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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Mickey's Coffee Rub..what am I missing?

    Yeah..gotta try this on chick.  Maybe it's just not meant for Steak.
  • Any news on minimax availability?

    PS: I also 'think' the KJ and BGE warranties are the same but not 100% sure on that.

    All things said, I love my Mini more than my KJ - but just because it's a better size for the two of us, and I can get it up to temp MUCH faster than the big honking KJ (essentially a LBGE size).

    The KJ on the other hand has been great for things I need to get far away from the fire (spatchcock or other chick, pizza, etc).

    I was also interested in the Mini Max but will probably stay with the current setup since it's pretty much the best of both worlds (high dome cooking on the KJ and super turbo charged grilling on the Mini)..but for those who don't already have a Mini, the Max looks like it'll be one heckuva a machine.
  • Reheating Pulled Pork - VINDICATION!!!

    I dunno..we have pretty awesome leftover pulled pork..just freeze, Vac Pac and re-heat in a saucepan with a little apple juice and sauce.

    SWMBO swears it's just as good if not better than fresh off the smoker.
  • Small vs. Mini - Startup time, Lump Consumption, Temp, Smokiness

    Yeah, the MiniMax looks great and would provide the same size grid (13'') as the Small as I understand it..

    The only downside is it's too close to a Mini..and SWMBO would say something along the lines of "why do we need two that are so close?"

    At least with the Small, it LOOKS different.

    The real question will the MiniMax compare to the Small?  I'd guess faster "to temp" times..but a smaller closer to the lump..

    Decisions, decisions..
  • Kick ash basket

    That's AWESOME!  I take the lump from the last cook out before grilling every time so that I can vacuum the ash out of the firebox. Frankly, it's a PITA - I put on some vinyl gloves, "scoop" up the lump with my hands, put it on a plate on a side table - and get full of soot in the process.  THEN I vacuum the ash, and "scoop" the lump BACK into the firebox.  This entire process takes more time than I want to spend and is not fun.  (I realize it's also not absolutely necessary, but I want to get as good of airflow as possible so that I can get up to temp more quickly also).

    This looks like it's going to save me a TON of time every time I cook.  Gonna order one today.

    BTW, I also don't think letting the community know about a great product is "spamming" else are we gonna know what's out there to help us?