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  • In college I waited tables at a private club in Lincoln. One night, the entire staff had to come in early to help prepare food for a huge reception. One of our jobs was to slice and seed about ten pounds of jalapeños. We were all instructed to wash …
  • Ah, disregard. Now I see the Gators pillow she's holding. Hopefully she washed her hands before dinner.
  • She wears a Husker sweatshirt!! In Florida!! Marry that girl, son.
  • I plan on being there!  Has a solid date been set yet, or should I just block out mid-March?
  • This is great! Thanks for the link!
  • This thread has more comments than Travis's brisket thread. Way more. And I've read every single one.
  • Thanks @SGH‌. Exactly what I was looking for!
  • The first adult meal I made for myself was grilled pork chops, baked beans and grilled pineapple. I was about 20 years old, and up to that point, I had subsisted on sandwiches, cereal and spaghetti. I made the decision that I was now a grown up, and…
  • Apparently I am a true internet veteran. Based in a thread title like that, I expected something way, way worse.
  • I'd rather listen to that than hear "Happy" one more time.
  • Sold! My parents are coming out for Memorial Day, and this just sealed the deal for me. Beef tenderloin it is!
  • I spent a year in San Antonio from 2002-2003. Best year of my life. Rudy's BBQ has gone downhill from what I've heard but I'm sure it's still pretty decent. If you end up near Randolph in Universal City, there is a dumpy little breakfast taco place…
  • My bad...that's Kristi's link.  Sorry!
  • This it? Green Lightning Shrimp This is the link to Griffin's version.  
  • I've had terrible luck with Royal Oak in the last year or so during low and slows. I've had to re-fill twice  (you read that correctly...two times) during a 20 hour cook.  I'm sure it's partly me to blame, but still, at that low of a temp, there is …
  • Kayak fishing Camping Golf Guitar Trying to convince myself I like running Woodworking But mostly, I spend my spare time on the bleachers, cheering on two kids in basketball and baseball. Tonight was the first of 112 baseball games between the two…
  • Brine it, and cover it with @Mickey‌ coffee rub.
  • Beer can chicken was my first cook, and it was unbelievable.  I've come to learn that spatchcock is every bit as good.  Like grege345 said, you're bound to hear more of the same. Either way you do it, I've had the best luck with indirect, platesette…
  • OP, checking in. I was out buying Simple Green and hitting up a huge sale on Egghead t-shirts. I have yet to apply the simple green, but that'll be my first option. I'll post before and after pics as soon as feasible.
  •  ls this sriracha-ranch thing new?  Did you just come up with that, or is that something that everyone already knew about? I read your post above and went immediately over to the fridge and mixed the two together with some grilled chicken from dinne…
  • @BigGreenCraigdotcom  WOW.  That is THE method I've been digging around for.  My mom and dad are coming to our house this Memorial Day.  My old man is going to help me install carpet in the newly finished basement, and I'm trying to come up with two…
  • Much obliged to everyone! Thanks for the tips
  • Pavers are gray, but I don't think they are flippable. I may try your acetone/bleach mix on a different spot to see if it bleaches the cement. Otherwise, I'm still open to inputs. Thanks, Mattman!
  • Fred19Flintstone said: I made it a couple of days once. Then I visited my Mom in the hospital, and the girl next to her was getting a sponge bath, and well... You were embarrassed so to distract yourself, you pick up one of your Mom's ma…
  • This is my favorite picture of my dog, Indie. I had just picked her up from the vet and she was NOT happy. I have this picture saved as the screensaver on my phone and crack up each time I see it. My wife wanted a Yorkie, but I think I love her the…
  • I lived in Tucson until 2007 and have wanted to take a food vacation back there ever since. Above all, make reservations at a place called Cafe Poca Cosa. The owner changes the small menu daily, and it's based on items she purchases that day at fa…
  • We are currently finishing our basement as well. Still throwing out ideas, so I just went and floated the idea of a urinal in the bathroom to my wife. It did not go well. I guess it won't be an official Man Cave.
  • I'm glad I didn't smack talk earlier in the week. My Cornhuskers were flat today. Baylor shut them down. Good luck against Creighton in the next round! Hope they don't wear highlighter yellow jerseys again. Man...those were awful.
  • Just finished a Trappist Rochefort #8. Celebrating tonight because tomorrow is my last free Saturday until August.
  • Another Omaha Egger here. I was wondering when a Nebraskan would chime in. @Husker_13‌, what part of town are you located?