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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • Re: First Attempt of Smoked Cheese in progress

    When I'm smoking cheese I smoke for 2 hours.  Some like more smoke, some less, but you need to try it and see what your personal tastes are.  To me the most important thing is to vacuum seal and let the cheese sit in the fridge for 6 weeks after you smoke it.  The 6 week rest seems to let the smoke permeate the cheese and softens the edge of the smoke (it tastes like an ashtray if you try to eat it right after taking it off the Egg).

    As for cheeses, my favorite is gouda but I also like the heck out of smoked havarti, smoked gruyere and smoked cheddar.
  • Re: Best Hamburger Seasonings?

    I like to keep my burgers simple - salt, pepper, garlic powder, and one or two shakes of worcestershire sauce. 
  • Re: 9 Hour 2.65 lb Brisket ...?

    BKRonline said:

    It sounds like we had a 'flat', and I need to look up what a 'packer' and 'point' are.

    Is it common to need to bump the temp to finish? (i.e. would I ever finished at 225 grid temp?)

    Thanks everyone.
    Yep, you must have had a flat.  The "packer" brisket is typically found in a cryovac bag and depending on where you live you might have to get it special order from a butcher.  Hopefully you can find one without having to special order it.  The packer is a combination of two muscles - the flat and the point.  The point has much more fat in the muscle and therefore it is more flavorful and juicy.

    As for temperature and your question on whether it would finish at 225 grid temp the answer is yes but I would recommend doing when CenTex (a brisket expert) suggests and that is to run 250 grid temp for the entire cook.  There really is no downside to 250 on the Egg.  The finished product will be more moist and will get done sooner.  I've tried his method of using 250 for the whole cook and now won't do it any other way.
  • Re: 9 Hour 2.65 lb Brisket ...?

    BKRonline said:

    • 0000 Meat temp to 185 F, took off grille, wrapped in foil
    • 0100 Sliced, surprisingly nice smokey flavor, fairly dense, tough, and chewy
    • 0200 Put sliced brisket in fridge for lunch the following day... defeated!

    Where did I go wrong?

    Edit, adding photos (sorry for the lighting):

    Sounds to me like you didn't cook it enough.  Tough and chewy is one of the signs of undercooked brisket (and ribs for that matter).  The general rule of thumb is cook to ~195 but the ultimate test of doneness is to probe several parts in the thickest part of the flat and make sure there's virtually no resistance to the probe.
  • Re: First Briket IN-PROCESS

    Congratulations...but if you don't have pics it didn't happen. ;)