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  • Tandoori Chicken Again

    Last night's cook, the best yet.  Aurora Creations spice mix. Roughly 30 minutes at 500 degrees.  Mesquite chips.

  • Lazy Labor Day Cook

    I bought two prepared sirloin steak shish kebabs from Publix.  Marinated them for an hour in Italian dressing.  On the grill raised direct at 400 degrees until they looked good.  Ate them....


  • Re: Habanero stuffed burgers

    I decided to thaw out one and try it today (the next day!).  I was worried about the amount of fat smoke that these thick burgers were smoke in, in addition to the mesquite and hickory chips I used.  Yesterday, prior to cooking these four burgers, I had cooked 8 lean grassfed hamburger patties from a farmers co-op.  Mesquite smoke, and very little meat fat burning.  But when I put these Publix ground beef thick patties on the grill, by the time they were ready to pull, the meat smoke predominated.,  So rather than wait till next week to see if I would have to discard them, I thawed and reheated one.  I was pleasantly surprised, there was plenty of good smoke flavor and no significant meat fat smoke flavor.  I was somewhat disappointed however by the fact that the habanero taste and heat was way in the background.  This time I had made each burger with half of the pepper.  Next time each one gets a whole pepper!

  • Habanero stuffed burgers

    Stuffed with extra sharp cheddar, crumbles of parmesian, and sections of the habanero pepper.  I hope I survive...
  • Re: What Are You Drinking At This Moment?

    Spent all day cooking two batches of ribs.  Started at 7:30am and didn't take a beer until around 11 (Molson Canadian)*  Then the ribs were served at 12:30, and I had another Molson.  I started cooking the next batch of ribs that required a spritz of apple cider every half hour for three or four hours.  I coordinated that frequency with shots of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey, and I am feeling a bit tipsy now that the cook is complete <g>!  GREAT ribs by the way!


    *my most favorite beer after Norland's Guld from Sweden.