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April showers bring...National BBQ Month! Are you ready for a month full of briskets, pulled pork and chicken wings? We hope so, because it’s almost here! Keep an eye out for some of our favorite BBQ recipes we’ll be sharing with you throughout the month of May.

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  • Re: OT fried burritos

    Looks delish, and yes well photographed too. Here in my area of So-Cal we refer to a fried burrito as a Chimichanga.
  • Re: Can't wait any longer for MiniMax - need a portable. Kamado Joe Jr or BGE Small and why?

    Despite the product loyalty and camaraderie of its customer base enjoyed by BGE this poorly handled product introduction isn't great reputationally especially given a very worthy and already available competitive product out there. At least some official communication/explanation would be a great PR move on their part. Don't understand the silence.
  • Re: mini max vs komado joe jr

    I've said it before....and now again: They are both excellent products...I have BGE AND KJ cookers. Buy what you like, you won't be disappointed in either. This bantering that one's intrinsically better than the other is BS. Seriously....go cook something and fuhgeddaboutit!
  • Re: Mini Max at Eggtoberfest

    Lit said:
    @bcsnave‌ I have a 22" simpsons Weber kettle. It cooks wings much better than an egg. If you don't have one your missing out. Probably time for you to branch out your cooking options. If they discontinue the mini and small that affects the biggest reason people buy eggs the warranty. Its not me whining its reality at that point. Go look at the KJ divide and conquer that comes standard with the larges and big Joes. Check out their stand alone with all stainless hardware and band. Check out their new wireless temp controller they are developing. Then go to BGE's site and look at the new bottle opener, new umbrella, new clock, don't forget the 10' inflatable that'll get you cooking.

    @Lit ; I agree with some of what you have said here. The Big Green Egg is not the ONLY cooking device. I also have had amazing results on a Weber Kettle with chicken wings, burgers, steaks etc... I finally retired my Weber several years ago since I was hardly ever using it.

    I do however disagree with your statements on the KJ. I don't want to sound mean but I think you would be better off to sell your eggs and replace with the KJ product. Most of your posts on this forum are trying to down the BGE and place your KJ on a pedestal. I have friends with both (actually one just sold off the KJ after a warranty nightmare), I have cooked on both, and I have been a part of side by side tests on both. I will give the KJ credit on the divide & conquer as an indirect cooking tool. The KJ will yield similar results to the Egg but 100% plain and simply is not the same quality as the Egg. It is CHEAPER but the quality is NOT the same. The stainless band is a mistake and BGE went down this road years ago. The expansion rate is higher on stainless and this is why BGE went away from stainless and now just smile as the new guy on the block touts this as a benefit. Ever wonder why the KJ comes fully assembled from China? Go ahead and give your ratchet a few extra turns on the bolts on your band on the KJ and see what happens. These are made in the same plant as all of the other Chinese made knock offs and are just that, a knock off. If you like the KJ better then please do some of us a favor and put your Eggs on craigslist and replace with the KJ and relocate to their forum. Sorry if this comes across as hateful. Just tired of every new product announcement on this site quickly turning into the KJ is better for less. It is less. That's it.

    Well, is this a forum of ideas centering around cooking on a type of cooker, or just a cheerleading site for one, single brand of kamado? If the latter lets stop talking sous vide, bread makers, meat monsters, cigars, cars, and all the other sundry subjects that get bantered about here. You can't go to a party and stand in the middle of the room and tell people to stop talking about certain subjects.... You don't like the subject matter, go find another conversation.
  • Re: Mini Max at Eggtoberfest

    Jeremiah said:
    I sure as hell hope the platesetter come with it. I'm one step in the dog house as it is already. If I have to explain an additional cost..... :-@

    I would think if the PS did come with, there would be no doubt left in our (collective) mind that it does, since we all know the carrier is indeed part of the deal. So, I'm going out on a limb and speculate that the PS is...extra.