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  • Re: Pressure On - Turkey Transportation

    I've got a much shorter drive this year, but I plan on letting it rest a min befor loosely wrapping for the drive. I wanna keep it warm but avoid the carry over. I've had bad experiences with FTC and poultry...
  • Re: Kamado Joe Craig Tweets Again!

     BigGreenCraig retweeted

    Baking and roasting? No problem with. #KamadoJoe grill?

    So, you follow @BigGreenCraig on Twitter do ya?
  • Re: Sous Vide Skepticism...

    cazzy said:
    D: filaters gunna filate
    Ha, yeah, once u taste the  Kool-Aid , Works either way I suspect. All I'm pointing out is no one can ever agree on anything on this site and it's a constant pants-on-fire convention. 
    It is funny though cause most of "the haters" provided information backed by Sous Vide Professionals and included a few links that they can bookmark to learn more about sous vide.  So while I understand and respect that you're defending your friend, the information that everyone else provided during their hate is what will be referenced when SV noobs browse this thread.
    I wouldn't call it defending a friend, but rather every time I think I see something posted by this guy there's nothing but internet links to how much he's wrong and why he sucks. The guy might be lying, but holy hell what would he have to gain? I can't say anything about SV, but when he gives me advice on how to properly egg something, it has turned out well for me. I'm gonna have to say, that even though I don't SV, if I was to, I would believe that this specific method a recipe posted would probably turn out awesome, and I only base that on the fact that he hasn't  given me bad advice yet. 

    I mean honestly, you think I can't find a website to contradict every post ever written by EVERYONE on this forum? Why not just go in your kitchen, replicate his post, and judge the results. Tell us an honest opinion of what YOUR experience is. Anyone can google a recipe, the point is that we can trust that the Eggspert who has posted it here has carried it out and given first hand honest criticism to how it came out. 

    Here, I'll start. One time, I made two brisket flats using the @travisstrick  method, and they both sucked. As a matter of fact every time I made one in my egg they sucked, until I tried a higher temp, somewhere between 290-325f, and it was awesome. It was so good I've done about six or seven more flats and whole brisket all the same way, and they all rocked. Does that mean @travisstrick  is a liar? NO, it means I couldn't get the same results that he got. See what I did there? I told you that I tried it, but I did not get good results. Instead you think I should say, no @travisstrick braising brisket is stupid. Look

    Or maybe if the heading of this was simply:

    "Tender Juicy Cut Of Meat, How I Sous Vide Them" 

    Im stepping off my soap box now. Good night all. Deep down I love this forum and use its wealth of knowledge and experience to grow my own, but seriously, trolling by any other name is still trolling, and it is ridiculous, that's all.
  • Re: Sous Vide Skepticism...

    D: filaters gunna filate
    Ha, yeah, once u taste the  Kool-Aid , Works either way I suspect. All I'm pointing out is no one can ever agree on anything on this site and it's a constant pants-on-fire convention. 
  • Re: Sous Vide Skepticism...

    I learned a few things today:

    A: I need a  SV

    B: I bet @BigGreenCraig actually takes photos of foods and then lies about how they were prepared or about how the taste and texture came out, cause that makes sense, as a matter of fact I bet he gets paid mad cash for every idiot who listens to his BS and tries one of his demonstrated methods.  He has probably set records for The Longest On Going April Fools Joke and Most Fooled By A Single Man and gets paid for those too. What a diabolic A-Hole...that or he is just a guy tryin to help out others by sharing some words of wisdom gained by trial and error experiences so that others don't have to waste their  valuable time and money to get the same results.

    C: Haters Gonna Hate