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  • OT - should i be pissed? (screwed on work incentive)

    I don't know who else to ask so I come to you...bbq bretheren.  This is going to sound like I am a **** but I don't care... I need to vent.

    Long story short.  I work in vacation sales.  Every year there is an incentive.  "top 6 agents to book xx property gets to go on a trip to xx island".  I have been the top 6 every year and usually won the incentive as the #1 booker.

    Long story short, last night I get an email saying "George cant make it, your next up...want to go?"  I emailed my boss and was like, "what do you mean?  I was in the top spot for this incentive why am I only being invited now that George cant go?  I should have been the first asked"

    I had 40% more bookings  than the #2 person so it should have been very clear I won and was not sloppy seconds.  When I emailed about it again this morning (after getting no response last night), they said "o, we sorted the data wrong and you were in fact #1, sorry about that."  Needless to say, there have been weekly data updates for 4 months and I was always in the #1 spot, by 30-40% so it should have been clear I deserved a spot.

    Should I be pissed I was looked over?  I feel like because I can be a pain in the ass (I demand a lot...but I am also the #1 agent for 4 years in a row) they purposefully overlooked me and I would have never known that I wasn't invited until the trip was over and the boat had sailed.  Am I over reacting?  I have worked my ASS off to be the top agent year after year and this is what I get for it. 

    Sorry for the drama...but I have no where else to ask and need to vent!

    I turned down the trip after being invited as sloppy joe seconds.  Why offer incentives if they are only going to invite those that they really like on a personal level?  Im not here to make friends so I don't care if I am disliked (as being the top agent year after year puts a target on my back) but I do expect to be given incentives that I have earned. 

    end rant.  I know a lot of you are successful business people so I figured I would ask.  do you think they truly did make a mistake or did I get screwed?

    god I need a new job.  think BGE is hiring?

  • Re: What a beautiful sight...

    My favorite time of the year to bbq is in winter even though I do it more so in the summer.  Love egging at 0 degrees!
  • Re: As American as Apple pie and Runza's

    Gotta be honest busmania...I live in FL and a guy in the Husker club here (about 175 of us in Jax FL) had Runzas UPS to pub we meet on game day. And to be honest I prefer mine over the ones from Lincoln. :-P but, it was very cool to have one from NE while watching game in FL. You gotta try it. Not hard to make and redeye beer goes nicely with it on game day :-D

    Yeah, just something about sitting in Lincoln on game day either tailgating or in the stadium that makes them better.  Man do I want a runza now!

    Go pelini.

  • Re: Chiminea

    What kind of premium does it have because it is a "BGE" brand?  Ive been looking for a chiminea but I imagine this is probably twice the price of a regular one?  I hope I am wrong.


  • Re: Did I just ruin 3 racks of ribs?

    JRWhitee said:
    Good luck, I was just joking about the MIL comment....

    haha!  I know!  I got a kick out of it and lol'ed when I read it.