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Are you happy it’s finally National BBQ Month? While we like to BBQ year round, May is our favorite because the whole country is celebrating delicious food. If you’re new to cooking BBQ on your EGG, check out our Smoking Basics Publication...if not, proceed to some of our favorite recipes! We love Dr. BBQ’s Coffee Rubbed Brisket, Famous Dave’s Sticky Ribs and Virginia Willis’ Pulled Pork. Pair with this cheesy favorite for a winning way to start off May!

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  • Re: Royal Oak sale at Home Depot finally hits mid-West

    Picked up a couple of bags last night..still have some OO (!!), WW, Fogo and Rockwood.  Plus some Hasty Bake (OO) that I bought from Amazon after the great "OO is going out of biz" panic of 2015.

    I've had real hit and miss (more miss) experience with RO.  LOTS of small (unsable) scrap and dust. 

    I pulled the 2 bags off of a palette and felt both for "firmness".  Shook them a bit and didn't hear a lot of rattling - so am HOPING I got decent bags, but with RO it's always "lump lottery" as to whether you're going to get a usable bag or will wind up throwing half+ of it out.

    Hoping these 2 bags are better than the junk I bought at WW one year.  That was 60+% dust and tiny almost crushed pieces.

    PS: I checked the price online before going and it was $9.88 (or whatever pennies).  Got to the store and it was showing full price.  Had to have a HD guy mark the "right" price on the bags after showing him the website - but rang up right at the register anyway, so YMMV.
  • BGE Ad - check this out..

    Wife and I thought this was pretty funny..latest ad from the big Egg dealer in the area.

    I know there are a lot of women eggheads, but kinda a bizarre ad when you wonder what the target market they were trying to reach was..

    I mean - she looks like she's from 1955, cooking in the middle of a garden dressed in nicer clothes (bound to get grease, smoke and lump residue all over everything).


  • Re: OT - Yeti Tundra 65 from Costco $350. Is this product as good as the reviews?

    $349 for a COOLER?


    I don't get it.
  • Re: OT....BGE vs Joe

    Having both a BGE and a KJ, here's my take..

    - Can't beat the forum, the Dealer network and the Eggfests for BGE (KJ forum is D-E-A-D!)

    - I like the rain cap on the BGE, even tho it sounds most don't use them (beats the KJ's vent that doubles as a rain cap closed and a DFMT during cooks - I'm forever wondering if it's "really" closed after putting my cover on, or if my cover may have knocked it part way open and the fire is gonna start back up, melt my cover and catch something on fire).

    - I wonder at times if KJ is gonna make it.  My KJ arrived with missing parts (Divide and Conquer "X-Rack" and they slipped a whole pizza stone in instead of the half moon deflectors I SHOULD have gotten.  Not cool.  Trying to get these things replaced took WAY longer than it should have).  Lots of reports on their forum of people that STILL haven't received replacement 6 months later.

    - KJ announced a wireless controller (BBQ Wizard) what seems like 18 months ago - and it's been rare as a two headed purple unicorn in making an appearance..this tweaked me off as it was one of the main reasons (plus the D&C system) that led me to buy the KJ over BGE.

    - What I LIKE about the KJ (over BGE):

      - Pull-out ash drawer (very nice)
      - Comes with a stand and high quality bamboo side tables (not extra cost)
      - Stainless hardware
      - Top vent doesn't seem to rust and seize up like my BGE's
      - Way better gasket
      - Much larger and more readable (from inside the house) thermometer
      - Nifty "Divide & Conquer" system with different rack heights (that is, when you finally receive all the parts you paid for in the first place!)

    - What I DON'T like about the KJ:

      - Burns a TON of lump (reading all you guys say how the LBGE doesn't burn much lump makes me this less fuel efficient than a BGE?)
      - Not sure if the company will make it long term..seem like a bunch of good people but the D&C part debacle (people waiting months for parts they said they had) plus them shipping a pizza stone instead of the half moon deflectors left a bad taste and made me wonder about their ability to ship and service their customers..

    Like I've said, I keep thinking I "should" have just bought a MBGE - the KJ Classic is the same size as the LBGE and has a bunch of good accessories available (I have the CGS AR, for example, and a KickAsh Basket) but it is just too big for the 99% of cooks we do for 2.  And it seems to be lump thirsty also, compared to the MBGE that I hear is more fuel efficient.

    All that aside, I have a pretty pricey SS table that the Mini and KJ sit in, and while I "could" replace the KJ with a MBGE, it'd look kinda hokey since the cutout for the KJ is 21'' (or whatever it is) and the MBGE would be 3'' smaller..not a total deal breaker, but enough to make me hesitate, also..

    Hope this helps..I'm sure I forgot a few things but am running on 3 hours of sleep from last night so pretty much barely functional at the moment..
  • Re: Home Theater Projector Opinion

    I used 2 layers of regular drywall (I "think" both were the same - 5/8s?  Or maybe I did one 5/8 and one 3/4..can't remember - there's a reason you do different thicknesses if I remember right..)

    Green Glue between the two layers or drywall.  No QuietRock.  (I put that in my library since we have noisy neighbors..good product but VERY expensive!!) Hang the drywall on channels attached to the studs with RSIC clips.  You don't want the drywall connected directly to the studs as that lets the sound travel through your whole house.

    Your goal should be to minimize ANY/ALL holes in the drywall as that's the "aquarium principle" - think of the room as an aquarium and it can't have any holes or the water (sound) will leak out.  Where you DO have a hole (eg: for power or A/V lines coming in), you need to engineer the heck out of it, caulk it with sound isolating caulk, etc.  AVS has a TON of great info on all that.

    You should also consider putting all your ceiling cans in sound isolating boxes.  I did that, and then the &*(*&(!^&*^! electrician drilled holes in my boxes before I realized it.  Had to take them ALL down and redo every one (urgh).  Ceiling lights are one of the biggest sources of sound leaks unless you isolate.

    Oh, and isolate your ductwork also.  That was one of the biggest PITAs for me.  You should SEE what we came up with - I literally built a "U" shaped box that the ductwork exits the room through - more turns in the duct reduce sound travel. 

    You'll want to have a pro figure out your airflow in the room, as HTs can get HOT when you sell them up tight (like an aquarium).  I had a pro installer do it and our room STILL gets way hot.  (I really think he didn't do a good job on calculating needed airflow or put big enough vents in - but when you DO put big enough vents in, you get holes in the aquarium and need to do way fussy things to compensate for it).

    Hope I haven't caused any due alarm.  This CAN be a fun project, but I wouldn't do thing one until you've figured it "all" out as you'll find yourself undoing and redoing even with the best of plans going in..

    I love our room but don't think I'd ever do it again!  :)

    Will try to post some pics of the construction (if I can find them) over the weekend.