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Get ready to turn up the heat as we dive into August. While there are only a few weeks left to perfect those tailgate recipes, summer isn’t over yet! Two things we’ll be making this month are Chile Rubbed Grilled Pork Chops and Bell Pepper Kabobs. Then, relax after a cookout with a cool dessert cooked on your EGG - Ice Cream Sandwiches! You can mix and match your favorite cookie flavors with ice cream flavors. Simple, yet delicious!

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  • Wow!!  I caught a yellowfin in Japan that I swore was 50lbs when I felt it hit.  It came in at just over 10lbs.  At 150lbs, I can't even imagine the fight in that monster.  What a blast!  You and your son will remember that forever!
  • I'd like to see how you cleaned your wok after a cook like this.  I'm kind of joking...but mostly serious.  Anytime cornstarch meets my wok, it's a recipe for black cement.  I have a feeling mine needs to be re-seasoned, but I'm not sure.   This or…
  • +1 on the hummus.  Occasionally I'll find the combo pack, which is four different kinds:  original, garlic, roasted red pepper and scallion.  The scallion is the you may have to fork over an extra dollar for the Charles Shaw.  Round these …
  • Slept in until 10:00, coffee with peace and quiet until noon when my teenage boys came downstairs.  They gave me some gifts, to include a new paella pan and a French press coffee maker.  I made Green lightning shrimp tacos for dinner and then we wen…
  • If you have any leftovers, eye of round roasts make killer roast beef sandwiches.  Just partially freeze it, and slice as thin as possible.  A little mayo/horseradish combo, maybe some fried onion strips.  Booya.
  • Five total posts and this guy gets an SGH seal of approval.   We got a heavy hitter here, folks.   Welcome, and love this story.  Good work, buddy!
  • My kid carded his first ace after only four months.  I was proud, but crazy jealous. I'm going on 22 years with zero.   Congrats! Love the hashtag!
  • Another Mattman post bookmarked.  Thanks man!  I look forward to making this one. 
  • I like to cook chicken indirect, and I've had better luck cooking at higher temps, around 400-425. I find it stays juicier if I cook it hot and fast.  I also pull the bird off at 150, and let the carry over bring it up to temp.  I don't tend to go a…
    in 2 questions Comment by SaltySam June 5
  • Another gem!  How thick did you cut the eggplant?  How long did you let them cook?  Temp?   This looks perfect for a light summer dinner.  
  • Long shot...but did you ever fly in the Air Force?  Whidbey Island? no, this is not a second marriage proposal.  Ha!  Welcome me to the fun!
  • I am a huge proponent of the reverse sear.  A while back I made a post that asked "What's your kryptonite?" because I normally overcooked steaks.  I got a lot of advice to go Reverse.   Complete game changer!  I typically roast somewhere around 275…
  • Did you buy it like that, or did you paint it? Sorry if that's a dumb question...I'm not familiar with plate steel, where to buy it, etc. I assume it's rustproof.   That at table is beautiful. Do you keep it covered? 
  • @johnkitchens that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. How big are your casters? Also, what is underneath your eggs? Is that just ceramic tile, or are those granite slabs? thanks everyone else for the tips.  I'll check out Sikkens. Also, thanks @Heavy…
  • So far @Cookinbob is the only one to get it right.  Any and all Coen Brothers movies are awesome.   #1 for me is O Brother Where Art Thou. The music, the acting, the script, the characters. It's perfect. If TNT ever decides to show it at the same f…
  • Sour cream, not cream cheese.   Although, that may not be bad either.
  • I've had really good luck with pulled chicken from thighs, and plain old shredded cheddar.  We also like steak quesadillas as well.  I put a 12" cast iron skillet in a 375-400 degree egg, and let it get hot.  Put cheese, chicken, green onions, cila…
  • @DoubleEgger I was so hoping you'd post something because I've been wanting to say this all afternoon... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Rage Against The Machine at Red Rocks, 1996.  The crowd jumped in unison for two hours.  After the concert we went to Denny's at 2:00am, and in walks the band. They signed our tickets and talked with us for probably 30 minutes. Tough to beat Moons o…
  • HP sauce FTW!!  That reminds me of my time in England.  Love that stuff.  It's good on everything.
  • GBR!!  Welcome to the forum, fellow Omaha Egghead! 
  • Yikes. Sorry, man. I saw the fire on the news, but had no idea an Egg dealer was in that building.  Crazy
  • Yes, reverse sear!  I did one that was 2.5lbs, and roasted at 300 for about 45 min.  Pulled the PS, cranked to about 600, and seared each side for about a minute.  At 3.5 lbs you'd likely go a bit longer, but it all depends on the roast's thickness.…
  • I feel like this picture will re-surface often, kind of like Mickey's "charcoal wings"
  • Go indirect. If I have a bit more time, I'll do an indirect setup, with patties about 3/4" thick.  Sometimes, I mix in a bit of fish sauce and/or bread crumbs when forming patties. It's kind of like flat meatloafs, I guess.  At 350, I normally star…
  • I'm a fairly recent convert to a fried egg on my burger. Like, within the last two years. My kids were horrified at first, but that's the only way they'll eat it now.  Im a huge PB fan, but on my burger?  I haven't mustered the courage yet. Someday…
  • 68046 also@scottborasjr is a Husker...where you at, buddy? i think there was a fellow Grand Island Egghead as well. 
  • Where do you live? I'm coming over right now.  Bao is one of my all-time favorite foods. This is so awesome! Thanks for the post. 
    in Baozi Comment by SaltySam April 8
  • Love it!  From one proud American, to another...congratulations!