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We hope you all got to celebrate those tasty food holidays last week, we sure enjoyed them! We are even more excited about the beginning of fall, for so many reasons, but mainly for experiencing the cool, crisp air while being outside cooking up the best recipes the season has to offer. We especially love these Beer Pork Tenderloin and Ground Beef Acorn Squash recipes! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I use a grill brush that looks like a scrubber pad. if a wire came loose it would be about 12 inches long. Kinda hard to eat one of them.
  • Tjcoley said: I go whenever I run out of their rib rub. The family loves it on steaks. Cool, I didnt know you could buy their rib rub. Thanks
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  • @SGH   Looked good, What was the total cook time and where could a fellow find one of those round drip pans that size?
  • Eggbertsdad said: Question on the 10lb OO bags. Are these smaller bags filled with decent size pieces? In some brands like RO their smaller bags are filled with chips and dust.  My SWMBO bought me 14 bags of OO for christmas, I have used…
    in Royal Oak! Comment by bo_mull June 1
  • That looks good.
    in Wow Chicken!! Comment by bo_mull May 29
  • Looks great, 2 things I have never cooked before. Im ashamed to say I have never spatched a chicken. :(
  • @SGH Well the flat was a little dry and the point was mostly fat. I came down with the flu that night at work and felt like crap the next day, when the brisket was done so I just cut it up and vacuumed packed all of it. I thawed some of it out last …
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 21
  • I agree, Thanks to John and Joan Hall and all the cooks for a great event. All the food was great and I also got to try some jalamango lime wings prepared by @Dyal_SC,  and they were awesome.
  • SGH said: @Bushmat1‌ First let me say I have and use both. They are both great pieces of equipment. As of late I find myself using the Woo more than than the AR. Not saying it's better but it suites my style of cooking more often than not. …
  • When I need to open the lid, I just turn off the blower for 5 minutes.
  • I will eat chicken livers IF they are breaded and fried like the ones they sell at KFC, but not very often. I cant handle beef or pork liver.
  • I had to eat beef liver when I was kid, hated it then and still wont touch it now.
  • 19 hours @ 215. This brisket is doneWill post pics later
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 2
  • It's 4:30 am here and the egg has been holding at 215 since 6:30 pm. 10 hours so far and the brisket is at 157 degrees in the thickest part of the flat. It has been in the mid 150's for the last few hours.
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 2
  • I cooked a wild turkey on my smoker one time, It didn't turn out too good. But I don't like the taste of wild anything except rice. Anyhow we wrapped it in bacon and tried to smoke it. My friend thought it was good but I didnt care for it.
  • Thanks @Cazzy, Good to know that, I'm running at 215 grate and  around 230 dome when I left the house.
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 2
  • Thanks @Cazzy but I'm 7 miles away from my egg at work right now. I just checked and the brisket temp is at 129 and the pit temp is at 214.8. I hope I hit the stall for a for a while, cause I still got 7 more hours here at work.
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 2
  • It is all mine. I vacuum pack in small portions for my lunches at work.
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 1
  • egret said: SmokeyPitt said: That is pretty cool @Egret.  Is he located in Roswell, GA?  Yes, I think he does. He's going to be at the GA Mt. Eggfest as a vendor........ Thanks egret I know what I'm buying at the eggfest now.…
  • SGH said: bo_mull said:   I could possibly fire up my stick burner for about 3 hours  That's never a bad idea brother!!!! This might be my plan after all.
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 1
  • @SGH Thanks again, Yes I will be using grate temp to cook with since I am using the stoker. You also mentioned about encroaching in the dome. My brisket is too long for the egg so I planned to set my rib rack underneath the brisket to make it fit. I…
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 1
  • @SGH Thanks, I am not going to eat it right away so the window to finish should be a large one, anywhere from 3pm to 8pm. I'm just going to slice it up later and freeze. 215 @ 5pm sounds good to me and like you said I can always bump up to finish. M…
    in Brisket Again, Comment by bo_mull May 1
  • Looks good.
    in Wednesday butt Comment by bo_mull May 1
  • EGGerAllanPoe said: Here's what I use. Great company and fast shipping. Works wonderful. Makes some cooks easier. Helps with direct or indirect cooks. Worth the money if…
  • I don't program mine on the unit itself, I use stokerlog on my computer or the web interface with my android.
    in Stoker Comment by bo_mull April 15
  • Thank you Travis for the vid,
  • Cover it with a BBQ mat.That will give you a place to lay greasy grids from now on.
  • Rockwood is good lump and Firecraft has free shipping on orders over $99.
  • I have found that Ozark Oak and Rockwood has a more neutral flavor than Royal Oak or BGE. IMHO I like Ozark oak best of all.