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  • Re: kamado joe full court press?

    @Gogogordy‌ I call it a dead horse as it seems someone brings it up every week. What if a new person looking into a egg sees this? Do you think it's fair to bge as they host this forum. I understand everyone has there opinion and free to choose whatever cooker they want but the fact remains we all still chose a bge over the joe. So my point is I don't care if they were giving Joe's away I will pass. And we can compare the Joe Jr all we want to the mini max but when the max is released I would be willing to bet it will outsell a job 3 to 1 even if it came with nothing. Always remember one can never have to many eggs. :D

    A forum is a place to exchange ideas, and discuss trends and new developments regardless of who hosts it....otherwise its just a commercial. A cheerleading section. Not truly a forum. Im pretty certain we havent ALL chosen BGE over Joe, many of us are serial owners who enjoy using the products from several manufacturers....whichever fits our needs and budget best. Myself included. Apparently many BGE fans are also waking up to other manufacturers and at least taking notice of their products or these threads wouldn't keep appearing. Partially in the absence of the MiniMax which has yet to materialize while theres a viable (and quite nicely built/equipped/warranteed/priced) alternative in it. (Or, is the MiniMax an alternative to the Joe Jr? After all it IS here and has a legion of fans already using it) You have no basis to claim the Minimax will outsell the Jr, in fact they will have to sell an equal amount of them to the all the Jr that have already been sold first to make a one for one status...and of course more get purchased daily. Without reliable sales figures which we arent privvy to at the moment it's X amount of Jrs in-use vs. 0 Minimaxs and that gap gets larger daily. Im not saying I dont love my BGE or that they are inferior to to KJ or others. Everyone has the right to be loyal to a brand for whatever reasons, real or perceived but that shouldnt limit a "forum" to discussions centric to just one product whether sponsored or not. If it did, the breadth of information and ideas would be much narrower and not really as useful.
  • Re: I hate to say this!!!

    Sacrilege. LOL. What kind of warranty do they have?

    The warranty is the same right down to the limited lifetime on ceramics. Glad I didnt short-change myself by NOT being open-minded to different brands....I'm not unhappy with a single one.
  • Re: I hate to say this!!!

    mrw123 said:
    FWIW, BGE ceramics are Mexico. Bands are I don't know where. Meadow Creek is fabbed in New Holland, PA and they are also a BGE dealer. And they are Amish and awesome.
    I had no idea they weren't made in the u.s. Guess I wanted to support North American manufacturing? Doesn't quite sound the same. Whoops. Thanks for the correction.

    At the risk of NOT wanting to take this to a political discussion, its hard (almost impossible) to select product which is 100% "American" in todays world. Even the ubiquitous Harley-Davidson has a fair percentage of foreign parts and components. Many Xerox copiers are produced in China. The list goes on.
  • Re: Mini Max...Franken Egg...Mini Max Joe jr.

    Why not just use the KJ Jr? It's quite a grilling machine right out of the box. I mean making two grills into one and then comparing the (pricey) result to one that no one's actually got their hands on and actually cooked with yet when you already have the Jr. seems like much ado about nothing. Is there something about the KJ Jr. you dont like, or is it just that it isnt a BGE? I'm just curious...its really just about the food for me.
  • Re: mini max had to make a move

    I have a KJ Jr. too. It rocks, and yes a 12" stone is ALL it needs additionally. Thankfully my med BGE stone is just that and fits the rack perfectly. Being brand loyal is great, a behavior all manufacturers (of everything) pursue as a holy grail. But wearing blinders to other options as a consumer is only short-changing oneself and, well theres lots of awesome products in nearly every market segment.