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  • Re: Never forget! (Memorial Day)

    Wife said, or used to say, I should recognize when I was out of place, and then remove myself.

    So I think I should.
  • Re: Never forget! (Memorial Day)

    Can't hurt. Agreed

    But only a judgemental 'patriot' thinks less of someone for not doing it.

    A lot of people fly the flag and are proud of it.

    I do too.

    They judge me about not putting my hand over my heart during the anthem (something they invented, and only a recent development).

    Should I judge them when they let the flag fly unlit at night? Or in a storm? Or when the flag is tattered, faded?

    Do they take it down every day?

    Usually the answer is no. Sometimes they have a flag on their antenna, tattered to pieces. Or a bathing suit printed as the flag.

    And somehow they feel comfortable judging who and who isn't "patriotic".

    An oddly patriotic thing for a man to do is to not berate the person who sits during the anthem, or not assault the one who burns the flag. Because as offensive as those things may be, exercising that right is an American privilege.

    I'd rather put up with the Westboro idiots than suffer the idea that rhe Republic is in danger because of them. It isn't.

    I was lucky to escape war. And I thank God for those who had the courage to go. And I thank God especially for those who didn't have the courage to go, but went when they were called.

    But I'm no less a "Patriot" because I don't put my hand over my heart. What I am is not a demonstrative chest thumper.

  • Re: Never forget! (Memorial Day)

    It is not a sign of disrespect to not have your hand over your heart for the anthem. People have become convincedl that any patriotic song, especially the anthem, requires the hand over the heart. No. You are rememberig grade school, and the pledge.

    When my father went to school, he was taught the Bellamy salute. Should we all do that now?

    I saw someone throw a beer at a woman because she didnt have her hand over her heart during the 'anthem'. It was 'America the Beautiful', during the seventh inning stretch

    I actually don't put my hand over my heart during the anthem either. One, because it's not the pledge of allegiance, which is where the hand-over-the-heart idea actually comes from and Two, just so I can see who the outspoken so-called 'patriot' will be that calls me out on it.

    Those who put their hand over the heart for the anthem do it because everyone else does. Not because it is appropriate.

    We aren't reciting the pledge here.

    The Anthem should be observed with silence and respect, and a doffed hat.

    The brow beating of those who know this, by those who don't, is a sign not of patriotism, but of ignorance.
  • Re: Moldy wood ok?

    Just throw it in the grill and stop worrying.

    What exactly is the concern here?
  • Re: Moldy wood ok?

    It's fine. Dried and dead within a few minutes.