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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • That is a very, very quick cook for a 13lb'r. What temp is your dome thermometer?
  • So after some soul searching, I bought (2) AO coolers (the 12 pack and the 24 ) for ~$150 and they arrived last night. They both look to be "ok" construction. I did a water test (and to clean out some of the plastic smell). The 12 pack cooler leaked…
  • Works great for hot or cold. Highly recommend.
  • Henapple you are dead on! I've been watchin that P.O.S. get reposted almost weekly. How does he go through the effort of reposting for a year with no buyers?
  • Pretty neat but $299..? It's called the "30", so assume it's slightly smaller capacity than the Yeti 35 which is same price.
  • If my wife ever finds out this forum is where I get all my ideas to spend money, she might block this URL and I may never be able to come vist anymore!
  • Try getting the meat colder. Basically almost frozen, but not rock solid.
  • Have friends that are arriving in Napa today for wine tours, etc. How disruptive will it be for them? Should they just turnaruond or are most places open for business?
  • You will love it. Depending on where you work (e.g. downtown Nashville?), you will need to seriously consider your commute when looking for housing. The West side of Franklin is very nice, but long commute. Housing will be more expensive than Minnes…
  • I use a small garden shovel
    in Ash removal Comment by Raymont July 21
  • In the picture it looks like that raised butt would be really close to your dome thermometer. At a minimum, it might have restricted heat flow.
  • My wife and I are headed there Friday (my first time). We are hitting up: Robert Mondavi and do tastings at Opus, Sawyer, Hall & Louis Martini Friday.  Saturday: Viader, Egelhoff, Joseph Phelps, Kuleto Estates  & Del Dotto Caves.  We…
    in Napa Comment by Raymont July 21
  • So do you leave your standard grate (or Hi-que) in place, or are they no longer needed?
  • There are a very few occassions where I wish I had the XL, but overall I'm glad I have a large.
  • My small actually lost a section of paint where the nest touched it. I believe it is only cosmetic and I don't have a warranty. I may buy some touch up paint.
  • Royal Oak for $6.58 for a 8.8lb bag at Wal-mart. I just ordered some Fogo Lump from Amazon but haven't cooked on it yet. I've been wanting to try Ozark Oak, but now I'm hearing the group talk highly of Rockwood. Is the consensus that both OO and Roc…
    in Firecraft Comment by Raymont June 27
  • Unfortunately, I don't predict Lefty to make the cut.
  • In my large I use the stock grate for low and slow and the High-Q for everything else.
  • Mine leaks in similar fashion. I don't see it as being material- 98% still going out the top. I've had my Rutland in for 2 years with heavy use and it is looking tired & compressed, but it doesn't bother me enough yet to replace. I did not "bunc…
  • Tough challenge, if you had Sous vide you could portion any way you want to reheat. Other options are to microwave or through in the oven for a while, but I don't know if you are worried about drying out the chicken. If you pull, you could reheat in…
  • How will it be re-heated or will it be served cold?
  • Jessie, open up the egg, remove your top grate (what you cook on) and take a picture of the insides and share with us. It certainly does appear to have gotten overly hot (which isn't normal for an egg..).
  • @jlsm - Pretty ingenious! I use stones to sharpen as well and have a mix of german and a shun. @henapple you crack me up. 
  • Lived in Boise for 5 years and loved it. Got a degree from BSU while there. Great city, awesome outdoor activities. Now reside in Nashville but miss Idaho a great deal.
  • What is that big silver thingy on the right of the egg? I thought those were extinct !   :-?
  • Congrats! Welcome to the addiction.
    in I'm hooked! Comment by Raymont May 21
  • +1 on freezing w/o seasoning. I try to seal the top of bag so there is plenty of room for a re-seal. You can take it out of freezer, drop in the SV until it unthaws a little, then open bag, add seasoning and then reseal and put back in SV. Yes this …
  • I note you have moved to a igloo cooler versus using a stock pot for SV. I was going to suggest this as that is how I do it. I think it helps significantly reducing heat loss. I don't brine items going into SV, and think it can be avoided given how …
  • Awesome table! But  $7,500 is a lot more than I could justify.  I'm looking at building a outdoor kitchen and your website has some very high-end products featured- thanks for the ideas. 
  • I am pretty sure Hattie B's is fried and then they toss the chicken in a bowl with the pre-made sauces. I think you just need to work on your sauce mix.