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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here



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  • I'v had the Woo for a while, but there isn't much of an opportunity for having mutiple levels of cooking. And that's why my AR will be here tomorrow.
    in AR vs Woo Comment by LDR January 2014
  • I put off getting it, but finally did and am glad to have it.  Settings don't change when I raise and lower the lid, and I don't have to worry about the rain.
  • Here's what I found:11.13# Cooks half hamEgg was raised indirect with legs up and a foil drip pan with some water in it.Ozark Oak with Apple woodStarted at 2:10 and it was around 40 degrees outsideHeld 310 degrees at the grid throughoutOne hour in, …
    in Naked Ham Comment by LDR December 2013
  • I've got a few of those, and they work well for various styles of potatoes as well as mushrooms. 
  • Here's what I did, and it's worked pretty well a few times now 
  • I love the Cowboys. The Cowboys suck.  I love the Cowboys.  The Cowboys suck.  I grew up watching the Cowboys and Steelers play each other.  I also watched the Oilers until, well, you know...
  • Ozark Mountain Eggfest 9/28Large EggFest Egg Package - $799 Large Egg ($879 retail) Egg Nest ($160 retail) Ash Tool ($15 retail) 10lb Bag of Lump Charcoal ($15 retial)Charcoal Firestarters ($8 retail)  
  • I think the Texarkana Eggfest is about three months away (it was October last year).  I believe it was put on by Dot's Ace Hardware.  You  might give them a call.  I'm assuming you're dealing with Congo at the moment.
  • I've lived in four places in Arkansas and only one was wet - Fayetteville.  Some areas only allow beer and wine, and in some you can buy anything, but in some - you gotta drive a bit.  In the county where I grew up, the southern half of the county w…
  • Your're right on Yellville, which is on the north edge of the state, almost Missouri.  It's a bit east of Harrison (anyone remember Dogpatch?).  Russellville's just outside of Yell County.  I guess we yell a lot.
  • Clinical Systems Analyst at a hospital in Little Rock
  • With all you guys buying up Ozark Oak, I had to get a few more bags just to be on the safe side!
  • Bryant, Arkansas
    in (OT) Where?? Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Here's the page, but they're out of stock at the moment.  Probably just waiting on HenApple to make a delivery.$10.95 a bag. 
  • The name of the site escapes me at the moment (I'm still at work, so my brain is in idle), but there's a place online that delivers Ozark Oak.  It was pretty close to $10 and if you ordered ten bags you were over the $100 mark, which got you free sh…
  • For Dallas, Elliott's hardware carried Ozark Oak
    in Funny looks Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Looks great - I'd say you're going to become very popular around there.
    in 35 lbs of pork Comment by LDR June 2013
  • And we'll let a snarky comment about blondes and roots pass right on by without actually typing it...
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • I like the Shiner Blonde as well.  It's fun to say that you keep a few blondes in the garage.
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Well, I better go get some of it.  But first I have to take care of what's still there in the fridge.  Thanks for the motivation!
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Shiner's pretty much the only beer I grab, but I've never seen it in a can.  Is that something new, or only in a particular location?
    in It's on Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Mickey said: As long as they stay out of Arkansas I will be ok. We know how to deal with revenuers here in the hills.   I'm from Arkansas and there are places ya just don't go!  Squeal!
  • Henapple - those look nice - I'm up the road a bit this week, in Biloxi.  All bikinis are at a safe distance.   
    in Oh yeah Comment by LDR June 2013
  • On the VOC, I believe you're looking at the volume of production.  There's a lot of new burn initially, but as time passes, you're just getting a bit more and then a bit more and...
    in Ozark Oak Comment by LDR June 2013
  • Thanks for the recommendations - I appreciate it.  We hit the Italian place at IP tonight, just because we're staying at the IP, and if you get a chance to go to it (called Costa Cucina),,, don't.
  • Boiled okra.Prepared any other way is good, but no thank you on slimy boiled okra.
  • Looks great, but now it's after midnight and I feel compelled to grill a steak.  I've got to start checking posts earlier in the day...
  • You definitely do have a problem - a few of those jars seem to be getting a bit low.  Better work on that.
  • Thanks all - I'm happier with it today as I have it for lunch.  I just realized I'm cutting through the slices with a flimsy cheap plastic fork. 
  • I've got a Maverick thermometer. In the third image, you can see where the probe was (upper left corner of it).