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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • TexanOfTheNorth said: Does the drip pan extend beyond the plate setter; putting the edges in direct line of the lump. If so, then this is most likely your problem. I use a 12" diameter pan spaced with copper plumbing tees. I wrap it in foil j…
    in Bad bad wings Comment by hondabbq July 8
  • @lit mini PS legs up or down? I guess it wouldn't matter. I also have a mini, and could attempt this too.
    in Bad bad wings Comment by hondabbq July 7
  • @bbqlearner I do line the drip pan with foil.
    in Bad bad wings Comment by hondabbq July 7
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: Are you putting some space between your drip pan and plate setter? Yes sir. I have an old cake cooling pan in between. I even took it and bent it to create a larger gap. I contemplated the 16" drip pan is too large …
    in Bad bad wings Comment by hondabbq July 7
  • I always put some more rub when pulling and mixing it. So much better than just relying on the outer bark to disperse amongst the meat.
  • Just another day at the office (kitchen) for me this week. Putting a Canada day BBQ at work for 160.
  • I got into eggin 1 year too late. the closest one for me is in Fargo ND and that has been cancelled the last 2 years.  
  • As above, just pull when your ready to eat.
  • I have to say, out of all the tables that I have seen built and posted on here, that has to be the nicest one to date. Good on ya for having the skillset and foresight to tackle the job. Make a couple of those a year and you got yourself a nice litt…
  • That or drumsticks. Fave around here.
    in Underrated Comment by hondabbq June 25
  • Unfortunately in my line of work you have to jump ship after some time to gain more experience for he next jump up. Most of my tenures have been around the 3 year mark. This August will be 9 years with the same company. I opened up one building 9 ye…
  • Do you live close to the border at all? Get it shipped to a parcel service and go pick it up. That's what I did. 1.5 hours to the border for me.
  • pantsypants said: hondabbq said: Order direct from Challenger. My 48" table was $873. when did you get this ?   Sorry for the delay. Busy…
  • Can't stand bobby flay. Can the boy cook? Yes he can. I was channel surfing and saw this BBQ Addictiin show. Turned the channel and there he is with his XL. I struggled to watch only because he was cooking the meal on the egg. Some kind of Jamaic…
  • Order direct from Challenger. My 48" table was $873.  
  • JohnInCarolina said: I have to imagine the BGE mothership is working on something like this.  If they're not then they're leaving a lot of money on the table.  So many people make a controller one of their after-purchases.   If they are…
  • I had some left over ribs and made a sort of Texas Hash. Sautéed up some onions and peppers, and mushroom. Added in some hashbrowns and S&P. Let that come together for a bit in the pan. Added in the chopped up rib meat and added some BBQ sauce. …
  • @biglasworth  Thankyou.
  • Should have played him for the steaks. 
  • @bigalsworth - Are you close to Regina? Butcher Boy Meats carries our products.
  • @bigalsworth I just run with the bottom and top vents wide open. I found with them closed down the lack of air flow puts out the pellets.
  • I have found that the AMNS doesn't really add any heat to the egg when I have done bacon. If the needle on the thermo has moved it was so minute. So unless your starting your smoke at 90+ F you should be fine.
  • I cant get them up here in Canuckistan, but when we take a road trip to the US, couple times a year I pick up 4-5. 400 indirect for about an hour.
  • Another concern I would have since I have the same table, is the clearance of the ceramic in the opening in the top. I have a table nest and there is only about 1/2 " clearance around the egg. If you drop it that 2 " the nest provides it might be to…
  • mshump said: Ladeback69 said: I was looking at one today at my dealer for my XL. He said it cost $1800. I don't think my better half would go for that, but I bet it would last as long as the egg. What did the one for the large cost?…
  • CNET has great, very in depth, review of like 6-7 blenders. Well worth skimming over. There is one, forget model, that was cheap but way overachieved. Can't recommend looking at that article by CNET enough Just read it and the article was about the…
  • I love mine.
  • I love mine.
  • Canugghead said: Ummmm ... I'm wondering if SV will be a better substitute for steaming! I contemplated that as well. Just cryovac it and drop it in some mijoter water for the time suggested.