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We hope you all got to celebrate those tasty food holidays last week, we sure enjoyed them! We are even more excited about the beginning of fall, for so many reasons, but mainly for experiencing the cool, crisp air while being outside cooking up the best recipes the season has to offer. We especially love these Beer Pork Tenderloin and Ground Beef Acorn Squash recipes! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Guaranteed someone will buy it, personally I rather a mini max.Little stephon still may
  • My flanges are much closer together.
  • I hate the bands on the egg.The slip at high temp and I can never get them as they should.Do the other brands have similar issues?
  • RAC said: @CANMAN1976 - Here is a picture of it in the large. Thanks "my brother"
  • Thanks guys! So will the wokshop one fit the large spider as well? 
  • I have a 15g brew kettle and love it as u dont have to worry about boil overs as much.A barley crusher is nice to as you can crush your grains when you like (with a drill) and are not on a freshness schedule like when using pre-crushed grains....and…
  • Looks wicked SGH..... i'm gettin kinda sick of the normal steaks and chicken ordeal so this would be a nice change for a w/e kinda meal or even a last Do you put more ground beef over the potato or just wrap bacon around it as in the pic?…
  • Sorry if this has already been asked but what was the temp and how long? I like the cooking on lemon/limes idea,never thought of doing that. Looks very tasty! Jamie.
  • Makes what I thought were steaks pretty!!! Love Wagyu!!!
  • Seriously... No matter your method, it's tough to ruin even a Wagyu steak if you are cooking to temp. This is where the Thermapen shines and justifies it's cost. Cooking a bunch of $30+ steaks, especially for guests makes the $90 investment for a Th…
  • Hap knows caveman from what i've seen and I really wanted to do my four wagyus steaks that method tonight but was afraid. of ruining em...the steaks were delightful all the same but who knows how much better they coulda been????
  • Damn. A while ago you posted about super cheap lump, now super cheap meat? Looks like it pays to live on The Rock. Enjoy! Yeah Skiddy I lucked in on the steaks and lump but I bet you can get good sushi up there in BC!!! Can't get sushi were I live…
  • Yeah awesome eh? Pretty much 4 for the price of 1:)
  • Looks like I got a project to do Friday night on top of bottling my saison. Well, the wife left for Vegas today, so all I got is time to kill. Was planning on running some water through it as well, but not really that concerned with how clean it is …
  • Guys..... I've been In and out of this SGH foolishness all week......all I wonder is why did SGH stand up Nola and was there a good reason for that??? 
  • Love mussels Hap,I may have to do some tomorrow as well... To drunk right now
  • Really looks awesome and i wanna try caveman big time, but is it healthy?? I mean all bbq red meat is bad for you but are the carcinogens that much higher there on the coals......there, I said it!!! LOL
  • When \i buy lump its the string that decides if i buy or
  • The string doesn't just draws you in to buy.Scissors is the only option!
  • I've mowed half cut and in biggie:) Let us know when/if you get to Emerge
  • Everything happens for a reason doc!!! It wasn't meant to be:(  Maybe a minimax is your true fate???
  • NPHuskerFL said: @CANMAN1976‌ wagyu burgers maybe a lil better. The steaks are beyond delicious. The marbling has marbling. Hmmm..... I do have 150,000 PC points that can get me 150 dollars worth of free grocery's......maybe I can pull …
  • Now the only wagyu expierience I've had is a 4pk of so called wagyu beef pre-made frozen burger paddies.They were $12.99 for 4 paddies and were quite good but weather or not they were actually wagyu...who knows???
  • Eggcelsior said: 30 bucks per lb? That's cheap! (57.99/lb around me) Ya know what henapple you are right I remember seeing the sign now 59.99 per pound.I was basing my original assumtion on price on a conversation I
  • Mickey said: Have said it before: if it will close, it will cook. And that extra 1000 miles is just to far. Will drive into maybe Saint John, NB. It woulda been worth it Mickey...whats your plans in NB? Have fun!
  • caliking said: I know many conclusions have been drawn, but just to give him the benefit of the doubt, I hope he's OK and in good health. My thoughts as well.....very strange indeed. Hope he and his family are alright.
  • What about mrcookingnurse and firemedic??? Whats the other forum these missing peeps post over there???
    in missing Comment by CANMAN1976 July 17
  • While I like the health benefits of salmon I really find it hard to swallow.Had wild sockeye salmon burgers tonight and the kids said it was gross!!! Wish there was a way to enjoy it.
    in salmon Comment by CANMAN1976 July 17
  • I found the same...getting a burr on my Misono ux 10 took a  lot more effort than I expected. Dam double bevel edges are a pain to so i'm looking at going 50/50 angles f**k it!!!
  • Just replaced my base the other day as it was cracked underneath also.Little hastle in assembling but not too bad.