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We hope you had a great Labor Day and are excited for the start of the NFL this week. If you’re not a sports fan, you can celebrate National Breakfast Month all September and National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5. We can’t wait to share some awesome fall recipes with you all! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here



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  • Here's the page, but they're out of stock at the moment.  Probably just waiting on HenApple to make a delivery.$10.95 a bag. 
  • The name of the site escapes me at the moment (I'm still at work, so my brain is in idle), but there's a place online that delivers Ozark Oak.  It was pretty close to $10 and if you ordered ten bags you were over the $100 mark, which got you free sh…
  • For Dallas, Elliott's hardware carried Ozark Oak
    in Funny looks Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Looks great - I'd say you're going to become very popular around there.
    in 35 lbs of pork Comment by LDR June 2013
  • And we'll let a snarky comment about blondes and roots pass right on by without actually typing it...
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • I like the Shiner Blonde as well.  It's fun to say that you keep a few blondes in the garage.
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Well, I better go get some of it.  But first I have to take care of what's still there in the fridge.  Thanks for the motivation!
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Shiner's pretty much the only beer I grab, but I've never seen it in a can.  Is that something new, or only in a particular location?
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Mickey said: As long as they stay out of Arkansas I will be ok. We know how to deal with revenuers here in the hills.   I'm from Arkansas and there are places ya just don't go!  Squeal!
  • Henapple - those look nice - I'm up the road a bit this week, in Biloxi.  All bikinis are at a safe distance.   
    in Oh yeah Comment by LDR June 2013
  • On the VOC, I believe you're looking at the volume of production.  There's a lot of new burn initially, but as time passes, you're just getting a bit more and then a bit more and...
    in Ozark Oak Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Thanks for the recommendations - I appreciate it.  We hit the Italian place at IP tonight, just because we're staying at the IP, and if you get a chance to go to it (called Costa Cucina),,, don't.
  • Boiled okra.Prepared any other way is good, but no thank you on slimy boiled okra.
  • Looks great, but now it's after midnight and I feel compelled to grill a steak.  I've got to start checking posts earlier in the day...
  • You definitely do have a problem - a few of those jars seem to be getting a bit low.  Better work on that.
  • Thanks all - I'm happier with it today as I have it for lunch.  I just realized I'm cutting through the slices with a flimsy cheap plastic fork. 
  • I've got a Maverick thermometer. In the third image, you can see where the probe was (upper left corner of it).
  • Here's FoodSaver's propaganda about the improved storage times... FreezerOrdinary StorageFoodSaver® SystemBeef & Poultry6 months2 - 3 yearsFish6 months2 yearsSoups & Stews3 - 6 months1 - 2 yearsCoffee Beans6 - 9 months2 - 3 yearsVegetables8…
    in Food saver? Comment by LDR June 2013
  • I just picked up the V3820 at Sam's.  It seems pretty solid and can do big bags as well.  It's bigger than I thought it would be.  Whatever you get, make sure it's got the accessory ability (maybe they all do).  There's an accessory ($10) that's a j…
    in Food saver? Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Thermapen - the one with flames on it
    in Accessories Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Whether it's on warranty or not, you  might want to consider this: had one before I even picked up the egg.  I've never had air flow prob…
    in Warranty? Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Be careful - you might get into a bit of trouble if you toss that middle one onto the egg.
    in Well well well Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Even here in Arkansas, Ozark Oak is typically $10 a bag. It's just the Harps stores that have a great deal. I recently called the Harps in Fort Smith and one near Oklahama City to check, and they both said they carry it at $5.24. So, if you're in …
  • I've got to admit I'm spoiled here.  That Harps carries it at $5 a bag, so it's hard to use anything else. 
  • Right - it's been a lively evening - reminds me of friends sitting around a campfire and giving each other crap.  I'm glad to hear the Ozark Oak works well for you - I had seen a few posts that it wasn't as good for long cooks.  I've still got a doz…
  • Evidently, Wicked isn't available here in Arkansas.  At least, their web page doesn't list any sources, so I guess I don't care if they can keep stock or not.  All I've used is Ozark Oak, but I'm about to hunt down the brisket information from CenTe…
  • henapple said: I think I'll go old school. I have a large us map in the cave. I keep job location, month, customer... All color coded. I'll mark the areas green where I know where Ozark Oak is wanted. I'll keep a data base of names and when h…
  • Springram said: LDR said: Ozark Oak is from Centerville, Arkansas (NW corner).  Everybody remember to thank Henapple with a PBR! It is located in Yellville, Ark. SpringramSpring, Texas That's right - it is Yellville.  I'm se…
  • Cazzy - I don't know where you are in Texas, but Elliott's Hardware carried Ozark Oak at $10 for 10 pounds (Dallas/Plano/Mesquite).  
  • That's right - it's Home Goods, not Home Store.  There's one in Hot Springs and Conway, but not Little Rock.  I see pretty much the same stuff at each of them whenever I'm escorting the wife from one to the next.
    in Tj maxx Comment by LDR May 2013