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  • Re: Vacuum Sealer Bags?

    I saw these guys mentioned on smokingmeatforums..looked into them and they "seem" equal to or better than FoodSaver, at a fraction of the cost..

    Have not tried them (just haven't had time to get around to ordering) but will for my next order of bags and will report back if I remember..

    PS: they seem to frequently have 10% off coupons on that other forum also..
  • Re: turkey day trial run w/pics

    Sounds like too long of a cook at too low of a temp dried it out.

    Try Spatch'd, 400 raised direct for about 90 minutes.  I just did that last night as a trial run and it was THE most juicy, flavorful turkey we've ever had.

    You might also want to rub some herb-infused butter + EVOO underneath the skin.  Did half the test bird with that, and half with DP Raging River and the butter side was far moister.  (Ratio: 1 Tbsp butter, 1 tsp herbs, drizzle olive oil.  Mix it up and use as many of these as needed UNDER the skin - particularly on the breast).

    I used a "copycat Bells Poultry Season" recipe found on chowhound for the herb mix and it was AWESOME.  (Wife called it "very Thanksgiving-like").

    We're doing our turkey Spatch on the BG....err..KJ this year..
  • Re: First Reverse Sear NY Strips; Help needed

    Hey,'s the results..did:

    - Let steak get to room temp'ish (about an hour finish defrosting on the counter)
    - Coat lightly w/DP Raisin the Steaks

    - 10 min indirect @ 250
    - Flip and did other side 10 min indirect at ~ 300 (Mini was getting away from me a bit)
    - Tested temp w/Thermapen..still about 108 (!)
    - Put back on..5 min indirect @ 300
    - Flipped..5 more min indirect @300
    - Pulled and rested on cooling rack with foil on top and bottom (loosely tented) - this worked good..surprised how little juice it lost compared to resting on a plate..
    - Took out indirect stone from Mini Woo
    - Let Mini run to Nuke temps (600'ish)
    - 60 sec direct
    - Flip, 60 sec direct
    - Still not done (130'ish)..
    - 45 sec direct
    - Flip, 30 sec direct
    - Pulled, rested ~ 3 min and a perfect 145'ish

    SWMBO and I thought it was one of the best steaks we've ever had - even from Morton's or a fancy steakhouse.  "Butter-like" and consistent throughout..absolutely PERFECT! 

    We'll be doing our steaks like this from now on!  :)

    Here's the pics..(plz excuse the shadows from the crappy iPhone pics)..

    Thanks for the help!

  • Re: How to grill with BGE? Is it worth it?

    KiterTodd said:
    I have noticed no difference in taste on hamburgers/hot dogs using the BGE vs. a gas grill.

    Weird.  I've had the exact opposite experience - dogs and burgers on the BGE are AMAZING compared to cooking them on the Weber.

    I actually go through the extra work of cleaning the Mini BGE out, loading it with lump and waiting for startup (can be at 400 in about 12 minutes) just to cook a couple of dogs.

    I took some pics last time I did dogs on the Mini BGE but forgot to save them to the camera roll (from SnapBot) and don't have them any longer - but will post the next batch when I do some.

    Hamburgers on the Mini are moist, smoky, and just undescribeable compared to cooking them on the Weber (dry, comparatively flavorless, no smoky flavor, etc). 

    I've found part of the reason for the smoky goodness is using RO lump on the Mini and the closeness of the food to the fire..I use OO + RO on the KJ, but the RO puts off copious amounts of smoke on the little Mini and food on it - regardless of whether it's dogs, burgers, chops or anything else have a taste I haven't been able to replicate on the gasser.

    Like some others, I haven't turned on my Weber since I got my Mini (and KJ) and it's now it's not much more than a glorified Kamado accessory storage cabinet..

    PS: Since I have a Cookshack SM025 for dedicated smoking (which does an AMAZING job), I only use the Mini BGE and Kamado Joe Classic for grilling (literally 'everything' from Spatchcock chick to Chops to Burgers to Chick parts) and pizzas.  No L&S on the KJ as it's on a wood deck and I don't want to leave an unattended fire for 12-16 hours..

  • Re: Spatchcock ready to go but raining; will it be good to cook tomorrow?

    Wow..that's a nice setup!

    Just so you guys don't think I totally wussed out with a little sprinkle...

    I just read that SE MI got ** 4.5 inches ** of rain today.  Streets and basements are flooded everywhere..roads are wasn't just "rain" - it was "torrents"!

    I also think I saw a bearded guy dressed in sackcloth, with a whole bunch of critters in a very large boat go down my street at one point.  Not entirely sure, but looked that way..