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  • lousubcap said: I would use a regular brick in those ranges if that's where you land.  Good luck. Edit: as long as it is good and dry beforehand. will do.  thanks
  • johnnyp said: The issue with FTC is that the humidity will impact skin texture.  Other than that solid plan, will work fine  Good point.  Would probably be the same issue if I just put them in a covered pan to transport as well.  
  • milesvdustin said: Can you move the egg to the party location? I probably could but I'm also doing a few overnight packers and would rather be at home.  That would solve that issue though 
  • Mosca said: Although everyone says they don't do it, you can split the point from the flat and it will come out just fine. So, split the point and flat and put them side by side, and on different levels. Everything will come out fine. It's a…
  • lousubcap said: With regard to the length-drape over a foiled brick to lessen the overall length until shrinkage.  I doubt you could comfortably get two 15# side by side but you may be able to work two in the 11# or so range with liberal use …
  • fishlessman said: if you skewered the ends of the brisket it might not droop off the higher large grid, i might try that skewer?
  • and if they hang over a bit side by side, that would be okay too as the overhang would still be above the xl grid theoretically  i guess there's only one way to find out
  • GATraveller said: I don't see how you could fit 2 full packers on a large side by side.  I have trouble getting one to fit without hanging over the plate setter.  I have one in the fridge thawing for a Saturday tailgate.......measured 18" lon…
  • Focker said: I would start with a case at minimun (10 shoulders). Did a cook for 200 in May, 14 7-8lbers.  12 on the WSM, 2 on the egg.  Spread it out over two overnighters.  Cooked everything a few days before the event and put into large z…
  • Give it an hour or so. They'll match up if both are calibrated 
  • Luckily, the brisket will afford you time to play. Don't have last years but this one has been great the last 2 days
  • looks great!  what is that pizza stone you're using and the grate your pizza is on?
  • Yeah, that's a while for it to be that far off. Calibrate one of em just to see. I mean, since you're up
  • How long has it been going? Mine are usually off from one another for the first hour or so but then they settle in. I'd say to be patient. Are you using digi q or any temp control aide?
  • Walmart here has them for 5.50 but they rarely have em stocked
  • Zmokin said: While I like the $1.79/lb over the $7.49/lb,  I have 2 comments. There is no place like home. And humidity and me do not get along.  This is about as true as it gets. I'm from Texas but have lived all over. You can't beat …
  • YukonRon said: Saw Napa on the label. Splains a lot. touché
  • Based on the info given, I'd 100% say that it's either a medium, large, XL, or XXL.  Sorry, smart*ss comment was given before you posted the pic.  New answer: i don't know
  • Looks awesome.  I've never gone SV to indirect smoke before but will definitely try it now.   Wait until you do short ribs SV for 72 hours at 132.  Sear em on the egg and they come out falling apart and medium rare all at the same time 
  • Griffin said: Looks great. Tell me about the flambé, plz. All of em turned out great.  The flambé was an attempt (and a solid one) at replication of a pizza from the Alsace region of France.  Béchamel sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, lardons (…
  • good looking pie, booder
  • SGH said: johnnyp said: Can we get a zoomed out pic of your rig? I have a bigger and nicer one that I'm going to start posting pics of soon. However you will have to view them on the BBQ Brethern. I have been informed that cooks poste…
  • I'd say you're on the right track. I've done this a few times when we have a surplus and it's always great. Par-boil, core, hand crush, then simmer with whatever you like in your sauce. Also, I simmer with a rib bone and always cook my meatballs and…
  • I cook those all the time as they're the most reliable place to get a packer here. They always turn out great. I think too much is made about differences in choice/prime/select on briskets and feel that the best results stem from the cooking process…
  • Local Mexican market here sells lump for $22 for a 50lb bag.  Beats the hell out of the BGE dealer down the road.  Not really sure the brand b/c I think it rotates but it's mesquite lump and does just as well as anything i've ever used
  • I go with olive oil on pulled pork pizzas. Maybe sprinkle a little garlic over the oil
  • Great info, Nola.  My only experience with turbo was last week.  350 for 4:15 to 205 IT and FTC for almost 4 hours.  Bark was great and butt was super moist.  I did pull it all and it was gone pretty quickly but the little bit that stuck around was …
  • Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question.  I'm just wondering (having never eaten Papa Murphy's), if you buy their dough and cook it yourself, aren't you just eating Papa Murphy's pizza?  IMO good pizza is 90% in the crust.  However, if it's j…
  • My XL got a crack in the base from a natural disaster last summer.  It cracked all the way through but did not separate.  I talked to my local dealer (a store that I didn't even buy my egg from as we had just moved here) and they contacted whoever t…