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  • So sorry for your loss.  I guess I am tenderhearted like you and your son as I got a tear in my eye reading that.  Very nice tribute to your friend! 
  • Outstanding looking ribs!  I am now officially HUNGRY!!
  • 3.99 lb for prime packers at Costco. 4.99 lb for CAB choice packers at my local meat supplier.
  • You should be fine.  I just made 38 lbs of butt for my son's football team.  I made the butts 3 days before hand.  Pulled the butts and mixed in a little thinned down sauce.  When it cooled, I packed the pulled pork into ziplock freezer bags and got…
  • 17.4 lb prime brisket for me.  I don't have high hopes though as my brisket generally just turns out OK.  I am gonna keep at it though.
  • Looks nice and moist.  I would be all over it!!
  • How did it turn out?  
  • Looks awesome! What a smoke ring!!
  • Probably my simplest and also one of the family's favorite - boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Rub of choice and raised direct at 375 with some peach wood until done. Last few minutes glaze with a little sauce.
  • You guys convinced me. Gonna do 5 or 6 butts. Chop, mix with a little thinned down sauce and ziplock bag it until Thursday. Reheat gradually in roaster. Will have 4-5 big bags of wings, gonna try to find hot links or will just do some Italian sa…
  • My buddy bought one after I got my XL egg. He went on and on about how much better of a deal it was than the egg because all the extras were included in the base price and it was still cheaper than what I paid just for my egg excluding nest, shelve…
  • They for sure can eat. I just have no way of cooking the main meat right before and then serving it off the egg or from FTC. Have to work. That is why I was planning to cook the main meat Sunday. Perhaps butts are the better option. I believe m…
  • I thought about pulled pork but I am thinking with chopping the brisket and mixing it with some thinned down sauce it will be ok. Maybe not.
  • Ah..... Nope, Nebraska.
  • Are you in the Springs too? Not following you, sorry.
  • SeahawksEGGHead said: Queue up the Super Bowl, have the team watch Seattle do it right. That isn't gonna happen - I'm a Bronco fan.  Ha. It was painful enough the first time!!!!!
  • Yes I did. Perhaps not good enough. Ha! Tonight I tried out my lodge griddle. Put it on right when I shut the lid, raised. When it hit 600 put burgers on and about 3-4 minutes a side, great crust! That must have been the problem.
    in Burgers Comment by SPRIGS July 2014
  • Looks great. I am a meatloaf lover - I even like what a lot of people consider to be "bad meatloaf" but I agree that meatloaf from the egg is on a whole new level.
  • JHands said: Alright so if I'm using a small bge and loading lump almost to the PS, how many chunks should I use of apple for a 14 hour low and slow on BB x2? Also, add chunks directly to top before placing PS and drip pan in? Smoke tole…
  • Looks outstanding!  Wish my recent brisket had turned out half that good.  If you don't mind me asking, what temp did you pull it at?  
  • Had the Maverick in the thickest part of the flat. Checked the flat with my thermapen several times in several places and the Maverick was dead on when I checked with the thermapen in the spot the Maverick was inserted. Appreciate all the help a…
  • Thanks!!
  • You will probably find that it is easier maintain 250 rather than 225.  With that said, at either temp you will have plenty of charcoal to get the job done.  I used a WSM before my egg and you will be amazed at just how efficient the Egg is. Good lu…
  • I always go fat cap down.  But of the 20 or so Briskets I have made, only 2 have been really good with the others being just OK, so what do I know.   Like others have said - don't think it matters much on the Egg.
  • I started doing St. Louis awhile back and won't go back to baby backs. All I do is rub and smoke them at 270 until done. I rotate them front to back after 2 hours as my egg runs a little hotter towards the back. Check them after 3.5 hours bend t…
  • Outstanding !!
  • I just did mine about a month ago.  As has been said, there is no need to remove the dome.  I just took a putty knife and scraped the top and bottom gaskets off.  With the dome open, I installed the Rutland on the bottom only.  Put some wax paper on…
    in Rutland fun! Comment by SPRIGS June 2014
  • Looks darn good!!
  • I made this the other day. It was very tasty but I missed the crunchiness of cobbler I have had in the past. The flour mixture was more like cake not the typical crunchy, sugary bites I've had before. Wonder if I did something wrong.
  • The most recent was 2 nights ago.  I made 2 ribeyes and 2 T-bones for supper.  My 17 year old got the big T-Bone.  While eating it I asked if it was OK.  He said "it's good" while stuffing his face.  About 30 minutes later he came outside to help me…