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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • caliking said: Are you going to season the ribs before or after the bath? Asking since I'm new to SV myself. Seasoned before with and S&P and will season after with same before CI sear.  Going to put the pan under the broiler for 30…
  • Any recommendation on sear? I love my egg but i seem to get better color and control (as not to overcook) with a CI pan super high heat.  
  • Remove any and all trees. As well as any neighbors trees that may have leaves fall into your yard. Also, maintain it all year even if only using in warmer months- it makes for an easier start to your summer each year. Also, a pool man is worth the 3…
  • My packer experience has been hit and miss.  This was at the level with or better than my hits.
  • The Digi Q wasn't near the edge- where direct heat got around the plate setter so I decided to check the BGE thermometer.  In boiling water, it was only reading about 175ish.  So I recalibrated that one and now Digi Q reading 245 and dome reading 28…
  • I probably shouldn't have posted the price per pound as it's pretty irrelevant since I live in Alaska.  I just paid 2.28 for a single avocado.  That's a bit silly for a Texan in AK but what are you gonna do.  On the bright side, I also get to pay mo…
  • Dave in Florida said: This was how I did some brisket flats that turned out mighty good. What was your cook time?
  • Mine turned to toast on my first pizza cook.  Didn't affect any of my cooks, including low and slow in negative temps all winter long.  Shut down took a bit longer but I could live with that.  The mothership sent a replacement and since I did like t…
  • Dave and BuckeyeBob, Both of these looked great and pretty similar approaches.  Do you think I could achieve a little more of a bark if I went longer before dropping into the pan or is that going to just dry it out?  I'm kind of a fan of a dryer bri…
  • Here are a few pics of the cut in question. The pics did not get turned around during upload, I am actually hanging from the ceiling in the garage. Quite a bit thinner than any packers I've bought but more fat on one side than any flats I've seen.
  • lousubcap said: If you have a choice between a flat and no brisket, give the flat a shot.  A bit more of a challenge but when you nail it it's great and if you miss then chop it up with some Q sauce for sandwiches.  Either way it's win in my …
  • Mattman3969 said: My last brisket cook was a flat that I got at WM. I cooked it at 250ish for about 11hrs. It was rubbed with Butt Rub and cooked over oak. Super juicy after a 1 1/2 hr FTC. Forgot to mention it had a bunch of marbling and was…
  • thanks folks.  I'll try Acn's recipe on one and throw one on the egg with a walmart packer just to see how it might turn out.  At least it will give me something to snack on while i wait on the packer 
  • good point with the money comparison
  • There was enough gasket to replace both base and lid.  Plus enough left over to put a piece around the smoke stack at top
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Thatgrimguy said: Internal temp. Most popular way to check is a Thermapen.  right, and i've got a thermapen but i'm wondering if the internal temp varies based on where the thermapen tip rests- middle, outer interal, etc
  • Little Steven said: Yeah, what all the other guys said. That's what I was driving at. Ever try a hot tub? i think that may be on order for father's day.  polyscience?
  • when you sear for 20 sec and rotate for 20 before flipping, is all of this done with dome open?
  • thanks guys, i didn't consider the continual temp rise.  i'll pull much earlier than 125.  is 105-110 the internal temp in the middle or outside or will it even differ?
  • Little Steven said: What temp do you want to serve them at? How big is a good size? i'd like to serve at 125- med rare.  prob 1"- 8oz fillets
  • There's a book by Men's Health magazine called the Abs Diet.  It's fantastic.  Get it and follow it for about 6 weeks and you'll be happy you did.  I was about 320 around xmas and am 235 right now and that's with a few week long binge vacations in t…
  • That looks fantastic!!  How long are the steaks resting before the sear?  Just enough to get your egg up to blazing or a set amount of time?
  • Just checked on what i pulled out of the freezer last night after a few too many and it was the HEB pork fajitas and not skirt.  Does this change anyone's opinion of going low and slow?
  • Thanks for the advice, folks
  • Eggcelsior said: Does Alaska count for USA on this one? USPS is same to send here as it is to send to your neighbor so I'm hopeful I'll check. Thanks
  • Will do. How about the snausages? Also, I've never really grilled on the egg...only low & pizzas. Is it better to egg the fajitas over my char broil gasser or even any difference? If so, what temps?
  • Does Alaska count for USA on this one? USPS is same to send here as it is to send to your neighbor so I'm hopeful
  • Looks okay. Woulda looked really good on a different work surface
  • i'd like 1 please