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  • Fisrt Overnight Cook on the Egg

    I've had the egg for just about a year now and I thought it was about time I tried an overnight cook on it.  I wanted to do brisket, but when I went to Whole Foods to pick up the meat they only had grassfed and it looked way too lean.  So I went for the bone-in shoulder. 

    I put my rub on the butt and wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for 5 hours while I waited for go time.  Loaded up the egg to the top of the fire ring with RO starting with big pieces on the bottom and working my way up mixing in chunks of 75% apple and 25% Hickory.  Got the egg fired up and up to 250, threw butt on at around 11:00 PM.  At first the temp spiked up to 280 so I adjusted the vents and slowly brought it down.  Was stable at 260 at around 1:00 am so I went to sleep.  Woke up (naturally, I sent an alarm but didn't need it) at 3, 5, 6:30, and 8 to check on the cook and the temp didn't budge. I guess I should have trusted it, but I've never done the overnight thing and I had 10 people to feed lunch to the next day and didn't want to take any chances. 

    Opened the egg for the first time at 9:00 am and checked the temp with my thermapen and it was at 185.  Ran a few errands and came back at noon and checked again and it was at exactly 200 so I pulled it and FTCed it.  At 2:30 when we were ready to eat I unwrapped it and shredded it.  It was so tender that the butchers twine that was wrapped around it (came that way) cut right through the meat when I pulled up on it and the bone came right out clean.  I then drizzled it with some apple cider vinegar and tossed the meat in some Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce (usually make my own, but didn't have time and this sauce it fantastic).  Served it with some homemade coleslaw and some fresh baked rolls.  The pork was a HUGE hit with my family and I will certainly be doing more overnight cooks in the future. 

    I ate the pork for two more meals the next day.  For breakfast I had a pulled pork egg and cheese and then I had another pulled pork sandwhich for lunch.  I just can't get enough of it! 

    Thank you to everyone on here for posting your experiences, advice, and photos.  It is a huge help for a newbie! 

  • Second Cook, first smoke...Addicted already

    I just used my egg for the second time and I'm in love already!  My first cook was a steak, pretty basic.  It was a NY strip and I seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil and cooked it for 4 min a side on the cast iron grill.  Came out perfect medium rare and was far better then anything my weber gas grill ever produced.  

    After reading countless posts about eggsessories and days of back and forth I finally decided on getting the CGS AR B&R Combo.  For my first indirect cook with it I went pretty basic, chicken drumsticks seasoned with salt pepper and olive oil once again.  I cooked them at 350 for 30 min a side with some hickory chips.  After the hour I based them in KC Masterpiece Original and cooked them about 5 more min a side at 400 and moved them to the edges of the grate unblocked by the oval stone so they would get some direct heat and crisp up the skin a little bit.  When I pulled them from the egg the meat was falling off the bone, the meat was moist and the skin was crisp...they were perfect.  I made the entire package of 5 drums with plans of eating 3 and saving the other two for lunch the next day, but they were just too damn good, and I took all 5 down.  

    I cannot wait to experiment more with the egg and I am looking forward to doing my first low and slow.  Keep bouncing back and forth between ribs, brisket, and butt.  Too many choices, so many possibilities.  Anyone have any recommendations on which one to start with for a novice egghead?  

    Here are some pictures of the chicken:


    After 30 min:


    After initial cooking, and basted with KC


    Finished product: