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  • Re: New owner here- What to cook first??

    Load it up w. lump.

    Start a fire and just mess w. temperature setting via the vents for an hour or 2. Expect slow temperature changes. Don't let the Egg get hot, 450F+ for very long, or it will take an hour to cool.

    Then try a spatch'd chicken. Remarkably easy to have good results.

    Once you get the hand of temp control, you should be able to cook a large number of items to better than average quality.

    Myself, I made a large mistake early on, and left the Egg untended for 7 - 10 minutes w. vents full open. Had a blue jet out the top, and almost solid beef charcoal for dinner.

    There have been folks who jumped right into pork shoulders, even one or two who went right to briskets, and had success. Myself, took me about 6 mo.s to get temp control for long cooks down. Medium length cooks, like pork ribs, or beef back ribs, came out well.

  • Re: What will you not eat?

    Bell peppers. Over cooked cabbage. Canned okra.

    Considering what cats will eat, prob'ly not cat. Considering that dogs like their food the second time around after they up-chuck, prob'ly not dog.

  • Re: Turkey

    Its not that it doesn't work, its that its much harder. The big problem w. turkey is always that the breast can get too dry from over cooking. One of the finest recipes for Egging turkey, Mad Max's, calls for packing the breasts w. ice for 20 minutes so they remain juicy while the thickest part of the thigh comes to temp. And that is without stuffing.

    When stuffing is used, it needs to reach 160F. By the time that happens, there is a good chance the breast will be too dry. I do toss some lemon and apple wedges into the cavity, but I make the dressing as a separate dish, using stock from the wing tips, neck, giblets, etc.

    I suppose you might pre-make dressing, and stuff it hot into the turkey cavity right before cooking.
  • Re: Berkshire pork

    I'm sure the Lobel's receipt was an eye-brow raiser. I balked at mail order costs for Berkshire, but a stall opened up selling it at the local farm market. Price is 200+ % over commodity pork, but worth every penny.
  • Re: "People are just obsessed with this thing."

    hapster said:
    Either they're obsessed with the actually cooking on it; or more so what comes off of it
    Myself, I'm obsessed with cooking on it, and then eating the food, while I'm also obsessed by eating good food and ways to cook it.

    Not either/or but and/both.