.
  • Re: Cow tongue

    blasting said:
    So is this a nostalgic thing?  I can't see eating cow tongue by choice unless it's something you grew up with. 
    No., not nostalgia for me. 1st one I came across was maybe 30 years ago. Prior to that, I'd only read about it, usually as a choice for fairly high class lunches.

    Having already tried heart several times before I came across a tongue, I figured might as well, particularly because it was really inexpensive. (not any more)

    Once you get the hang of cooking it, you end up w. something that has a texture somewhat like bologna, but w. a strong beef flavor. It also absorbs smoke and spice flavors, so it tends to be a rich taste.
  • Re: Temperature variance between grill and dome, questions!

    The inside of the Egg has a fairly complex temperature profile. Down near the lump, the coals are producing heat up to about 2200F, and usually more like 1400F. Most of the energy is coming out as IR, whose intensity drops of to about 1/4 by the time it reaches the dome. When the IR is blocked by something like a platesetter, the IR and hot gasses raise the air temp and the ceramic temp. Anything in the air flow coming around the edges is getting fairly hot, dry heat. Above the 'setter, the grill area is usually somewhat cooler than at the top of the dome, where the hot air rises. Also, the mass of cool damp food makes a zone where it is comparatively cool. As time goes on, the ceramics heat up, and they even the temp out. However, the 'setter eventually reaches about 600F, and so becomes a secondary source of heat to the grill above it.

    Simple, isn't it? If you put a half dozen different probes in, you would likely get a half dozen different readings. Most folks end up making sure the dome therm is calibrated, and use it as a touch point. With practice, one gets to know that on average, a cook done between 225F and 275F isn't all that different. Also, just a moment to test w. a thermopen or other fast read therm will allow the cooking to become more precise.
  • Re: Just a good reminder of how short our time is

    I lost one old friend to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was maybe 36. He would come back each year to spend a week with his widowed mother. We always got together, and as was our habit, we would needle each other about dumb stuff.

    We usually phoned each other a couple times a year. I couldn't get thru to him, and began to wonder if the last time I had snapped at him I had actually bothered him. Some months later, I received a phone call. No, he wasn't angry at anything I'd said. But he had just finished his 2nd round of treatment for the disease. Was in temporary remission, but didn't think he had much more time.

    I tried calling him a few more times, w/o success. Finally got thru, but the call was answered by his sister, who said "We're in crisis right now, I'll try to get back to you..."

    There was a memorial service in town some months later. My friend was, among other things, an accomplished musician. The service featured the tunes he wanted played. At the end, I had to cry.

    rynatt, buck up, soldier on. When its over, grieve. It is not a solution, but it helps. If you're lucky, you'll see him wave good-bye in your dreams.