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Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with delicious food and loved help you devour the food! Our Holiday Entertaining Guide can help if you’re still making a Christmas menu. If you’re looking for fun, last minute holiday activities, check out EGGcellent Sugar Cookies, BGE Cake Pops, Santa Hat Brownies, Pig Candy or Holiday Drinks! See you in the New Year EGGheads!

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  • Re: Republican or Democrat?

    Ok. Not much in the mood to get really verbose but I'll splash for a second. Common core is a race to the bottom. If a man does not work, he shall not eat (extreme circumstances excluded of course). You know it's a cold winter when you see a democrat with their hands in THEIR OWN POCKETS. It really %#!?$'n sucks to have MY hard earned money pay for some lazy MF and his brood via entitlements. Rewarding mediocrity is what makes this country worse than it used to be. I'm an ESTJ - get over it. Most republican politicians are crooks. Most democrat politicians are maggots who also like to be crooks and who have turned welfare into indentured servitude for a large portion of the electorate.
  • Re: Platesetter Cracked?

    Maybe I shoulda chosen less suggestive or at least less cavalier wording - naaaaah
  • Re: Chick-fil-a

    I appreciate that you were able to blame your dbaggery on alcohol. I just want to clarify. I do not approve of homosexuals. I do not support homosexuals but at the same time, I do not HATE gays. I grew up feeling that HATE is a very strong word. I don't even dislike gays. I have and have had gay friends in the past. Pretty sure there may even be some closet folk on my extended family. I also don't feel that the government or politicians should have any say in what I or you do in your home so long as you're not hurting anyone and not being immoral. The issue stands that 'the other side' is pushing so hard to make EVERYTHING acceptable and forcing it down some of our throats, that we have no choice but to push back or we'll lose everything. And be cAreful telling that you like guns. People very similar to you might want to take them away soon.
  • Re: Potential table out of Maple Bowling Alley Floor

    Thanks for the quick responses. Heading to pick up a piece now.