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  • Re: Butts and Brisket

    That's a very good idea with the inverted grid. Never would have thought of something like that!
  • Re: Thermapen questions/gripesl

    Easy there SickEyeDiaz, you may be accused of inflicting unfair punishment on Thermoworks for giving a negative opinion about their product.

    Yeah I figured there would be a little backlash! It's a great product, I just wish the display was visible in the dark without external light...
  • Thermapen questions/gripesl

    Got my thermapen in the mail the other evening and immediately put it to work on a couple of steaks.

    Now, let me start off by saying this...I like it when things are simplistic. I like when unnecessary bells and whistles are eliminated. The thermapen does exactly that, but IMO it does it to a fault.

    I put my steaks on the BGE until it was time to turn them and check them with my new thermapen. It was then that I fully realized that it wasn't backlit, so I couldn't read the temp at all in my dimly lit cooking space. I quickly deducted that I would have to use one hand to hold the thermapen and the other to shine a flashlight on it if it was dark out so I could read the temp. A person who spends $100 on a meat thermometer shouldn't have to do this. My crappy old $12 thermometer at least had a "hold" button you could push to lock the temp on the screen so you could pull it out and read it. A backlit display should be standard for something like this...after all, it's not 1988 anymore.

    That's my only gripe. I was very impressed with how fast it gauged temps and also with how heavy and sturdy it felt in my hand. It worked so good in guaging temps that I feel that I need a little guidance on how to use it!

    I flipped my flank steak over and started poking and prodding like there was no tomorrow and kept getting WILDLY different temps. It unnerved me and made me anxious enough to pull the steak early in order to avoid burning it. Well, the steak ended up being barely medium-rare when I was expecting (from the readings I was getting) it to be at least medium or medium-well.

    Now, I realize that there is a learning curve and that I need to become privy to it....that's why I made this thread. Can someone please give me some pointers on the right way to use this thing? I don't think it will be much of a problem on slow cook things like brisket, but how do I best utilize it on more time-sensitive things like seared steaks?

    I bought this thing because I read NOTHING but positive reviews on it. I'm frankly surprised that nobody (that I saw) mentioned the glaring lack of a readable display at night. It's such a glaringly obvious shortcoming. It disappoints me, but If I can utilize the strengths, I can look past the negative.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  • Re: My first brisket tonight

    Good luck friend...but unless you plan on having it for breakfast, I fear that an 8 pound brisket put on at 9 o'clock at night may be done a little too early for supper!
  • Re: 1st brisket! How's my plan sound?

    No need to wrap the brisket while it's cooking IMO.

    Last one I did, I injected with Au Jus right before I put it on the Egg. It was 'melt in your mouth' by the time it was done!